SHAKOPEE, Minn. (AP) — Tyco Electronics plans to cut about 250 jobs in the Twin Cities by September.

Tyco bought Eden Prairie-based ADC Telecommunications last year. The cuts will come at a manufacturing plant ADC had in Shakopee. Tyco plans to move most of that plant’s operations to former ADC plants elsewhere.

Tyco spokesman Michael Ratcliff tells Minnesota Public Radio News the company announced to employees late last week that it plans to move most of the manufacturing from Shakopee to Tyco Electronics sites in Juarez, Mexico, and Santa Teresa, N.M.

Employees losing their jobs will not be able to transfer to New Mexico. Currently, Tyco has about 700 employees in Shakopee and 200 in Eden Prairie. The company plans to move the Eden Prairie employees to Shakopee later this year.

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Comments (21)
  1. Anne says:

    This is the problem that America faces. This is what the government needs to stop from happening. Laws should be in place to prevent this from happening and if this is an American owned business their license to operate a business in the US should be revoked. Let them get a license from Mexico since they want to take the jobs there. Their product should not be allowed entry back in America.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      What if the government said you are not allowed to sell your home and forced you to stay in Minnesota?

      What gives the government the authority to do the same to private companies?

      1. Rooster Cogburn says:

        Victim Du Jour,

        Private Companies? the last time I checked, ADC was a PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY. Do you understand what it means to be publicly traded? The sale of ADC to Tyco and the resulting job losses and golden parachutes to executives are what happens when people like Bob Switz are given too much control over the company they work for.

        1. used n abused says:

          Bobby is a sawed off sob who will burn in HELL with nothing more than 25 cents stuck in the slot where his brain should be.

      2. Burned says:

        were not talking about homes here einstein. we are talking about major corporations moving of of the U.S. to sell back in The U.S. IT’S ABOUT JOBS

  2. Andre says:

    I completely agree.
    Somebody in the government needs to step up & put this in the national news & stir the pot so Americans get mad & policy is changed!

  3. Barry Skog says:

    Amen! When will it all end? When ALL of the jobs have left the USA? It is a National Disgrace and we are just letting it happen!

  4. tom says:

    Another buyout , another 250 jobs lost in Minnesota, going again to Mexico. Why do they have to go to Mexico, labor rates and a cut in taxes. People we need to boycott companies like this. And our governor of this state needs to wake up and stop this kinda of thing from happening. In fact any company that takes jobs out of the USA , then brings their product back here to sell needs to pay 10 times the taxes and shipping cost, and must register with each state to sell there, and then only after buying seller contract with the town it wants to do business in and with each state, price of this contract one million per year. Plus 10 times the taxes as a normal business. Then maybe they would bring our jobs back to where they belong.

  5. MNwoker says:

    I totally agree Anne, where is our gov? President? I guess they got nothing to said…Last time lockhead martin company in Eagan. Now ADC Telecomunication in Shakopee. What’s next? I smell sting for those who left American behide? they should change there citizentship..God bless America…

  6. USA says:

    Welcome to free markets everyone was so excited to vote for in 2010. The free market advocates got voted into office 2010 and this is only the beginning. No one else is to blame but the voters who got bamboozled into voting against their economic interests. Who do the workers expect to speak up for them? Which national leader will try to stand up against this kind of activity, when the one who campaigned to fight for the middle class is called a socialist? Cue up the nasty rhetoric…until you lose your job…and social security and medicare are next on the chopping block..

    1. tiredandretired says:

      Truer words were never spoken. The same people have carefully cultivated a culture of ignorance and fear, which they have exploited at the ballot box.

  7. Dan says:

    Good for you Anne!!!!! I totally agree!!! 250 families lives ruined simple because Mexico has cheap labor!!!! I wonder if Tyco’s CEO is moving to Mexico also!!!!!! And Tom, i totally agree with your words!!! Totally boycott Tyco!!!! What a joke I hope Tyco’s Ceo is happy about ruining poeples lives!!!!

  8. Joe Hanson says:

    The comment section is more interesting than the story.

  9. Manual Labor says:

    Who is to question the CEO of ADC. How much is it worth to sell out?

    1. Rooster Cogburn says:

      If I understand it right it was worth atleast $15 million to sell out, not including the lives destroyed by a greedy little midget (former) CEO.

  10. John Sherman says:

    How many companies have left Minnesota now whho are major employers and the question is WHY? the sounds of our states leadership is totally silent or maybe really doesn”t care only that they can raise their own paychecks and create Minnesotas growht industry TAXES.

  11. beat down says:

    To some it up. GTH greedy lil sob’s and I hope u fail miseribly. maybe then will you ask me for a piece of my pie. only to get rejected mind you.

    1. END IS NEAR says:

      you can’t spell The End without TE

      1. nobuddy says:

        The end is closer than you think noxaj gnal

  12. blind sided says:

    I blame the adc upper managment! I blame the greedy lil SOB by the name of bobby! No value added whatsoever. I rest my case

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