MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A woman could have been killed after a piece of road flew into her car.

Erika Kimber got a giant hole in her windshield after a rock flew through it Sunday as she drove on Interstate 35W near Hinckley.

The chunk was about 11 inches wide and weighed 11 pounds.

It landed at Kimber’s feet, but luckily she was OK.

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  1. Just me says:

    It’s unrealistic for this woman to expect MnDOT to pay for her windshield. It’s winter and potholes happen in winter. This particular one happened right in front of her. What’s MnDOT supposed to do? Provide a vehicle to drive in front of her to rapidly repair instant potholes?

    1. Hmmm..... says:

      @Just me – Really!? So we should just expect a boulder to fly through our windshield just because it’s “winter”. I really think MnDOT should be monitoring and fixing these roads to make sure they don’t produce lethal objects like this. Obviously this road must be in pretty bad shape for this to happen.

      1. Del B. says:

        The road on I35 from Pine City all the way to Sturgeon Lake is horrible… I witnessed the MnDOT trucks out working on the potholes just today… There is one patch of road from Askov to Willow River that it is one continuous pothole going right dont the center of the the two lanes… you change lanes you have to slow down because your tires are going into a hole about 3 inches deep… bigger in spots… Its horrible… I am tired of the state saying we dont have money for plowing, or salt, or to fix potholes… But we live in Minnesota… These are issues that will always be a problem for Minnesotans…

    2. Elroy says:

      BACK OFF! We minnesotans are NOTORIOUS tail-gaters!
      I know, I’ve done it myself. I’m guily, but I promise I’ll try
      do do better!

    3. It's Me says:

      In Wisconsin, if you can prove that the lack of maintenance to the road wrecked your car in some way, the state is held responsible for damages.

      Furthermore, MNDOT does go around and fill potholes during the winter, too. This was negligence. She could have been killed. The least the state of MN could do is replace her windshield. Does the state want to dish out millions of dollars for wrongful death lawsuits? I would think patching roads would be cheaper.

    4. Jenna says:

      Actually it was the car in front of her who drove over the pothole and loosened the concrete, which then flew back and went through her windshield.

    5. Bob says:

      Did I miss something? I didn’t read anything about her wanting Mn DOT to pay for the windshield.

  2. Shari says:

    I do not agree with the above comment. I also have had extensive damage done to my car when driving behind a bus on Hwy 94 due to VERY large rocks. The issue is not so much the damage to the car as is it is the strong possibility of being killed when this comes flying at you through your windshield when you are going 60 mph and you are surrounded by other cars. There are other materials being used in other states that do not create this type of a hazardous situation. Considering the amount of taxes that we pay I do not feel it is unreasonable to expect to be able to drive safely on our MN freeways and roads.

    1. Michael Schwieder says:

      well then, you shouldn’t be opposed to a gas tax increase, thats were the money comes from for our roadways

      1. soapboxgod says:

        A gas tax wouldn’t be necessary Michael if current dollars collected from gas taxes and motor vehicle excise taxes were not literally being siphoned off to pay for bike trails and LRT. THAT my boy is a fact.

  3. David J. Conklin says:

    Smaller gov’t not at work–just for you!

  4. thumbody says:

    It’s a free for all out there folks, road conditions excessive speed etc…. a time to be extremely defensive……………………Good Luck!

  5. deanna says:

    i drive a lot between mpls and duluth and the roads north of hinckley and sandstone are the worst for potholes.

    1. justice fleeting says:

      deanna, could not agree with you more. Other stretches too, like Hwy 13 in Scott and Dakota County. These roads are dangerous and neglected. I thought we paid gas tax, and tabs, and license fees to maintain these roads not build roundabouts and put up christmas lights on our streets and roads.

  6. Billy says:

    This spring when I take my motorcycle out, i hope I don’t kill myself by hitting a pothole, every bikers nightmare, that and deer.

    1. Ben wonders about this says:

      no fear of drunks? 😉

  7. Norge says:

    SoapBoxGod is spot on, everytime (MN expecially) the state or munis raise or place a tax on something the next year they start to siphon it away for other touchey-feely things that they couldn’t actually get a tax on without getting kicked out of office. Now even the DNR, who is supposed to be getting all those millions from the lottery games want to raise license fees as they don’t have the money to keep operating. Where did it go you ask, well to subsidize so called ‘artists’ in the metro. Just on example of the old mis-direct. Are roads would be the finest in the country if all the money for ‘road-taxes’ went to road repairs and construction. Just Sayin.

  8. LRC says:

    A gas tax wouldn’t be necessary Michael if current dollars collected from gas taxes and motor vehicle excise taxes were not literally being siphoned off to pay for bike trails and LRT”

    Agreed. I don’t see any money going into the roads of Minneapolis, either. I hate, absolutely hate driving into Minneapolis, which is too bad, because I love the city. Seriously, the roads & commute every am have me looking for a different job.

  9. George P says:

    All you people who don’t to pay taxes and want less govertment, this is the end result. Even if you get rid of all the “toucehy feely things”. there is still not enough money generated to fix roads and bridges. If we had politicians that weren’t bought and paid for by big business we might have better infrastructure. Can you say 3rd world.

    1. Tab is due says:

      We always been the buy now- pay later society. So we got the bill now for yesteryears infra-structure.
      Indeed we need to spend even more than that bill due to pay for this. America as a whole I suspect won’t be willing to do so.
      This is not the Greatest Generation sadly. It’s the why and how cheap can I patch it generation. America might be that 3rd world country in another 200 years if people don’t wake up

  10. Brian Wheeler says:

    I drive that stretch of road a lot too. There are some pretty bad potholes. Luckily the traffic isn’t always that thick so you can see them in advance. 694 is really bad on the east side as well. I hit a pothole a couple weeks ago that bent my rim so bad that the guy at the shop wondered what I’d hit. He’d never seen it bent so badly and still retain the tire It was just before the Lexington exit going east. It shook the whole car, and I was amazed I didn’t shred my tire.

  11. Ben wonders about this says:

    Repair bills for cars and trucks – a cost of living here or anywhere I guess. Ever drive in Mexico? Parts of Canada?
    Our rides – we pay the bill for maintainence. That is life

    Be nice if they were better as it really slows down traffic. Maybe that’s not all bad. My fear if the under the influence or distracted cell / makeup / shaving while driving people who hit one. Over react and it’s me who gets it.

  12. Mac says:

    Another of those do overs that seem to be the norm today.
    Headline = ROCK
    Inside = concrete=pavement.

    When did they become the same?
    Can anyone proof this stuff befoe it gets put up here?

  13. Chris says:

    Really. A simple news article like this garners such angry/misguided political debate?

  14. Ben Bets says:

    Unemployment rate high … what ya expect Chris. lol

  15. soapboxgod says:

    To elaborate on my earlier comment, some of you might recall the following change to our state’s constitution November 2006:

    Article XIV Section 13 whereby it is stated:

    “The revenue apportioned in section 12 (motor vehicle sales tax) must be allocated for the following transportation purposes: NOT MORE THAN 60 percent must be deposited in the highway user tax distribution fund, and NOT LESS THAN 40 percent must be deposited in a fund dedicated solely to public transit assistance as defined by law.

    NOT MORE THAN 60% for highways
    NOT LESS THAN 40% for public transit

    An allocation of 0% for roads/bridges/highways is “not more than 60%”.
    An allocation of 100% for public transit is “not less than 40%”.

  16. mike says:

    nothing was stated that she was going after mn dot.

  17. Bert says:

    Have you driven along 494 from 169 to the airport. That stretch was just redone and after years of re-routing, repairs, etc. it’s still horrible. You almost have to play dodge-em to avoid the potholes on that stretch.

  18. Twinsfan says:

    I saw this story when it was broadcast. The driver does want MnDOT to pay for her car’s damage. The tire of the vehicle in front of her chucked up the block so it was a pothole that happened right in front of her. Potholes happen, MnDOt can’t really repair a pothole before it’s a pothole.

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