By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — Minnesota’s largest school district may have to fight a discrimination lawsuit over a high school winter pep fest. According to the suit, classmates at Champlin Park High School nominated two lesbian students, Desiree Shelton and Sarah Lindstrom, to the Snow Daze court.

Anoka-Hennepin schools spokeswoman Mary Olson says traditionally the royal court walks into the assembly as male-female couples, but the lesbian couple said they weren’t comfortable with that.

Friday afternoon, Champlin Park school leaders said they canceled this year’s procession, ending a tradition of allowing pairs to walk across the coronation stage.

“The feeling was that this would be more respectful of all students,” said Mary Olson, Anoka-Hennepin’s media director.

The decision was made after a lesbian couple asked to be partnered up during that procession, forcing two straight male students to walk together. Now, gay rights groups and non-profit organizations are stepping in.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit and motion to ensure the event goes on as it has in the past.

Sisters Ashtin and Erin Carter may be ready for this year’s coronation, but you could say they are no longer looking forward to it.

“The only reason I really wanted to be royalty was so I could walk across the stage and have everybody go like, ‘Yay Ashtin,'” said Ashtin Carter, a senior at CPHS.

“I’m mad, cause I want to walk,” said Erin Carter, a junior at CPHS.

“For them to cancel procession, I don’t think that’s the right answer either … and taking the easy way out,” said Teresa Barnes, mother of both Ashtin and Erin Carter, who are both on the Snow Daze court.

Barnes said she doesn’t believe it’s a gay rights issue, considering the events the girls can attend together during Snow Daze week.

“They are still allowed to go to the dance together as a couple. They can be photographed together as a couple,” said Barnes.

The issue has made Snow Daze 2011 one to remember at Champlin Park High. Coronation could now be in the hands of the court system.

Recently, some advocacy groups have linked the district’s policies for homosexual students to bullying and suicides, but the district’s own investigation found the six suicide victims were not bullied.

Coronation is scheduled for Monday, that’s when a judge should make a decision, too.

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Comments (118)
  1. TS says:

    Sounds like the principal is bullying them by not letting them walk together. If they want to walk together they should let them.

    1. It's Black and White! says:

      So, you believe in letting everyone do what they want to do? There can be no such thing as traditions? What kind of world is this that we should let everyone do what it is that they want to do? Hello!!

  2. JamieinMN says:

    Soon enough, this “issue” will be a thing of the past. Being gay is not a disease, and it most certainly is not contagious. I wish more people could open their heart and their minds and realize that two people just want to love each other. Just like you would want to love your husband or your wife. And they want to do it without being ridiculed.

    1. ssellman says:

      Hi Jamie – and your right!

      1. Steve says:

        The only social problem here is the stupidity of some people who can’t let other people live the life they choose. I am a father, grandfather and great grandfather. I have known a number of gay men and women over the years who are friends. They are intelligent and caring people. There life style is one they choose and should not be an issue for someone else.

      2. It's Black and White! says:

        Let’s just let everyone live any old way they choose! Everybody wants the world to have no boundaries, no rules, just freedom to choose anything. Let’s just let sexual predators abuse (because they choose). Let’s just let people kill and steel and cheat and lie (because they choose). Love between a husband and wife is NOT the same as two people of the same sex trying to reinact that kind of love. You fight creation and you’ll have a mess!

      1. Ditto says:

        I hope this issue seems prehistoric to my children. I do not really see a reason for ignorance and blind hate in the modern world.

  3. lookout says:

    Why was my earlier post taken down? It was just a difference in opinion.

  4. john0990 says:

    Someone tell Joe to read a bit more closely. It’s Champlin Park HIgh School in Champlin, MN. The article said nothing about a town called Champlin Park.

    1. jkr says:

      John you are correct, but it’s actually in Brooklyn Park, not Champlin. That’s always been the debate since it opened ’92’.

    2. DDUBS says:

      It’s actually in Brookly Park

  5. Bradley D Pagel says:

    It’s high school…they are teenagers….why are we even bringing this up that a high school is catering to teenagers just because they MIGHT know what sexual oreintation they are, they dont even know what they are going to do the rest of thier lives let alone what thier sexual orientation is…

    1. M Gustafson says:

      so…when you were in high school you didn’t know if you wanted to date girls or boys? i sure did. this is not “catering” …this is being aware and sensitive and trying to find creative ways for kids not be victimized or uncomfortable.

    2. Samantha says:

      Really, Brad? So in high school you didn’t know if you were gay or straight?

      Exactly. Your point is ridiculous. Some things we don’t get to choose, they’re just inherently part of who we are. Every person knows whether they’re capable of violence, whether they’re attracted by skinny people or chubby ones, whether they get off on other peoples pain or empathize with it. The idea that we get to choose everything is a myth. Some things we’re just born with.

    3. George says:

      Everyone knows what thier sexual orientation is long before high school.

    4. Joc Cochran says:

      Are you kidding me? Do you think that a person finalizes their sexual orientation on the day they graduate from high school? Unlike hair styles and taste in music, sexual orientation doesn’t change over time.

      1. John says:

        Everyone is born straight and is throughout their life. That is how God created us. Unfortunately we live in a broken world full of sin.. I am a sinner like everyone else but we don’t need to make sins acceptable in our society. There is no shame anymore.

    5. tom says:

      both women are 18, the LEGAL age. Try again bradley.

  6. derek says:

    Weren’t they “elected”… doesn’t that mean they are well liked by the majority. Sounds like the school is more worried about parents, activist and religious groups.

  7. nicole says:

    If anyone would like to see some of the students’ opinions perhaps they should check out the page “You know you go to Champlin Park if….” on facebook.

  8. swmnguy says:

    Excellent. This is how change really happens. Not from the Top Down, or when the elites decide to let us change. As usual, the kids are way out ahead of even the progressive elements of adult society, and light-years ahead of the regressive fear-junkies. And thanks, “Nicole” for the heads-up on the FB page. It really shows the kids of that school in a mature, intelligent, thoughtful light. As I’ve come to expect from the kids in our high schools today.

  9. Samantha says:

    Really, Brad? So in high school you didn’t know if you were gay or straight?

    Exactly. Your point is ridiculous. Some things we don’t get to choose, they’re just inherently part of who we are. Every person knows whether they’re capable of violence, whether they’re attracted by skinny people or chubby ones, whether they get off on other peoples pain or empathize with it. The idea that we get to choose everything is a myth. Some things we’re just born with.

    1. Samantha says:

      Sorry! Reposted above where it should have been.

  10. Sunny says:

    The world is truly upside down. What is wrong is right, what is right is wrong. Our schools, courts, legislators have all caved to the smear tactics of the “gay rights” crowd. When speaking of bullying, they are the pot calling the kettle black ! ! ! !

  11. Kevin says:

    God will not be happy…..another brick in the wall of our sinking society!

    1. George says:

      God created gay people too, Mate! And loves them just as much as anyone else.

    2. For Real? says:

      Couldn’t agree more Kevin – We live in an immoral society and it gets worse by the day! Everyone will have their judgment day and then all the banter, pro or con, will be sorted out.

      1. Suzanne says:

        So just because someone doesn’t fit your idea of what normal is, they are doomed?? And what makes them immoral? How do you know these girls aren’t God-loving, upstanding students? Do you even know anything about them?? Way to be judgemental…thought you wanted to leave that up to God….

  12. U2Empl says:

    Sunny, I agree with your perspective. Based upon the posts on this article, it is not a stretch to see why the vast majority of the Nation laughs at Minnesotans and their chosen leaders. Al Franken…really?? It truly is the state of “feels good, do it”.

    1. Joe Cochran says:

      You either need to move to Oklahoma or accept the prevailing attitudes of the progressive people who actually represent the majority of thinking in this state. And, ahem, if the nation laughs at Minnesota it’s because Michelle Bachman is in congress.

  13. topchop says:

    Its a sad day in the world when HS kids think this is OK. So many sick people not enough room in HELL FOR THEM ALL!!!!!! God is disappointed that we have not stood our ground to rebut their stupidity, and allowed society to fall so far….

    1. john0990 says:

      Well, topchop, if they’re going to hell, why are you so worried about them. According to you, they’ll get the punishment they “deserve.” I don’t see what the problem is.

    2. Beth says:

      Topchop, God will be disappointed in YOU for casting your negative, SICK judgement.

    3. Lori says:

      You need to review your lessons. You are casting stones. Didn’t they teach you better?

    4. tom says:

      Hell will be full of christians. The give god a bad rap.

    5. Josh says:

      Topchop: Just because you never had the courage to come out of the closet, doesn’t mean that other people have to stay in.

  14. ScienceRules says:

    Whoever said being gay isn’t a disease was partically correct. There is no gay gene which means it is not biological. Without genetics you cannot be born that way. This is simple science. Something which liberals only use when it suits their needs. This means it is a choice. It can be mentally driven due to the environment but it is absolutely not in the genes. Feeling like you are born that way does not mean it is genetic. It means there is a problem with the brain.

    1. George says:

      Lots of members of the Flat-Earth-Society here today! Some folks just aren’t happy unless they are putting down others.

      1. Sunny says:

        Georgie, you are toooo funny. Who has more supporters on this board?? The pro-“gays” or the pro-traditionalsits?

        I also love the lefties who spout “He who casts the first stone…”. They’ve NEVER even cracked the Bible open ! ! So, lefties, you don’t judge people? ? You don’t think rapists should be judged? Murderers shouldn’t be judged? Pedophiles shouldn’t be judged? Robbers shouldn’t be judged?? Your hypocrisy IS OFFENSIVE

    2. Nolan says:

      I’m a student at Champlin Park High School and I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Our school teaches us to apparently ‘treat others the way you want to be treated’, and to not discriminate people of any kind. They should own up to their policy and let the couple walk together on Snow Days. It’s extremely hypocritical and disrespectful of our district. I’ve lot a lot of respect for the school board. It’s not like Snow Days is actually a big deal (correction, it’s a joke).

      1. Sarah Jayne says:

        Nolan, I love you. I couldn’t agree more.

      2. George says:

        Nolan, you are right on with that view. Most young folks today, like yourself, are very accepting of their gay classmates. After all, these two people were elected to this position, and it is very hypocritical of the school leaders to not let them march in together like any previous elected students to this position. Adults could learn a thing or two about tolerance and respect from the great students at this school.

    3. Stace34 says:

      So is there a straight gene? Has science proved every animal is straight and choose to be gay? When did you make the “choice” to be straight? If you did not make a choice what would make you think others do.

    4. Joe Cochran says:

      Where did you get your scientific insights into this topic? I’m guessing one of the following sources: Michelle Bachman’s website; a pamphlet from the Catholic Church; or perhaps you think you heard Rush Limbaugh address the “issue”. Please don’t cite science here because you clearly know nothing about this topic.

    5. Josh says:

      You have a complete misunderstanding of human development. I’d like to know the peer-reviewed meta-study you researched to get your information. Any thinking person knows that sexual orientation is a combination of genetic predisposition coupled with environmental factors. If you’re going to be a bigot, just come out and say it. Don’t fake that you know what you’re talking about. You’re a bigot.

  15. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

    Good for them! But can we report on jobs and the economy, this is getting old?

  16. Taz says:

    Why don’t schools just put emphsis on the things schools NEED to do, educate our kids and not try to create islands of special interests. Parents need to raise their kids and if you remember when you were in high school people were elected to all kinds of stuff just to get attention. It is called a prank – not to be considered the norm.

  17. Batman says:

    All I have to say is this……..God says judge no man and he says that no man shall lay with a man like you would with a woman and no woman shall lay with a woman like you would with a man. With that being said its a touchy situation that should not be messed with just let people live their lives that they want to and let them walk together like they want to.

    1. sam says:

      Batman, I would love to see where in the Bible you found those words…please give me the chapter and verse. thank you.

  18. Skar says:

    Ok, I am an alumni of CP. I was once elected to the Snowdaze Royalty as well. What you need to remember is that the SAME amount of guys and girls get elected, the king is supposed to walk with a queen… If two girls walk together, then that means two guys would have to walk together as well! That’s an even MORE uncomfortable situation if you are a male and not gay. This is ridiculous, CP is very good at keeping the school a safe zone, and even has a Gay Straight Alliance Group. Just because you’re gay, doesn’t mean you get to throw the entire tradition through a loop.

    1. Nolan says:

      Tradition? Snow Days is full of cliques and titles. It’s a complete joke.

    2. Emily says:

      Yeah? Were you aware two male nominees stepped up so the girls could walk together? Clearly not…

    3. Bridget says:

      two boys were asked to walk together so that the two girls could, and neither of them had as problem with it. they are both straight but feel comfortable enough with each other and with the cause to do so. It’s not against tradition; they’re a couple and they’re walking together. Just because they’re a GAY couple doesn’t mean they’re breaking tradition. Your comment is ridiculous.

    4. Sarah Jayne says:

      Contrary to how this article is portraying it, the girls asked two boys if they’d be okay with it before even asking administration. I don’t see how them wanting to walk together, when two guys were fine with walking together also, is blowing the tradition any more than the administration cancelling the walk completely.

    5. George says:

      Skar, are you saying that boys should be uncomfortable walking to school or in the halls together? Give me a break? Are you saying the entire football team is uncomfortable walking into the stadium together? And think of the military where hundreds can march in rank together!
      To take your last thought, just because they ARE gay doesn’t mean you get to throw the entire tradition through a loop!

    6. Will Sawyer says:

      They want to live their life the same as you…..that is not throwing anything in anyones face, it is simply saying they are not second class!

  19. Cache says:

    unbelievable…might as well believe the USA is a land of lost souls!

  20. Steve says:

    This makes me sick! Why doest the “civil rights” group become concerned for teh civil rights of those who do not believe in gay relationships?????? This state makes me ill….

    1. George says:

      Steve, you already have those civil rights. It’s called “live and let live.” That’s what America and this state is all about. There is room enough for everyone.

      1. SayWhat!? says:

        I agree with you Steve!!! This is a mockery!! Now the tax payers in that school district will have to pay a frivolous lawsuit. I’m sick of same sex stuff shoved down our throats. Whatever CONSENTING MATURE ADULTS do in their bedroom, have-at-it. But do not expect it to be considered normal outside the bedroom. Young people are bouncing back and forth from gay to not gay, like it’s normal behavior. Our morals are going down into the toilet. We’ll be able to marry our car, cat or favorite pair of shoes before you know it!!!

    2. tom says:

      you are already ill steve.

  21. Joe says:

    Hey John 0990! The dateline on the original story WAS Champlin Park, MN. Then it went to Champlin MN, now its Minneapolis MN.

    The school actually is in Brooklyn Park.

  22. Love:) says:

    I personal think they should be able to I am a champlin park high schooler myself and I don’t have a problem with them and I have ask around and they say they don’t have a problem.

    1. George says:

      Love, thanks for the comment and insight. Most young people are much more tolerant of others than their parents are. That’s the reason these two students got elected in the first place. Now the school leaders can’t find the courage of their own students to back them up and support them. We adults can learn a great deal from our young people!

      1. Love:) says:

        People are going to be wearing red in support for the 2 girls who got elected.

  23. stpaul says:

    I hope people realize they are likely being elected as a joke in the school.

    1. Sarah Jayne says:

      Incorrect assumption. These girls are relatively popular and well liked. They deserve those spots.

  24. mwern says:

    No matter what happens in regards to a persons acceptance/tolerance there will always be haters and just because they focus so much on this issue IS NOT going to change small minded People.

    What needs to happen is more Counseling, Support and acceptance of one’s self as opposed to trying to obtain it through others.

  25. Victim Du Jour says:

    Being gay in highschool is more of a fashion statement more than anything, especially among girls.

  26. lib says:

    Well they are on the right track, in this country we treat all our gays as royalty. theyare so special.

    1. Stace34 says:

      They are not asking for special treatment, just the same treatment as other couples. Gays have not asked for any special treatment, just the same treatment and rights as straights.

      1. paab says:

        Not so Stace34 if someone bashes you over the head they do jail time, you do the same to a gay…more jail time that is special treatment.

      2. Em says:

        THE PEOPLE THAT WALK TOGETHER ON COURT ARE NOT COUPLES. they are not percived as couples either. so they are asking for special treatment by asking to walk AS A COUPLE.

      3. tom says:

        why is it that when everyone asks to be treated equal, it is always claimed they are asking for special treatment?

  27. SayWhat!? says:

    How sickening….go back into the closet…PLEASE!!!!!

    1. max says:

      Gay people aren’t going anywhere. Their legal rights and social acceptance will only increase. Here’s the good news: the existence of openly gay people poses no threat to you whatsoever. When gay marriage becomes legal, you will not be required to marry someone of the same gender. You don’t have to attend any gay weddings if you don’t want to. Your rights will remain intact. It’s going to be okay.

      1. paab says:

        Max if gay marraige is made legal all priests, and pastors will be required to marry gay couples.. when it became legal for gays to adopt the largest adoption agency in the US closed its doors because it was run by nuns and the Cathollic church and they were forced by law to let gays adopt and as it was against their religion it was either comply or close its doors. The very same will happen if a Pastor or Priest refuses to wed a gay couple, they will be looking at jail time or theywill have to quit.

      2. max says:

        When that adoption agency closed, they put their prejudice over the health and well-being of countless children. Shame on them. We all have the right to harbor discriminatory beliefs. That does not make it right to act on those beliefs. It sounds callous, but religious people are going to have to suck it up and deal with gay rights.

  28. Alan says:

    Here’s the porblem….What happens to the guys? I’m guessing there are the same number of guys and girls in the royalty. Should two guys then be forced to walk together? Should they be left out and forced to walk alone or with an adult escort? If the ladies were voted as a couple, they should be allowed to walk as one. If not, the school’s alternative of everyone walking alone seems fair and reasonable.

    1. Courtney says:

      I’m a Champlin Park High School student, and I am informing you that two guys that were nominated were friends and actually volunteered to walk at this pepfest so the girls could be together.

      1. Alan says:

        If the two guys were cool with it, then the school should have let it go.

  29. lib says:

    Let’s all bend over for the gays.

    1. DDUBS says:

      OMG. Cracked me up.

    2. tom says:

      wouldn’t do you any good. you have your head up your rear

  30. Victim Du Jour says:

    Gays have the same exact rights as everyone else, and in many States civil unions fall under the same exact family codes and domestic partnership laws as marriage.

    1. Stace34 says:

      Domestic partnerships are not the same as marriage. They do not give you inheritance rights, they do not give you the same tax breaks, they do not entitle you to survivor benefits. They have to pay a fee to have their names legally changed, unlike women who choose to marry. This is not the same as a marriage.

      1. lib says:

        So what? Why shouild 5,000 years of society and tradition and religious ceremonies be changed for a few? If this were any other society but ours the thought of forcing an entire society to accomodate a few would be outrageous.

      2. Victim Du Jour says:

        No one is stopping anyone from making civil unions from being the same thing as marriage.

        No one is stopping gays from starring their own churches and scouting clubs.

        Gays want the word marriage to infringe on 1st amendment rights to religious freedom and expression.

      3. Nate says:

        Lib–why you say? Because traditions and religious ceremonies have changed all the time throughout history! What ever happened to fasting on Ash Wednesday? Why do we no longer believe in ensalving people? Why are women allowed to vote? Why do you choose not to wear the same trendy clothes you wore in the 1970s? THINGS CHANGE and soceity envoles. Deal with it and accept it.

  31. Chris says:

    Was there any discussion between the civil rights group and the school district before this suit was filed? Its great that the civil rights group is taking money away from the students. The district now has to pay legal fees to defend minor decision made by the person who was given the power to make the decision.. he didnt kick anyone out of the Homecoming Royalty. He just tried to stay neutral. No ones rights were violated, except the students and taxpayers from that school district. The students are elected individually no matter what their gender or sexual orientation. No one is or has ever been elected as a “couple”. What a ridiculous waste or our hard earned dollars..

  32. allison says:

    Obviously there are mixed opinions about what is right and wrong about gays. but what we need to realize is that the school understands that. they don’t want to upset the people who support gays by making them walk girl-guy and they don’t want to upset the people who don’t support gays. having them walk indvidually is the best comprimise we’re gonna get.

  33. malllllll says:

    they tell us to not discriminate, or treat them differently, right? so please tell me what they are doing right now?

    1. tom says:

      sticking up for their rights you idiot!

      1. George says:

        I believe Mallll was speaking about the school leaders, not the students. The school leaders desciminated against the two elected students because of sexual orientation, and tried to change the tradition simply because of their sex, which is against the law.

  34. Victim Du Jour says:

    Public Schools are suppose to be teaching math and science, and that’s it!

    1. Will Sawyer says:

      and how to function in the real world, where GLBT people work side by side. Your kid can pump my kids gas, since he will be a bigot and get overlooked for the $100K engineering job. What a small minded view you have… will learn!

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        It’s none of your business what people think on their own. The US Supreme Court already made that ruling a long time ago about public schools.

        Public Schools are not allowed to impose political opinions on students.

  35. kdp says:

    Here’s the thing and I’m certain I’ll be slammed for my views but anyway. . .I really don’t care what anyones seuality is. I don’t flaunt the fact that I’m straight or gay. And I pretty mcuh expect the same out of anyone one else. I feel the school basically endorsing the “openess” of gay students is contrary to what school should be about. PC is out of control. Sex really should stay in the bedroom. This is a traditional school event. Think about this, when you elected your prom or homecoming royalty did you assume there was anything sexual about it, I certainly didn’t, it was just a popularity contest and that was all. I feel sorry for these girls and really wonder about there parents. Frankly I’d be embarassed for them calling attention to themselves in this manner. If my daughter had pulled something like this she’d have been grounded until she was eighteen. It’s shamefull the school even addressed such foolishness. There’s no room in school for straight or gay, black or white, or clubs that encourage division. It’s about learning people. We have gotten so far off the beaten path with it comes to ours schools it’s no wonder we have the problems of today.

    1. tom says:

      We elected guys as home coming king and queen in 1974 and it was no big deal then, and shouldn’t be now

    2. George says:

      Hey kdp, obviously you never learned that there is room in society for everyone, and that includes GLBT folks as well.

    3. Jake says:

      I am in total agreement. Priorities…..

  36. tom landry says:

    its king and queen not queen and queen — there probably fat girls anyways

    1. Emily says:

      Ha. You are so ignorant, it makes me kind of sick.

    2. Jordan says:

      Dude, I went to CP, and I know those girls, and they are both beautiful and awesome girls and they deserve those spots in the HS royalty. So what if they do end up becoming queen and queen? How would it hurt you?

  37. Will Sawyer says:

    Your child can pump gas while mine gets the $100K job becasue he celebrates GLBT community.

    1. Will Sawyer says:

      You never know who is sitting across the table during an interview. My children will have learned tolerance in high school, your learned to be bigots!

  38. Jake says:

    Classic tale of the tail wagging the dog, of overaged adolescents so concerned about expressing their sexuality that they can’t see the political, social, and financial TRAIN WRECK that is about to crash down upon them. Now we really know WHAT is MOST important.

  39. Jake says:

    Sooo GLAD that I graduated from the public school system here in the late 70’s.
    It was bad enough THEN at times. Today, it’s a NIGHMARE. I wouldn’t have a kid in the public school system NOW if the authorities put a gun to my head. Just watch and see who will be leading this nation 20 years from now. My guess is that those people will be graduates of PRIVATE or charter schools, with strong parental involvment, a disciplined academic and social upbringing, and being protected from all of destructive forces that abound in our society today. Some of the more rural public schools might be good places to be, but they are fading fast as well.

  40. chrisfromEP says:

    I grew up in a very religious family so I’m sort of the outsider when it comes to arguments, I’m glad to see that there is more accepting people out there in the world. I’ve read here that these kids are immoral; the only immoral thing I see is grownups persecuting children who are far more mature and far more secure in their sexuality then the adults are. My son is is 1 1/2 years old when he is their age I hope whether he is gay or straight that he is as smart and as accepting as these students are

  41. Really? says:

    The AP is liberal and therefore uneducated!!!

  42. Katie says:

    That last part about the suicides not being linked to bullying of LGBT students is BS! My best friend was one of the 6 and yes it was linked to bullying. if stuck up snotty bitches who didnt only think of themselves and their feelings then 3 of my friends would still be alive. The fact that other people are so selfish that they have to make sure that everyone likes them more than others is irritating. People that bully others for anything dont deserve to be happy. I hate people like that! So if it wasnt for stupid people, Justin, cole, and samantha would still be alive!!!
    R.I.P Justin Norman Aaberg! I love you baby boy!
    Your Best Friend Forever!

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