Bachmann Speech Raises Her Conservative Profile

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann took another leap in her remarkable climb to national attention and tea party prominence with her freelance response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech.

The tea party champion insists she is not positioning herself as a rival to Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. But colleagues marveled Wednesday at her knack for firing up conservatives and her ability to fill a media vacuum from the right, much like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin does.

Scores of lawmakers stood before cameras Tuesday night to tell viewers back home what they thought of Obama’s State of the Union address. But Bachmann was the only non-party-leader to have her entire speech go nationwide.

“She has knocked the ball out of the park,” said Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., an 18-year House veteran with good ties to tea partiers. “The rest of us struggle to get our publicity and our name out, and we try to be thoughtful and clever,” he said. “And here’s somebody who just went to the head of the line, and she’s captured the imagination of a lot of Americans.”

In Congress only four years, the Minnesotan already was the envy of older colleagues for her frequent TV appearances.

She spent last weekend testing the presidential waters in early caucus state Iowa and then hosted a symposium Monday on the Constitution featuring Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. An even bigger coup followed the next night, when CNN aired live her sharp-tongued reply to Obama, even though the official Republican response came minutes earlier from Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

The unprecedented one-two response from the opposition party raised eyebrows everywhere. Anxious Republicans and gleeful Democrats said the GOP seemed to be sending mixed messages, hinting at divisions between lawmakers close to the tea party movement and those who are not.

Not so, Bachmann said Wednesday, as she dashed from event to event in a Capitol still buzzing about her moxie and telegenic appeal.

The notion that she was competing with Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, and others on Boehner’s leadership team “is a fiction of the media,” she said in an interview. Her televised response began as “a very low-key parochial event,” she said, when the Tea Party Express invited her to address its website by video after Obama’s address. “And then last weekend, it’s like the media or someone lit a fire under it, and all of a sudden it turned into this, quote, competition,” she said.

Bachmann said she alerted Ryan and other leaders that her response might be aired nationally, and no one objected. Ryan “did a wonderful job,” she said.

Kingston said he doesn’t think there’s a division in the House GOP leadership ranks, but Bachmann and her tea party allies are poised to pounce if fissures open.

“You have the infrastructure that, should the opportunity arise, the division could happen overnight,” Kingston said. “She set an incredible precedent. There’s a phenomenal thing that happened, when a rank-and-file member, with an outside group, has a response to the State of the Union, and then it becomes national.”

It was hardly the first time Bachmann, 54, has turned heads. An April campaign rally with her role model, Palin, drew 10,000 people in Minneapolis. Aides have openly hinted she may run for president, a move that would force her to compete with Palin for conservative voters if the former Alaska governor also decides to make the race.

Bachmann’s speech Tuesday night left some wondering whether she is more tea partier than Republican. Aides said she was looking into the Tea Party Express camera, rather than the camera feeding CNN. To national TV viewers, she was looking to her right instead of the normal straight-into-viewers-eyes of the camera lens.

It was a rare studio glitch for the former lawyer whose endless supply of quips make her a favorite of cable news networks. Like Palin, she wins avid supporters and severe critics with comments such as her 2008 claim that Obama had “anti-American” views.

Her speech was more measured than some she has given, but it still included barbs and patriotic flourishes. She referred four times to “Obamacare,” a derisive term for the 2010 health care law that Ryan did not use.

Under Obama, Bachmann said, “We bought a bureaucracy that now tells us which light bulbs to buy and which may put 16,500 IRS agents in charge of policing” health laws.

Bachmann has made other audacious moves in a Capitol Hill institution where politicians often wait many years to make a mark. In November she briefly challenged Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, seen as a fast-rising GOP leader who had paid some dues, for the party’s fourth-ranking spot, chairing the Republican conference.

Upon entering politics, Bachmann moved fast, ousting a Republican incumbent to join the Minnesota Senate. She drew attention by seeking a state constitutional ban on gay marriage and by pushing back-to-basics school standards.

Former state lawmaker Dick Day, who headed the GOP caucus during Bachmann’s Senate tenure, said her propensity to freelance often caught party leaders by surprise. “She would stand on the Senate floor and do her own thing,” Day said. “Sometimes we knew about it as a caucus, and sometimes we didn’t.”

“She’s good on her feet,” he said. “She’s smart. She looks good. And a lot of things she said I don’t disagree with.”

Democratic state Sen. Scott Dibble, who tangled with Bachmann over gay marriage, said she has proven adept at gaining attention by “saying very provocative things in every public forum she has.”

“I see her as very calculated and very willing to grab the leading issue of the moment in order to maximize that exposure in the limelight,” Dibble said.

Bachmann makes no apology for sounding many of the same themes Ryan did Tuesday night.

“If this can double our message to people about where conservatives stand regarding this budget deficit,” she said, “then I think it’s a good thing.”

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  • jim

    i just want her to tell the truth. based on politifact’s website, she has yet to be even marginally truthful.

    • Brian

      She’s stupid, ignorant and crazy. Those three things make it pretty difficult.

      • Really?

        Compared to Hussein she’s a scholar!!!

  • Bryson Powers

    She are very smart.

    • Svein

      She are?? You sound about as intelligent as she “are”

      • Brian

        That was the point Svein. Sorry it went over your head.

  • me

    She are very very smart! Their its lots of potentials for this woman. She be the next great leader for her smartz.

    • What?


  • Dan

    Let her lie. Let her run for president. It will make her fall all the more fun to watch. She is an embarrassment to the Republican party. She does not speak for them. She is a loud shrill noise.

  • minh

    She can do better at flower shop than a president candidate

  • SSchultz

    You did a disservice to your audience by pointing out the negative aspects of Bachmann’s talk, i.e., her lack of true historical understanding of the “facts” she puts forth as patriotic flourish and support. How did the other news outlets manage to pickup on her less-than-truthful statements of American history while CBS did not. Sad for you in terms of objective reporting. She may be a media darling at the moment, but she still twists phrases and uses non-sequitirs to answer direct questions in media interview that she is not able to control.

    • Svein

      Right on

  • SSchultz

    Made a mistake in my earlier post – should be: “You did a disservice to your audience by NOT pointing out the negative aspects of Bachmann’s talk…”

    Sorry about that.

  • Eric

    She makes me embarrassed to be from Minnesota….

    • Matt

      Amen Eric!!!!!! She should concentrate on doing her elected job.

      • AreWeReallyThatDumb

        Eric and Matt, please feel free to vacate to DC permantly.

        Electing Ventura, Franken, and Dayton doesn’t embarrass you?

        I’m confident you and Obama will get along very well.

      • GomersPile in TC's

        LMFAO – well now let’s add the other missing obvious crackerjacks.
        T-Pawlenty. Arne Carlson. Let’s go national as that’s always fun. GWB. Pelosi. Rudi G. , hell, we could be here for days. ;-)

    • Brian

      If you aren’t from the 6th you have no more association with her than you do/did Mark Foley the former US House Rep (R-Florida) who had sex with teenage boys. Rather than be embarrassed, simply laugh at the people who are truly embarrassing themselves–the 6th district.

    • Svein

      Me too!!! — Ventura was less of an embarrassment

  • John R

    Bachmann is the equivalent of the average five year old child. When she lies (an event that can be identified by her lips moving), it is pathetically obvious. She is unable to distinguish fact from fiction and accepts any random bit of informational flotsam as truth. Her chronic attempts to grab the limelight are reminiscent of a little girl standing in the middle of an adult gathering demanding attention. She’s a religious lunatic, displays a comprehensive ignorance of the Constitution she swore to uphold, and her grasp of history is as feeble as her grasp on reality. Bachmann is sadly, dangerously mentally ill.

    • David

      And your comments are typical of a 5 year old’s thought process. You have to make fun of someone that doesn’t agree with you without relying on factual data. Big surprise coming from a liberal. Just because she has morals and doesn’t believe there should be a free for all in regard to moral behavior, she’s a religious lunatic, according to you.

      • Todd

        Doesn’t agree with you? Everything she said was a lie. Read some of the unbiased sites that just look at the facts. She makes stuff up and people eat it up. Unbelievable that people take this woman seriously!

      • John R

        It is because she fasted for three days to get her imaginary friend’s permission to run for Congress (and claims she received it); because she proposes or supports secular legislation based upon her whacky religious tenets; because she actively endeavors to limit the civil rights of her constituents because her big book of fairy tales says to; because she has publicly stated that anyone who doesn’t believe in her magic sky man is of an inferior culture. She is at the mercy of her own delusions and would, by law if she could manage it, inflict those delusions on the rest of us. She isn’t moral – she’s hearing voices in her head. Whenever you do something, even if it is a very good thing, because the v-v-v-v-voice in your head no one else can hear tells you to, that is a problem. You need therapy and medication.

    • Kratos

      And what does that say for the people of the Minnesota 6th that elected her?

      • David

        That wisdom is rampant there.

      • needs some help here

        hmmmmm. she givin’ the boys some?
        k-but the women too. gross

      • IPperson

        Should have voted for the IP. At least you will get someone that will work FOR the people that elected him/her.

    • Svein


  • DaveT

    I think Michele Bachmann is great. I met her and her husband years ago and they are very genuine and warm people. She says what she means which goes against the incorrect views of the liberals and often the media. She has a better understanding of the foundations of this country than most Republicans and far above any Democrat that I have heard in the past 30 plus years. I’m very pleased to say that she and Chip Cravaack represent us back here in Minnesota!

    • someone who cares

      see is a complete whack job…

    • John

      Her own congressional office is telling her she’s wrong on certain issues… OMG. Just because you met them and “they seem like nice people” doesn’t mean they are good people and are there to represent your best interest. Wake up and smell the coffee. I think of a lot of people who were nice, who are now in prison. lol

      • David

        You don’t seem to understand what you’re speaking of. Just tell us the real reasons why you’re slamming her, because you’re bent on the abortion issue, the gay marriage issue and the welfare issue. Just be honest, that’s all we’re looking for. Lay it on the table John.

      • Can'tstanditanymore

        John oh John ….. do you love a fact contortionist and liar now?
        That is reason enough for me – all the other reasons aside of course. ;-) ;-) :-O

    • Daniel

      When political affiliations trump sanity, intelligence and basic logic we’re toast. Butter, anyone?

  • Barney

    Wow, John R, your words are so angry. You say, she’s a liar…pathetic…inept.. demanding…lunatic…ignorant…feeble…mentally ill.

    Contrast that with the response of others on this thread. Who’s really got their head in the sand, if not somewhere else. Guess I don’t want you as my advisor!

    • John R

      Liar: go to politifact and factcheck and note the sheer numbe of times she has been caught in an outright lie.

      Pathetic and inept: In five years she has introduced almost no legislation whatsover, except the completely unnecessary attempt at a Constitutional AMendment to make the US Dollar our country’s offiical curency (it already is).

      Demanding: She knows what legislation and government systems she hates, but has yet to advance a single plan that would resolve the “problems.” She is merely “against.” If I”m wrong, let me know at least one “Bachmann Plan.”

      Lunatic – Mentally ill: She hears the magic cloud man talking to her, telling her what to do, then takes this imagainary friend’s “advice.” She publicly acknowledges this.

      Ignorant of history- feeble grasp on reality: Wow. So many examples. April 27, 2009, she stated in a speech before Congress that the Great Depression was caused by President Roosevelt supporting the “Hoot Smally” Tariff Act. a. It was the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act. b. It was enacted under Hoover years before FDR became president. c. Roosevelt immediately pushed for its repeal upn becoming president. Secondly, despite the mountains of evidence against it set forth against it in the writings of the oringal founders of the country and their avid distrust of it, Bachmann maintains her delusion that the US was founded as a “christian” nation.

  • Freedom will rise

    Having lived in her district, I can testify to the following: she is a pathological liar, she has made a lot of money in a very short time, since being elected (her new mansion in the country-side, is sooo huge ! the white house would be a step down), she does NOT understand or even know the Constitution on which she pretends to base her political conviction. Finally God talks to her (her quote) and tells her what is best for America.

    • Ellen

      Typical liberal rhetoric. “Every Republican is a liar through and through”. Can’t you come up with something of more substance? How about some facts that aren’t twisted? You’re upset because she’s prolife and she is against gay marriage. Don’t try to delude the situation with your outright lies that she doesn’t know the constitution or she’s pretending her way through her career. What a joke. Comment again when you can get rid of your emotional side and look plainly at the facts and bring those up.

      • cal

        Typical of any politician and their followers. Let’s get real they all have money and don’t care what happens to any of us. None of them have held a job that even resembles real America.

      • Brian

        Do what Ellen didn’t do–listen to what she has to say and compare her statements to reality. THEN you’ll see some real disagreement!

      • Kratos

        Well let’s see…she’s against farm susidies, although she and her family have personally received nearly half a milliopn dollars worth during her thenure as a Representative, in addition, I believe that much of her district which is rural are recipeionts of said subsidies.

        She’s against public/government ran healthcare for regular people, while yet her government-backed health insurance for herself and family is paid for by John Q. Taxpayer—it’s good enopugh for her, but bad for you and I.

        She stated that Obama’s trip to India cost American taxpayers $200 MILLION A DAY! Which was proven to be a flat out lie…WHOOPS! I’m sorry… was that enough substance?

        It gets tiresome when you go to other parts of the country and yoou tell people that you are from Minnesota, and their first response is, “Say, isn’t that where that nutjob Bachmann is from? What’s the matter with you people up there in Minnesota? Are your brains fort-bitten from all that cold and snow? How could you guys send someone like that to Washington?” I gladly tell them that I am not iin her district. Funny thing is that I have met so many people from the 6th, and when I ask as to did they vote for her, they all flagtly denied doing so. I’m curious as to when she is not promoting herslef, what exactly has she done for her district?

    • Jimmy

      If she is getting her help from God, that’s a grandslam compared to Obama getting his help from Allah.

      Angela Merkel was correct in her estimation that Muslims are not assimilating into Western society. Since her comments on Islam, ten mosques have been torched in Germany. Not a bad start.

      Now we have US Muslims killing their daughters for acting to Westernized. But he is sure that 100 virgins await him just seconds after the injection that he is about to get.

      FREEDOM WILL RISE, please call me a racist, before I list your shortcomings: On some transfer of wealth program, and have been just as the rest of your family has been since the Socialists figured out it was the only way to get you idiots to vote for them.

      You and yours are certainly dying of food stamp poisoning.

    • Rick

      here’s another stupid liberal!

      • britishfool


  • Dell

    The only reason WCCO made negative comments regarding Bachmann is because they were getting heat from their liberal viewers. Instead of reporting JUST THE FACTS, WCCO has decided to include the liberal AP reporters version of what they see Michelle Bachmann as. Typical liberal newsmedia. WCCO is no exception to the largely liberal leaning tv stations.

    • Steve

      cco a lib station???LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • John

      I’m a republican but WCCO is not liberal. What have you been smoking? Just because a news station doesn’t agree or say something good about your candidate doesn’t make them liberal or poor reporters.

      As a republican, I ‘m going to tell you that Bachmann is flat out distorting the truth on several issues. Her own congressional offices is telling her she is wrong. If you want to debate weather its a good idea or not that is one thing, but to go out and distort and lie to her constitutes for her personal gain as a politician is unethical and wrong on so many levels.

      For example, she keeps complaining about “Obama’s” bailout plan that has failed…. well, that law was passed under President Bush who I voted for.

      What I’m really sick of is of my (our) representatives tell us lies and just firing up the public. Eric Paulson is in my district and he opposed the health care plan (which I think is a waste). However, Paulson held a town-hall meeting which was a complete joke, where he handed out and said his 1 page 10 line policy was a better plan to replace the 1,200 page law. Come on, I didn’t want it but if I were to show up in front of a shareholders meeting and do that, every one of us would probably be fired from our job on the spot.

      I’m sick of politicians and my party just saying whatever they want to get people all reev’d up instead of provide real and actual facts. I’m ready to join the libitarian part just to get republicans and democrats out of power.

      This is getting ridiculous….. Republicans, Tea Party members, and Democrats, don’t listen to your parties hype, do your own research. You’ll find that only 25-50% of what is being told to you is really true.

      • Shelton Tramore

        I can understand that, however you’re libertarian party will lose at the cost of the party you were originally with. No party is perfect however you have to look at your innermost convictions such as do you want to defile marriage for what it is and what it always has been in every country in history – between a man and a woman?. Or how about reducing government so that big brother isn’t always looking over your shoulder? Things like these should be questions to examine and think about. We just have to try and get the best candidate for Republican because no one is perfect. We all have histories and have done wrong but you have to ask yourself who is the most sincere and has the best record.

      • daniel

        And don’t forget the most important question. Do they have at least an ounce of sense? I don’t want to get into a philosophical debate with you, but its absolutely clear based on your comments about “defiling” traditional marriage that you are little more than a bigot. Why should your personal and/or religious beliefs determine a course for this country? Religion should have no place in politics because it has done nothing throughout history aside from creating division between people- which is exactly what it does in our government. If you want to be told how to live your life or comment on the lives of others (which, incidentally are none of your business), then go to church. Stay out of our government. Oh, and before you start with the name calling, or comments about how I will burn in fire and brimstone, I’m straight, happily married and don’t affiliate with any political party, or religion. I vote based on morality, intelligence, and for whom I think is a leader. Unfortunately, there are very few of those people available in the political pool regardless of party, and Bachmann certainly doesn’t change my cynical view..

      • daniel

        There is a distinct difference between morality and religion. One can have morals and beliefs without imposing them on the entirety of a people- with rare exceptions, religion cannot do that; Christians are charged by God to “spread the Word” to convert others to Christianity. Religion dictates what is right and wrong for it’s people, even if that means creating dissention, division, anger, bigotry and hate. It has been used throughout history and by a number of religions to justify murder and war. I’m not blaming Christian’s in general, I know a good number of them that don’t hold those kind of beliefs- I’m just saying that when a specific religion makes its way into politics, it does nothing but polarize government to an extent that nothing gets accomplished- and, if you want to take it a step further, it actually makes it harder for “your” party to get elected, because the last thing a rational, intelligent voter wants to hear from a candidate is that their God talks to them and tells them how this country should be run. Bush has said it, Palin has said it, Bachmann has said it- as have numerous other politicians. I’d have no problem voting for a well-spoken, politically savvy, intelligent, MORAL Republican who didn’t insist on forcing their religious views down the throat of the people they represent. And, I love how because someone feels this way, they are immediately and obviously dubbed a “left-wing liberal”. It proves my point that religion divides people- “If you don’t agree with me, you must be a democrat!” As if it matters I am probably more of a centrist, who leans conservative, but who’d much rather not have your ideological views rammed down my throat.

        As for gay marriage- your tradition and idea of marriage is nothing more than that- a tradition. A certificate that is typically worth the piece of paper it is printed on. It is not a holy creed that is dictated by God, though that will remain your argument. Your views of procreation determining what “God wants” are nothing more than ascribing a religious view to the survival of the species- I don’t personally think that God really cares whether or not you procreate- and it is not dictated by Him in any case, otherwise people wouldn’t be permitted marry in situations where they don’t want kids, or couldn’t have kids. Who cares if two gay people marry and legally commit themselves to one another? Does it somehow “cheapen” your own marriage? If you don’t have a problem with gay people “being together” than why does the thought of them having a piece of paper allowing them similar rights as you bother you so? Its because deep down, the thought disgusts you- it is abhorrent, deviant behavior that should not be tolerated and recognized. Therefore, it is discrimination and bigotry.

        Assuming YOUR way is the RIGHT way and the ONLY way is the very definition of conceit- it is also the way that an organized religion infers its superiority. It’s little more than mind control- your religion has taught you to think and believe in its tenets and beliefs to the point that you can’t see or accept any other way. If that isn’t the best reason to keep religion out of politics I don’t know what is.

      • Shelton T

        Not MY religious beliefs, but generally Christian beliefs. This country is based on Christianity just like other countries are based on Muslim beliefs and so on. If you are so against a higher power -other than yourself, go live in Russia. They don’t like to believe there’s a God either. You’d fit right in. Government has to have some moral compass and it’s obvious you don’t have one. Where do we get our moral compass? Certainly not from ourselves, because we would be choosing evil things over and over again were it not for some kind of moral law and higher power.

      • James

        Not everyone who disagrees with gay marriage is a bigot. I know this is hard for you to understand but pay close attention. Everyone sins to a certain degree, adulterers shouldn’t therefore be allowed to marry 2 people however, would you agree with that? Just as someone decides they want to be gay, many do not want there to be gay marriage, they can have all the other human rights but to defile marriage in this way cheapens it. Yes, everyone is entirely aware that some male/female couples do not take it seriously but when you break down the very unit of the family you’re asking for serious consequences. This is how it’s been throughout history – having male/ female marriage. And you want that suddenly changed because you now see the light of inequity? Save it for your liberal friends who can’t seem to see the truth. Most all believe gay people should be allowed to make choices in their life but not impose them on others – like children who would have no say in the matter. It’s physically impossible to have children without a man and a woman – or her egg and his sperm. It’s the way God had intended it and now you, in your infinite wisdom subscribe to just anything. Typical of the far left.

      • daniel

        And Shelton- one does not have to ascribe to organized religion to believe in God. The two can be mutually exclusive. My argument is against religion determining the course for this country- not against a belief in God. Will it also be ok with you when Christians in office decide that another religious belief is EVIL and that we therefore must exact the “full might of the American military” against them? Should religious fanatics who believe that God speaks directly to them have a nuclear arsenal at their disposal? Its happened before throughout history when religion dictates policy. The moral compass that Christianity provides is a grey area at best. And since Christians tend to base their beliefs en masse on loose interpretations of the Bible, we could easily find ourselves under a religious dictatorship that decides that sex out of wedlock is a sin and therefore illegal and punishable by 5 years in prison. Or perhaps that not believing in the same God is a sin and therefore a crime against the state punishable by death. Yes, these are extremes, but its what can happen when fanatics end up in our government. Lets not start with Bachmann.

  • Goob

    She says what people wanna hear…whether it’s the truth or not…usually half truths or distortion flows from her lips. It’s the way of politics now days….rediculous!!!

  • Tina

    Dave, I’m sure as people they are awesome. Awesome doesn’t mean logical. It’s unfortunate in your 30 years you haven’t read the constitution either. FYI: not everyone came to America for the American dream, some of us were forced here. You also don’t know our history; John Quincy Adams wasn’t a founding father. Remember she represents the part of Minnesota where people of color do not live and if they can avoid. I too am embarrassed by her rhetoric. Just like Jesse Ventura when he was Governor, we are the laughing stalk of the country again.

    • Grace

      Some of us were forced here? Please, not the race card again. If it’s so bad here for you maybe you should look at some other countries. Look, every country in the world has been guilty of slavery at one time or another. Does anyone ever bring that up? No, of course not – because you want to continue to divide America with racial inequities and harp on them nonstop.

      • Rick

        A bi-racial president was elected into office (I didn’t vote for him) So no more calling the race card in America!

      • Weisman

        Thank you, Rick! Well said.

  • Sam

    America is the only who tied it to race thanks to the Portuguese. Everyone else was about class. If you are not sure what I am talking about google it. Actually I am looking at Canada. Toronto to be exact. Switzerland was attractive but you have to work for a large corporation. Since you have no idea what it’s like to be in the minority I would just stop right there. It’s only an assumption because of your response. to the post. Only people who believe they are superior to others or plane ignorant, would defend someone who states we all came here for the American Dream and once here everyone was equal. Just ask the Irish, Native Americans, Catholics, Chines, need I continue? Your experience is not mine so let’s don’t go there. Stay in Scott county or where ever you are up there. Have a great life.

    • Grace

      You’re missing the entire point, Sam, because you can’t see beyond your rage. I didn’t say that no one was forced here, I was simply pointing out that it’s enough with the race card. The ACLU and such has done a great disservice to the American people- if they cared at all about blacks and whites getting along they’d stop playing the race card every time they turned around. And who eats it up? People like you who listen to the liberal media and gulp it down. Most people do not believe in racial inequality, but you’ll have to get rid of the grudge against white America in order to see that. The angry minority is getting old, Sam. It’s time to look beyond that and start healing or else you’ll have that victim mentality your whole life and you wont’ be able to see that not everyone is after you because you’re a minority.

    • Elvira

      Sam seems to thrive on being a victim. Without that, he’s lost. No more blaming and taking responsibility for his decisions doesn’t appeal to him. Typical lib. Blame the rich or white guy. Read Clarence Thomas’s autobiography and you’ll get a clear look at someone who decided not to be a victim and rise above his situation. That takes courage, but Sam doesn’t seem to have any of that. In fact it’s likely he’ll discount Thomas because he’s conservative and many lies were told of him by the liberal media because they want blacks to stay in their place and not think.

  • Steve

    That woman is an idiot….

  • Krista Peach

    Grace- your race comment is unnecessary.

    • Rick

      You’re a peach, Krista and your missing the whole point. You obviously didn’t read the original comment where Tina originally brought race into the issue. Stop playing politically correct, it’s tiresome. Most of us are painfully aware that race is an issue, always. If you can’t see it you need to get out of the house. Grace was not being racist or bringing race into the issue unnecessarily. But obviously you can’t see beyond your political correctness in denying reality. No one endorses racism here but most are obviously oversensitive to the issue.

  • Steve

    Mark Twain said, “all congresses and parliaments have a kindly feeling for idiots and a compassion for them on account of heredity and personal experience. ”

    When you listen to Michelle Bachman and Sara Palin you know he is telling the truth.

  • oliver quackenbush

    I live a few blocks from where her district begins, so she is not my Rep. Regardless, she is truly a piece of human trash. Why did crazyass Wetterling have to be the one to run against her? That nutjob is the only person who could have lost to Bachman, who isn’t quite as big a nutjob as wetterling. And a nutjob she is, does anyone remember the openmouth kiss with Bush complete with tounge and all after a State of the Union. Such an idiot and embarrassment. f-you woodbury you piece of trash town.

    • Paul

      Can’t seem to speak intelligently, can you? This is the reason why most everyone would discount anything you have to say except those under the influence of meth. You probably spend all your time in front of a tv and get high with alcohol or drugs most days. Is that accurate oliver? You probably haven’t formed a complete thought in that half baked brain of yours in your lifetime. And you’re calling this woman trash when you are clearly class- less? Interesting.

      • Brian

        Thanks for your comments Paul. Sadly, since you decided to go the character assassination route, you too are “clearly class- less”. And it isn’t the slightest bit interesting.

      • Daniel

        I’m no democrat, but the woman has the brainpower of a pistachio nut. President? You must be kidding. Ooooh, wait- maybe she can be Palin’s running mate, or vice versa. Then the two most powerful people in the country (if not the world) will have the combined brainpower of…. a pistachio nut.

        Every time the woman speaks, I want to gag, flagellate myself until bloody or beat my head against the wall as I realize that we’ve elected her to represent us here in Minnesota. Incredible.

      • Paul

        Brian, you weren’t being spoken to. You probably love the flagrant use of expletives too. It’s been my experience that people who subscribe to the use of that language tend to be self involved and have limited ability to actually think – like those that are high on chemicals and they delude themselves into thinking they sound persuasive in their argument. Kind of like you.

  • Steve

    Mark Twain also said, ” Reader suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

  • Steve

    OK one more Twainism and I am done. “I am quite sure now that often, very often, in matters concerning religion and politics a man’s reasoning powers are not above the monkey’s.”

    • Rick

      Is that all you’ve been exposed to- Twain? If the monkey has as much reasoning skills as humans, how come they haven’t evolved to running countries and working for a living? Steve, it’s painfully obvious you’ve had a typical liberal American education where reasoning is not highly valued and “yes, ma’am” to your professor/ teacher is. You just swallow it down whole, anything that the press or liberal colleges tell you. If you truly evaluated your reasoning, you’d realize it’s incredibly flawed, but you probably don’t have enough humility to be able to do so.

      • Brian

        Rick, if YOU truly evaluated your ‘reasoning’ you’d realize it’s beyond selfish. A pretty bright guy sort of said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Bachmann without a doubt, and you with very little, live precisely that life.

  • Steve

    OK, maybe a few more quotes from Twain. ” The radical of one century is the conservative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out the conservative adopts them.”

  • Steve

    Twain. ” Congressman is the trivialest distinction for a full-grown man.”

  • Steve

    Twain.” I think I can say, and say with pride, that we have some legislatures that bring higher prices than any in the world.”

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