5-Alarm Fire Damages Plymouth Apartment Building

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

PLYMOUTH (WCCO) — A five-alarm fire broke out in a Plymouth apartment complex late Monday afternoon, damaging many of the residents’ homes, according to authorities.

Hennepin County Dispatch confirmed they received a report at 4:47 p.m. of an apartment fire at the Plymouth Oaks Apartments, which is located on 3301 Highway 169.

Deputy Plymouth Fire Chief Kip Springer said authorities believe everyone in the burning section of the building got out safely. Springer said authorities believe the fire started on the third floor but it’s too early to say how it started.

Twenty-four units were damaged. It appeared on scene that the top floor of one wing was destroyed. As of 10 p.m. Monday night they were still putting out hot spots.

Nine different fire departments were on scene helping to put the fire out.

Animal Control was also called out to help remove pets from the building. They’re not sure yet how many might be missing.

One firefighter and two residents were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The Red Cross is on the scene and will provide housing to those who need it.

This isn’t the first fire at the apartment. On Feb. 9, 2008, the apartment had to be evacuated due to a fire. Also, on July 12, 2007, a fire gutted a large part of the third floor, which left dozens homeless.

  • E.H.

    wow, this apartments has had three fires in the past few years. A whole section of one of the complex was just rebuilt last year due to fire damage. I hope everybody and their pets got out safe

    • Charlie Anderson

      I live there and they did.

      • SG

        I’m not trying to be unsympathetic. I feel horribly for these people. But how come people keep renting there? Don’t they realize what might happen?

      • A.H.

        Fires can and do happen anywhere! We live here because we have a GREAT Landlord, there are Many LONGTERM tennants (I’ve lived here 14 yrs) Our Landlord/Owner Gary not only maintains a safe ;but responds to any tenant needs very promptly. The fire of 07, tho technically electric was due to Tenant not reporting a short in his A.C. I know first hand because the Tenand told me and he lived nextdoor!That same year 07 a 5 alarm fire occured in Burnsville several of my friends lived there,months later our cleanup had been completed and a new building almost comleted (was completed in February where many long time residents like myself returned) The burnsville Apts were still in the begging stages of cleanup! Gary and all his Staff take care of his longtime residents! Its a big building some Tenants will always come and go, but we have a wonderful SAFE, Pet Friendly Community and will remain here!For that matter why did the people of New Orleans go back? Or those who live in flood prone areas?

    • CJ

      To all who live in the apartment, know that we have been praying for your situation. We are thankful that everyone is safe yet are saddened by your loss. Know that we will continue to pray for you as you rebuild your lives & sort out the pieces that were left behind.

  • sml

    we were just talking about this – that it was time for Mallard Ridge or Plymouth Oaks to burn….thats not good

  • ImThinking

    3??? That’s a lot!!!

  • Laurie

    I lived there 4 years ago, and my apartment was one that was damaged in their big fire in July of 2007. I feel so bad for these people and of course, the owner Gary Brummer. He’s such a nice guy and I hate to see this happening to him and his family again. I guess it goes to show you, how easily it can happen even when it’s an old building. It such an awlful thing to go through and feel so bad for those people. Hope all the people and pets get out…my thoughts and praryers are with all of you.

  • EMP

    I live off 169 in Golden Valley and have been hearing the rescue teams for over an hour now- I pray all are safe and have a bed to sleep in tonight!


  • Aaron

    If you have an Android phone you can download a free app called Scanner Radio – you can listen to fire & police calls, including this one. I am right now and it sounds like the fire is mostly on the east side of the building in the attic and at least some of the firefighters were having problems with water pressure.

  • KA

    My sister lives at this apartment complex and called when it first started. I am worried sick as I can’t reach her since she called. I live far away and have been trying to find any news online and was glad to see this site and your comments. Thank you and please send any new updates if you are able to.

  • KH

    Everyone got out unharmed. I am just waiting to hear back from management of whether or not I can go home there and sleep tonight. Probebly not. There will be mighty smoke damage. If I find out that this was all started because someone was careless, I will be so mad..

  • KA

    Is it in the apartments on the furthest South end by the big garage?

  • KA

    Where are all the residents right now? Have they been bussed somewhere?

  • KH

    Management told me the fire started in the 370’s. So all the 370’s, 270’s, and 170’s were affected. I am in the 260’s.

  • CDS

    Us residents are still at the building. In the parking lot and safe areas. There seems to be some problems with water pressure. It appeared to be almost out then the water stopped and it blazed back up.

    • A.H.

      Yes a complaint should be filed against Plymouth Fire Dept. I am one of the tenants who lost everything in the fire of 07, I HELPED a fireman with a rotorooter looking thing he worked on the fire hydrant, I watch the Apt where it started ( a new Resident had a short in his a.c. and failed to report it to management He told me that himself! So th it was ‘technically” electric it was mostly Tenant negligence! He was by my side (the Tenant) as we watched the apt. smoke for 45 min while the fire trucks/firemen were helpless because they claimed they had “flushed the hydrants shortly bere the fire and thus had NO WATER) yet on the fire of Feb.08, no hydrants were “flushe” and we still had “no pressure”! Now on fire number 3 with full knowledge PFD had NOT resoved the “pressure” problem they send “dry” trucks! I was here WATCHING with the Firemen with “ISSUES”. Yes their “response time” was fast so they could hangout with all the tenants WATCHING the APTS and PETS bun (3 dogs and a cat died) A tenant BEGGED a Fireman to open the (inside hall door) with his ax but he was threatned with Jail!!!!

  • KH

    CDS… Please be safe! What apt are you in?

  • CDS

    We are in the 340’s around the corner from the area that is burning.

  • Wendy Holmes

    I know a number of people who live in this complex, including my sister and nephew. I just got off the phone with her… she lives at the other end of the building. She’s okay. She says “this one is really bad”. They know which apt. it started in, but not how it started. She talked to a man who is heartbroken – he lost his dogs. Gail was living directly below the apt. the fire started in – she lost everything. Please pray for everyone – give them hope and strength.

  • KH

    Oh no! I am so scared! This is HORRIBLE!

  • JS

    I am so sorry you have to go through that. I use to live there. Glad you are safe.

  • KH

    I am at work actualy. Found out about when I went to WCCO to check the weather. I am scared to go home…

  • Jessie

    SO glad to see this post. I live in Plymouth Oaks in the 240’s corridor. I was just going home from work & was shocked to see what was going on. I saw buses heading in when I was turning around @ 6pm. I hope everyone is ok. If you’re onsite, please keep us posted. I would like to at least go see my apartment tonight.

  • CDS

    KH, it looks under control, I think you will be safe where your apartment is. The fire spread toward the garages by 169 more and stopped at the middle stairs on that side. Also they are now bussing tenants from that side someplace.

  • Sheila

    At least 2 ambulances left with people, one is a firefighter. We were told its going to be a while before we can get back in. There are rescue buses but we’re in our own vehicle. We live on other end of building. Its the newer south wing thats burning.

  • Jenna Crabb

    my brother lives in the building and said that there were 2 dogs and a cat that were killed in the fire. thats so sad!

  • KH

    Please be safe all! Let me know if they will let us back in around midnight tonight. That’s when I will be home from work. Thank you all! And please be safe to those of you who are there right now!

  • Adam

    I’m here at the scene now. Skype me for live video coverage.

  • Adam


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