By Courtney King, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Talks for a new Vikings stadium are underway this Thursday.

Ted Mondale, chairman of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, said he has meetings with officials from Ramsey County and Hennepin County regarding possible sites for the new stadium.

“One of the pressures here is to find a site or a couple sites that would be good locations, and wrap a bill around that,” said Mondale.

WCCO’s Dave Lee Interviews Ted Mondale

Currently, there are five possible stadium locations right now, including the existing Metrodome site, the Star Tribune property, a site down by Target Field, one in Brooklyn Center and one in Arden Hills.

Mondale said his next step will be getting to know each host city and also ask questions about how the stadium would be financed.

“Just as I met with officials from other potential host cities, we are going to get an idea of what they are thinking about, what the site would be and what kind of state infrastructure would be needed to support something like that.”

Last year, former governor Tim Pawlenty decided at the last minute to not sign the bill for a new stadium. Mondale said this year is different because Minnesota has a Governor who campaigned for a new stadium, and has laid out clear guidelines on what is acceptable to him.

Gov. Mark Dayton calls it a “People’s Stadium.”

“I think there is a lot of excitement that something actually can get done this year. Because without the support of the governor, something of this size can never happen.” said Mondale.

There is talk that the Arden Hills site is a significant spot to put the stadium, and Ramsey County officials believe they have a way to fund it. Mondale said he’s not sure how they will fund it but he will certainly have a discussion with them.

“The way this is going to get done is the users and the people who are going to benefit from this the most, need to be the ones who put the most resources into it,” said Mondale, “So it’s not going to be a state general fund expenditure, it needs to be more of a user fee funding source.”

Comments (69)
  1. Bye Bye Vikings says:

    Arden hills is big enough to handle the stadium and parking but this was a superfund site due to being contaminated from the ammunition plant weather or not all of the contamination has been taken care is who knows. it also has numerous buildings on the land which may contain led paint ans espesdoes which could cost a fortune to dispose of

    1. Sue Olson says:

      but my understanding the clean up of the property is billed to the Army Corp.

      1. Another Bob says:

        Last I checked, WE pay the Army Corps of Engineers.

      2. Bye Bye Vikings says:

        I seriousley dought they will pay for it if they sell the land

  2. Sandy says:

    Wow, I suppose if we must build this it should be on a toxic site hmmm? This is ridiculous. Our State is broke, people are out of work, we NEED a stadium. If the Vikings promote so much revenue, why are we broke?

    1. Nose plugs required says:

      Vikes playing on a toxic dump is only fitting now 😉 😉
      I love the LA VikeQueens. I’d maybe watch a game?

      1. Charles says:

        This isnt a comment for you directly, but has any of the naive minnesotants bothered to ask what jobs would be lost in Minnesota if vikings leave? sport shops, resteraunts and cafes, near the stadium, even the simple memoribilia shops!. Alot of people depend on vikings for revenue. wake up minnesota! Think!

    2. peter says:

      The better question is, if we didn’t have the VIkings or any of our major sports teams, how much more broke would the state be?

      1. Lee L. says:

        Looks like we will have to get the estimated 75 million in tax money that athletes bring to MN somewhere else.

  3. Jason says:

    No stadium. If they must leave, so be it

    1. BuildBabyBuild says:

      God…ignorance is bliss. “The state is broke, no new spending!!” Really?? It takes money to make money. It is infinetly easier to make a million dollars if you already have a million to invest….then to start with nothing and make a million. Same thing here…yes the Vikings and new stadium would bring in revenue…but you do need to spend some money to get the stadium in the first place. And why would anyone oppose a user tax to support the new stadium (tax increase on jersey, custom viking license plates, etc) If the people who love the vikings are willing to help pay for a new stadium…who the heck are you to oppose it. Dont like it….dont use it.

      1. BigToddHead says:

        If the people who love the Vikes want them they pay the whole tab. Not a small token.
        Got it?

      2. Peter says:

        If the price of the stadium was paid by season tickets, concessions, suites, souvenirs, lottery sales (Vikings scratch offs), T.V revenue, part county funding, and several other ways the stadium could help pay for itself like Target Field, the average cost to Vikings fans who attend games and to the state will be nothing compared to the revenue the team would bring in the long run. Then think of the other possibilities: Super Bowls, NHL Winter Classic, BCS games, heck, maybe even a winter/summer Olympics… I believe it is worth it.

      3. Sandy says:

        My house is older than the dome and I still live in it! A user tax, fine, the Vikings pay for it fine, but I am by no means reaping any huge benefits as a tax payer or funder of the Twins stadium. As long as it does not come out of non users pockets, knock your damn self out!

  4. Kim says:

    PLEASE stop calling it the Vikings Stadium, this Stadium that would be built would be for MANY other events that the current Metrodome had which was over 300 events a year! I don’t have kids, HOWEVER I need to keep paying extra money towards schools and I DO NOT COMPLAIN! I pay my taxes to keep your kids going to school! The SIMPLE SOLUTION to all this: Add a Minnesota State Run Casino…Lower our property taxes as I LIVE in Ramsey County, supply money to our schools and let’s get a stadium built! We need to help out Minnesotans who NEED JOBS! People complain of people not working, THIS WOULD CREATE THOUSANDS of jobs! Vikings players also pay TAXES on the money they earn playing in this State. If you send the Sports Team away, we will not have anything for our State. Again, BUILD a STATE RUN CASINO! Our State is SOOO closed minded, OPEN IT UP and LET’S GET IT GOING!

    1. Tom says:

      Thank you….finally someone who is #1 realistic, #2 has common sense.

    2. People's Stadium says:

      Agreed…stop calling it the “Viking’s Stadium”! This makes it seem like only the Vikings will use it, and in reality the vast majority of the time it won’t be used by the Vikings.

      Pass the bill, build and let’s move on.

    3. Mike says:

      Thank you! I get tired of these damn people complaining about funding a stadium. Like you, I don’t have kids but i still must support them and pay for these kids who don’t give a damn anymore anyways.

    4. Wick says:

      The only people complaining about the Dome are the Vikings or Vikings fans. I haven’t heard any of the other people who use the Dome complain. The Vikings seem to have a disproportional amount in input on the design of the stadium. They’re pushing for a new stadium. It sure sounds like a Vikings stadium

      1. Brandon says:

        You’re right, I’ve never heard of the Minnesota Twins or the Minnesota Gophers, either.

    5. Jesse says:

      I’ll take it one step further… I think the state should allow sports wagering in a state owned sportsbook. Currently only Nevada allows sportsbooks. The amount of excitement that would create would be unparalleled. We would literally have people from all around the world coming to wager here.

      Cha Ching.


    6. Another Bob says:

      We need a good education system, not a money pit. I’ll pay school taxes gladly. Let the millionaires build their own stadium.

  5. Kim says:

    It is such a SIMPLE SOLUTION! Let’s go people! RALLY AROUND OUR STATE and Let’s CREATE THOSE JOBS! !!!! I know several people who are waiting for that construction call to get some work!

  6. Cindy says:

    I demand a state run CASINO for my health! We need a skoke free casino for those who like this activity but do not want to burden the state with the health care costs related to playing in the now very smokey indian casinos. A state run casino would be smoke free. We would get a new Viking/Peoples stadium and save millions in future health care costs.

    1. Richard is mad says:

      Smoke free huh? There goes 40-60% of your players. I’d like it but there is a reason the casinos are as smokey as they are. 🙂
      And a BIG FRICKEN NO to this concept. If a casino does happen use the DANG $$$ to pay for needs vs this WANTS for the few.
      Ziggi can write out the whole check solo if he wants. He wants you to. WAKE UP

      1. Linda in Oakdale says:

        There’s more nonsmokers than you think. Doesn’t take too many smokers to light up a couple/few per hour to spread around any facility. No I don’t smoke but the Mr does and I am not anti smoking. A smoke free casino would have no trouble filling up. You sound a bit negative. This is 2011…not 1960.

  7. bob says:

    A state run casino. Good idea . Take it out of lousy Mpls. See what New Orleans is spending upgrading Superdome. Look for article on CBS sports site. Mpls. too many people too much traffic.

    1. Joe says:

      hahaha your a clown…Minneapolis is an amazing city. go back to plowing your fields

  8. Tab is due says:

    Racino – but only to pay down the current deficit. Not to pay down a new add-on.
    RACINO !!!!!!
    We are soooooooooooooooooooooo desperate it’s sick to see

  9. sb says:

    As long as my taxes (Ramsey County) don’t go up to support it, build it where ever you want! Paying for it with a state run casino is an axcellent idea.

  10. gtV says:

    Since the Arden Hills site includes most of the old Federal ammo plant land and is soon going up for auction why can’t Arden Hills and the state demand eminent domain for this are? For the price of $1.00, in principle, and the commitment from the Feds to environmentally and totally clean up the land from hazardous wastes etcetera that site would be ideal.

    Just think; plenty of parking, a modern large tailgate area, public transit terminus, developed mercantile and business enterprises, and, a tourist attraction to boot. Also, think of the tax revenues that would be going to state and city coffers.

    The beauty to this is that the stadium venue is paid for by user fees etc., a long term Vikings lease[35-40yrs], tax revenues[user fees] from the ancillary developments, and a sizable “donation” from the Wilfs.

    Infrastructure issues and mass transit issues can be addressed with planning based on experiences with the MOA and MSP International Airport areas. Preplanning the infrastructures to future traffic standards could save the state million$ with free flow of cars, transit, and people. A 365/24 area that could rival or surpass any other venue of this type in North America.

    The cost to this dream? –Almost zilch to the MN citizen tax payer. The people and tourists who frequent this development pay for it. If the usual greed, inane politics, and MN administrative buffoonery rear their evil heads in this project then the Vikings will be packing to other climes.

    Ted Mondale has an almost impossible task to get this venue built. Does MN have the chutzpah to back him up? Arden Hills looks mighty interesting and plausible. Will it happen?

    p.s.; Give the Dome a new Teflon roof, since insurance covers it, and sign the Vikings to temporary 5 year Dome lease until the new stadium is built. The Dome could be bringing in revenues in the meantime.

  11. Micah Horn says:

    I say, If the Vikings want a new stadium, they should pay for it themselves, or 90% of it.

    1. Smarter than Micah says:

      shut your pie hole. Read comments above. It is not just for the Vikings. The dome has many purposes besides football 10 times a year. We get NCAA games, college baseball games, Asian New Year, flag football leagues, etc…

      1. Cindy says:

        Yah but you don’t hear of any of them whining about leaving the State of MN if they don’t get their new play space!

      2. Lee L. says:

        Cindy, they already did whine, and they followed up. We haven’t hosted an NCAA regional in 11 years.

  12. Annette says:

    Could you extend the light rail out to the Arden Hills site?

    1. Mark Wateland says:

      yes ther is a rail there so it would not be hard to get light rail or northstar there

  13. Kate says:

    I agree that there are more important things to spend taxpayer money on. I agreed with that before the Twins got a new stadium (with taxpayer money) that is basically a single-use facility (which can’t be used year-round). I agreed with that before the Gophers got a nearly single-use stadium (with taxpayer money) that can’t be used year-round. I agreed with that before the Target Center got built. Or the Excel Energy center. And those are year-round facilities that have far more events than just the sports teams that call the buildings home.

    No offense people, but it’s only fair the Vikings get theirs, too. It isn’t like Vikings ownership isn’t putting up anything – they are! is it a large percentage? No, arguably it is not. Just consider the ramifications of the Vikings leaving altogether before you say this isn’t a necessity.

    I agree with state sponsored casino. Or lottery profits. Make another special Vikings lottery game and donate the proceeds to the new stadium fund. There are a lot of ways this could be done w/o using taxpayer money … just have to get all the “other” special interests out of our lawmakers’ pockets!!

  14. Einie says:

    Did the state go broke when the Lakers left? Did the state go broke when the North Stars left?

    Jobs. Oh, build it because we need jobs. How long do those jobs last and at who’s expense?

    We publicly fund education whether or not we have children because those students become our scientists, doctors, dentists, laborers, etc. and they pay taxes to fund social security, medicare, national defense, local police, fire, etc.

    It would be wonderful to have the Vikings in MN but they can pay for their own home (stadium). I would like a larger and more modern home too but I surely wouldn’t expect you to help pay for it. I would have to buy my new home, Wilf can buy his own new home. If Wilf finds someone else to buy him a new home (in CA for example?), let him move and wish him well. I might move to CA too if someone out there would pay for my new home.

    1. Sandy says:

      Well said Einie!

    2. GetIt? says:

      Good point Einie. And since you brought it up….do you really need that road in front of your house…you know, the street. I dont think so….heck…i dont use your street…why should any portion of my tax dollars pay for it!! It would be wonderful for you to have a state paid road near your house…but the jobs it creates to make the roads dont last very long. Maybe you should pay for it yourself…and if you cant afford it…move to CA. See ya Pal!!!

      1. Another Bob says:

        You pay for the roads with property taxes. We need the roads, we don’t need a stadium.

      2. Lee L. says:

        Why do we “need” roads? We don’t “need” roads, we need to stop the urban sprawl that makes new roads a necessity.

    3. UggyBoogy says:

      Why do we publicaly fund welfare programs…are those are doctors or lawyers or laborers? Why do i pay into social security…is it going to be around for me? Are those seniors/disabled people my lawyers or doctors?

      The point is…we all pay tax money for the greater good. I can sit and argue that welfare programs are a joke and do nothing…i might even have some very valid points. But that doesnt negate the fact i am being obtuse to the obvious. Building a stadium and keeping the Vikings here DOES benefit the greater good of the state…whether you are smart enough to understand that or not.

    4. Tyler says:

      TJ makes great points about the Lakers & North Stars in response to Einie’s nonsense. To add to that, I’d don’t have the data, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that subsequently buying back in with T-wolves and Wild was probably cost inefficient relative to keeping the teams in the first place.

      To the point about Jobs, there’s no single event that will make or break our economy, even one as large as a stadium construction, there are simply too many dynamic factors in play. However, arguing that the Vikings presence has no positive economic impact doesn’t make sense. Here’s some interesting research from the U of M to that point:

      Lastly, I’d avoid calling out social security and medicare as lead examples for what we need students to pay taxes into, considering those two programs specifically are the biggest thorns in our fiscal security going forward (this is certainly true at the national level and I’d assume they’re doing the same to MN’s economic forecasts).

  15. Curly says:

    Jason, Nose plugs required, et all.

    If you aren’t particularly fond of, or inclined to like, or have a predilection for, the Vikings, then I would suggest that you not clutter this commentary blog, which is for fans — Viking Fans. A Viking fan demands a humane, sociable context in which to enjoy her favorite team, and the Dome was all but humane and sociable but, rather, the most depressing structure ever conceived by human hands and minds.

    Let us push harder and harder for a beautiful building we can be proud of, an outdoor building where football truly is football, and weather plays upon the real skin of flesh and blood fans of the greatest team on this humble planet.

  16. JoeE says:

    Ha! That looks like a 3 pointer for Einie. Good one!

  17. Only says:

    Only 25,000 parking spaces for more than 75,000 people, BAH HUM BUG!, forget it!

  18. I'm With Einie On This One says:

    Some of you argue for a new publicly funded stadium because lots of other venues use the stadium too and you go on to cite various examples of truck shows, HS football, etc.

    I think that’s perfectly acceptable as long as the users are paying for it, not the entire base of taxpayers.

    My observation is this: There is no basis for giving Wilf or the Vikings credit for their benevolence towards any of these alternate users of a proposed new stadium – they don’t care about them at all.

    Keep in mind the Vikings are claiming they want a facility without a roof and, further, that if “the public” wants a roof, “the public has to pay for it.” Does that give you any reason to believe that Wilf & company care about anything other than having MN taxpayers foot the bill for at least 2/3s of “their” new stadium?

    For those who speak of all the revenue the Vikings bring to the state, can you provide some concrete, and verifiable, specifics? If owning a stadium is such a good thing, why doesn’t Wilf want to own it? The answer is because it’s an expensive thing and there is no money to be made by owning it. Having the taxpayers own it won’t change that.

  19. Run Forest Run says:

    I say some people simply want a new stadium. I further say some people simply don’t want a new stadium. The reasons for either position don’t matter, a want is a want. It’s not explainable and may not even be defendable. Therefore, there should be a statewide referendum on it with a simple majority deciding. If the answer is “yes,” all taxpayers pay an equal amount and we build a new stadium. If the answer is “no,” there is no new stadium built and no further discussion about it for, let’s say, at least five more years. No explanations, no arguments, just a vote.

    And that’s what I have to say about that.

  20. HAM says:

    THE PEOPLE’S STADIUM ! That has a COMMUNIST ring to it.

  21. Tailgunner says:

    Arden Hills is so contaminated with LEAD !!! EPA would love to get a hold of this one…trying to build on a Toxic Waste Site…You will never be able to remove all that lead……….Just Saying.

    1. TJ says:

      First of all Einie, the Lakers left in the 60’s when the NBA wasn’t relevant and the North Stars in the 90’s left shortly before massive labor negotiations almost killed the league(and they got another team).The NFL is a CASH COW for local industry, BILLIONS of dollars every year run through that league and to have a new stadium is like making your city the belle of the ball!! look at Dallas, Arizona, Detroit, Indianapolis, all of have hosted a super bowl within a cpl years of opening their new stadium.. Do the MATH people…do a little research about other cities in the last 8 years that have gotten a new stadium are they broke?? Did they mortgage their states future for their football team?? If your new stadium has a 300 million dollar debt the Super bowl that you will host will make a major dent in that debt along with NCAA championships, Motorcross events and possibly a MLS franchise..Look not everyone is a football fan I get that, but dollars make sense you can’t sit back and be that ignorant without having any concrete evidence that supports your theories.. LOOK these players donate lots of time and money to their community doing charity events and PR promotions, children look up to guys like Adrian Peterson, taking these guys outta town not only hurts the city but hurts the children,,

      1. gtV says:

        TJ, glad to hear I’m not the only one who agrees with you. If the Vikings leave, MN will be sorry! This Arden Hills site has plenty of promise if only we look to the dreams of the future. Let’s turn the lemons into lemonade.

  22. rosepickle says:

    Well said TJ, I look up to Adrian Peterson too LOL. I LOVE Football and more importantly LOVE the Vikings. I vote for a new stadium. They should build it by St. Cloud though. Lot less traffic, and its not on a lead base site

  23. Common Cents says:

    I understand that a professional sports team like the Minnesota Vikings has significant economic impact in this state. Millions of dollars are generated for businesses other than the Vikings each game. The problem is, the last governor left a $6.2 billion dollar budget shortfall for the new one.

    This state really needs to get its priorities straight. We are currently in a recession and people are trying to return to higher education to be more competitive, yet it’s being proposed that funding for education be cut significantly. And we want a stadium?

    Instead of focusing on what the “losses” might be from the Vikings moving out, why don’t we foucus on educating people and fostering a renewed spirit of innovation, entrepenuership and work ethic in young learners. After all, they’re the ones who will be responsible for all the debt this country is stuck in.

    1. TJ says:

      so you suggest sending away one of your biggest revenue streams which ultimately would reduce that 6.2 billion dollar budget that the old gov. left??? Then you propose tax increases that won’t see any revenue for like 30 years??? minnesota should be thanking their “north stars” that you didn’t run for gov. i guess common cents isn’t that common in your world…

      1. Common Cents says:

        I don’t “Suggest sending away [the Minnesota Vikings] revenue stream”. Nor did I suggest that the team leaving would reduce the budget shortfall. I’m saying that a proposed stadium, with a price tag ranging anywhere from $500 Million to $1 Billion dollars, has to be financed somehow.

        With the team only willing to pay about a third, and legislators claiming the citizens cannot handle another stadium financing plan (sales tax increase) like the new baseball park, how can the citizens can foot the bill for a new venue besides a direct tax increase? Already, reductions have been passed that will impact Minnesota families, and tax increases, the likely plan for financing the stadium, are likely to fall on Minnesotans as well.

        I don’t know where the “30 year” figure was obtained from, but I’ll be the first to admit that education is a long term investment with long term benefits; I don’t see the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission’s return on their investment with an empty 30+ year old Metrodome (1982) however. I also don’t see the value in supporting an expensive stadium that is occupied for a pro football game 16 times per year.

        I can’t speak for the last hockey team, but we’ve got one now and that’s what counts. We also have a tourist attraction where Met Center used to sit that also serves as a “revenue stream” for this state.

        I’m not saying I don’t support a stadium, but isn’t it time we cleaned up our cash flow in this state before we go purchasing any more “big ticket” items?

      2. Lee L. says:

        Haha, wasn’t the Xcel energy center, the Target Center, Target Field, TCF Bank Stadium and even the Minnesota State Fair built with public money? In a way, you just made a case for a publicly built stadium. You need somewhere to have these other events in this state and having them at a stadium with a collapsed roof isn’t going to cut it. These events will be held somewhere else without the stadium, so in a way, we’re outsourcing our sporting events to Milwaukee and Saint Louis. You so called fiscal conservatives wanna outsource everything and leave us with no jobs, nothing to watch, nor nothing to do. Screw you. Oh, and to you anti stadium folks, if you want to live in a place with nothing to do, outsourced jobs, outsourced entertainment and no sports, I’d move to Outstate Minnesota. I hear that’s a nice place to live, exploding houses and DUIs aside.

        Skol Vikings.

  24. I know the Answer!! says:

    spend da money to make da money. simple as pie.

  25. Run Forest Run says:

    So all of you are saying you would be afraid to have a statewide referendum on the question of do we build or not build a new stadium? Both sides keep putting forth arguments they can’t support and that could go on forever and a day.

    If, as some say, this should be a “People’s Stadium” what could be more fair and decisive than a statewide referendum to see what “the people” really want?

  26. JasonA says:

    The thing is the Vikings are not complaining about the stadium it is the NFL. They have made it clear no new stadium they are going to have to relocate. So no stadium no vikings.

    1. Another Bob says:

      And the problem would be. . . . . .?

      Let the NFL pick up half the tab and the team owners the other half.

      How did Green Bay finance their stadium?

  27. Another Bob says:

    We have Target center, Xcel and 2 large convention centers.

    NCAA plays at Uof M.

    Sorry Monster Trucks.

    1. TJ says:

      I grew up a Vikings fan in Seattle, WA… A few years ago we lost our Sonics to Oklahoma City because “KEY ARENA,” where the Sonics called home, “was unfit to harbor an NBA franchise” according to the commish and his life partner clay bennet,,, Now my son will grow up here not having fully experienced sports in life.. (I saw magic johnson play, isiah thomas and so on with my father and brothers, its not just the team, its the memories it creates!!! I know most of you say you don’t care about the vikings but if they move to L.A. you will be sad, because whether you are a die hard or bandwagoner you can all point to one time in your life that was enriched by the minnesota vikings football team..

  28. avid reader here and I know football is such a great sport. Its entertaining, physical and requires dedication. My uncle would really like this site, keep it up

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