ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Ramsey County has a new service designed to help disabled residents in the event of an emergency.

The goal is to put medical information in the hands of first responders.

The service is voluntary. Those who want to participate can fill out a form that includes their name, address and medical information. The data will be kept at the 911 call center.

When a participant calls 911 — or if someone else calls about an emergency at their address — the information about that person’s disability will automatically come up for dispatchers.

Mark Hughes of the St. Paul Mayor’s Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities says the goal is to help first responders when time matters, and possibly save lives.

The form can be found at the Ramsey County website.

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Comments (2)
  1. Mark from Minnesota Tax Waste says:

    Money well spent, great job St. Paul

  2. Joe says:

    Ummm, a person from the far right would be upset, because it is forcing the taxpayors to foot this bill. But personally. I can’t belive someone didn’t think this up a long time ago. Great idea. Should do something like this for everyone that wants to or needs to be part of this. Great job!!

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