GOP Won Minn. House With Fewer Dollars Than Dems

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Republican caucus that took control of the Minnesota House last November spent only about two-thirds as much as Democrats did.

Campaign finance reports posted Tuesday showed the House Republican Campaign Committee sunk $1.7 million into House races, compared with $2.5 million for the DFL House Caucus.

The caucus reports give a partial picture of campaign finances because they don’t show spending by candidates or outside groups.

Republicans flipped 25 seats in the 134-member House to win a majority, capturing seats in suburban and rural Minnesota.

A December fundraising push helped Republicans end the year with $224,000 in the bank, compared to $66,000 for the DFL caucus.

Reports for the parties’ Senate campaign committees weren’t immediately available. Republicans won control of that chamber after 38 years of Democratic rule.

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  • Tommy Kramer

    That’s funny, Tea Party representative Peterson outspent his opponent in signs from money he received from Bachmann.

  • Al

    Not in 41A and 41B where GOP way outspent DFL plus PACS spent an equal amount on hit advertising against the two DFL candidates ( while almost no outside pro DFL spending ).. We are talking hundreds of thousands here where most legislative contests run 1/10th of that amount.

  • Fred

    A meaningless statistic as there is no tracking of the PAC money spent. I have no idea what was spent there.

  • Phid

    We have Al saying he knows how much PAC money was spent on Republicans, and Fred saying that they don’t track PAC money.

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