Learn More About Operation Glass Slipper!

As heard on Michele Tafoya Show on Friday, 1/28!

Click HERE for more information!

  • http://hub.tld30.com/pubsub/learn-more-about-operation-glass-slipper/ Learn More About Operation Glass Slipper! | TLD30.com PubSub Hub

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  • Mary A Berger

    How do I contact Michelle Tafoya to discuss something going on in Hutchinson, MN???

  • Mary A Berger

    I have an email address from Hutchtel.net – Hutchinson Telephone company now known as Nu-Telecom. I depend heavily on my email address for personal and my husband’s business. Hutchtel won’t allow any yahoo email users to pass email through Hutchtel because of the amount of Yahoo spam going on until Yahoo cleans up their act. We were not given any notice so no one realizes this is happening until you call Hutchtel. to ask why we aren’t getting Yahoo email. Can you look into this – we are paying for full service and most people don’t even realize this is happening.

  • gloria

    How do I donate 2 prom dresses. Worn once.

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