HASTINGS (WCCO) — One lucky puppy was saved from a garage fire that destroyed a Hastings home Monday.

A person driving by saw smoke coming from a home on Ravenna Trail and called 911.

Fire officials say the fire seemed to have started in the garage and then spread into the attic of the home.

Firefighters rescued the puppy that was in the garage. He is OK.

No one was home when the fire broke out.

Comments (4)
  1. Gary says:

    Along with the puppy saved, 24 ant’s, 2 gerble’s, 2 rat’s and 7 mice were saved also.

  2. buggy says:

    ah,but they didn’t save the several asian beetles scurryin’ about,eh?

  3. gg24 says:

    u guys are nuts keep it up in these economic times we need all the humor we can get Have a great day! You just made mine!

  4. BFF Jack says:

    Well, he got his puppy. He really loves his puppy and that’s all that matters. Although he is a twink. If your reading this twinky your a twink.

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