Gov. Dayton Turns 64

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Here’s what’s in store for Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s birthday: Have opposition party leaders over for breakfast and then move into meetings grim budget options.

The rookie Democratic governor turns 64 on Wednesday.

Dayton’s staff says he’ll start the day by hosting top legislative Republicans for breakfast.

He also has a full slate of meetings with agency commissioners and others about his upcoming budget proposal. The budget is due for release Feb. 15 and must tackle a $6.2 billion projected deficit.

The day’s docket included his first cabinet meeting as governor.

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  • Regina Wiechman

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day.

  • Lexy

    Paranoid Governor

  • Dave Campbell

    Happy Birthday Governor Dayton! Have a wonderful day.

  • M Allan LaFleur

    Happy Birthday Gov!

  • Cache

    Hey, Mr. Dipsomaniac rehab is on the line; You need to report now your new brain is in!

  • Dave Campbell

    Oh my God Cache! That was hilarious! I have been laughing now for the better part of 12 seconds. Where do you come up with these gems? Do you get help from Congresswoman Bachmann? Or do you just raise your hand and wait till your second grade teacher calls on you?

  • Kevin

    Another old….white….rich political guy….no way…….

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