ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A state senator from Hutchinson is refusing to meet with representatives from groups that supported his opponent in the last election.

Last week, Republican Sen. Scott Newman turned down a request from the Minnesota Nurses Association to meet with nurses from his district. His legislative assistant, Kim Kelley, wrote in an e-mail to the group that Newman “will not see any organizations” that donated to or supported his Democratic opponent.

The e-mail was first published in Bluestem Prairie, a Democratic-leaning news blog about greater Minnesota.

The Minnesota Nurses Association endorsed Newman’s opponent but did not donate money to him. Government affairs aide Eileen Gavin says she’s set up hundreds of meetings between nurses and their lawmakers and never had a request refused.

Kelley says Tuesday she can’t comment on her e-mail and says Newman won’t be interviewed about it.

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Comments (25)
  1. DJP says:

    Ridiculous! This senator is supposed to be for his constituents..NOT for his ego! Is it no wonder our political parties are not doing anything for those that they work for..US!! Get down off your high horse and do what you are supposed to do and get your ego out of the equation!

  2. Bob says:

    I can’t believe that this is his policy. So this guy is only going to represent the people and organizations who voted for him. I would think that his job would be to represent all the constituents of his district regardless of who they voted for. This senator should be embarrassed.

  3. richard says:

    The repubs should have taken that ol adage of “sometimes you need to be careful of what you ask for”.

  4. richard says:

    CORRECTION TO ABOVE POST…In November, the repubs should have taken that old adage that “sometimes you need to be careful of what you ask for” into consideration. .

  5. Norge says:

    About time we ‘ve got a elected official who isn’t going to waste the peoples time meeting with special interest groups who will then just bad-mouth him with the cooperation of the liberal lame-stream media. Finally a Senator that has grown a pair!!

    1. Todd says:

      Yeah, but I bet he will do whatever he can for the folks who donated $ to him. Typical Republican agenda, do whatever they can for those who bought the office for them.

    2. john doe says:

      what a moron i hope he gets voted out the next time and hes democratic winner has you evicted from he district you idiot

  6. Flourance says:

    Way to go Scott Newman! Do not bow to special interests and Union thugs disguised as nurses.

    1. Bob says:

      Yes. Only bow to the special interests that endorsed you.

  7. Nicole says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous and he should be ashamed of himself. I would hope that his fellow senators will remind him of what his job is so that he can start working for all of his constituents.

  8. Carole says:

    Let’s just hope Mr. Newman doesn’t require care in his district from one of the nurse/constituents. Maybe they’d refuse care to him because he didn’t support their requests for a meeting…………………..just sayin’.

  9. lib says:

    Way to go! Why should he meet with these nurses? they didn’t support him and never will. He has better things to do with his time then entertain his enemies.

  10. Paul says:

    Once you become elected, you represent everyone in your district, not just the people who voted for you. I think his position is shameful.

  11. Tony says:

    I usually vote republican but this is just plain wrong. Once the election is over, the winner is suppose to represent all the people and you cannot represent someone if you don’t listen to what they have to say. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with them but be respectful enough to listen.

  12. paab says:

    Why should he listen to them? Perhaps he knows it is just a union blattt for more, more, more.

  13. Renee says:

    If he was my representive he would not be for long, and I cannot believe that some idiots think that this is alright. God help us all

  14. shirley says:

    I get the feeling the republicans are not real quik to meet with any opponents that don’t agree with them on everything. I pray that they will open their hearts and minds. If they don’t converse about the issues how can they decide with out hearing all the facts, both for or against?

    1. Bob says:

      I agree Shirley. Hearing several points of view on issues should be what these representatives do before making decisions. This guy is clearly not interested, and I hope his constituents, both republican and democrat, let him know that. I think that his salary and per diem is being paid by both people who voted for him and by those who did not.

  15. Dave G says:

    That’s a good way to get the nurses to support you next time.

  16. Kevin #2 says:

    There seems to be an update to this story. (From Politics in MN0

    In a statement, Newman said he did not personally send the email, nor was he “aware of it.”

    “An email sent from my office suggested that I will not meet with groups or organizations that supported my opponent in the past election,” he wrote. “I want to be clear that it is not my policy to reject meeting requests on a political or partisan basis. I look forward to continuing to serve all constituents of Senate District 18 as the legislative session continues.”

    This is exactly how I expected him to respond. Blame the staff, but who gives direction to the staff????? Also note he said nothing about setting up a meeting with these people did he?

  17. Kyle says:

    I bet he has meetings all the time with the people that run for profit insurance companies. Typical republican. The rich get richer. Who cares about working class people in uniions?

    1. lib says:

      Kyle unions make more money than “regular” working people and it is impossible to fire them when they refuse to perform the work they have been hired for. the nurses union is used to being treated like gold, what would be the point of Mr. Newman meeting with them? Unless he were to promise to give them everything they want when ever they wanted they will never have a good word to say of him. If you are talking about just meeting with them for some fake facade, aren’t we all tired of that?

  18. gtV says:

    What a ditz! Senator Newman’s actions are political insane and ludicrous. By not talking to/with groups that did not initially support in the election campaign, Newman demonstrated, in part, what’s wrong with today’s political climate.

    Newman election now means he is the state senator representing all the constituents in that senate district. If I lived in his district and was a ‘true’ Republican I would be starting to circulate recall petitions for his ousting from office. Since he only meets with those who supported him that poses a political problem and ethical problem.

    We are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people whether we all agree or not!. Senator Newman seems to have forgotten that American and Minnesota premise and foundation to our governance!

    Let’s hope Newman changes his political tune. [ Recall petitions can be sent by the Internet. Let’s hope we don’t have to use them!] Political idiocy &/or political suicide could be his downfall. Let’s hope he sees the light of political wisdom.

  19. Ignorance must be bliss says:

    Regardless of your political affiliation this is fundamentally wrong. He works for the people and whether he likes it or not these are “the people”. All of you who say “good for him” are just as moronic as he. I would like to point out the fact that this is the job he was elected for and just like any other job, you sometimes have to do things you do not want. This reminds me of a little child who is throwing a fit because he did not get exactly what he wants. Just another side note on why GOPers do what they want and do not care what “the people” want.

  20. StraycatStrut says:

    Sounds like something a Democrat would do. I guess we get what we pay for. Of course …..just maybe BS news has it wrong.

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