LOS ANGELES (AP) — Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was accused of assaulting a police officer and faced an NFL investigation Tuesday after he was arrested during a traffic stop in South Los Angeles.

Los Angeles police said officers used a stun gun to subdue the 6-foot-3, 275-pound Griffen during a struggle after he tried to flee. He was released from jail early Tuesday on $50,000 bail, about 9 1/2 hours after he was arrested, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s jail website.

Griffin, 23, was booked for felony battery, officer Norma Eisenman said, and is due in court on Feb. 25. Shiara Davila-Morales, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney, said her office declined to file a felony charge and passed the case on to the city attorney for review.

Eisenman said Griffen also received a citation early Saturday for public drunkenness.

Spokesmen for the NFL and the Vikings said those organizations would conduct their own investigations.

“We are aware of yesterday’s alleged incident involving Everson Griffen,” spokesman Jeff Anderson said. “At this time, the team is gathering all the facts and will withhold any further comment.”

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league is looking into Griffen’s situation. Griffen could face punishment, per the league’s personal conduct policy.

Messages were left seeking comment from Jason Chinn, one of Griffen’s representatives.

Griffen played for Southern California and was a fourth-round draft pick by the Vikings last year after skipping his senior season. He saw more playing time toward the end of his rookie season and finished with 11 tackles, also getting some action on special teams. He is in line to compete for a more significant role with starter Ray Edwards on the verge of free agency.

Griffen slipped from most pre-draft projections that pegged him as an earlier pick, and at the time the Vikings acknowledged his penchant for inconsistent play.

“There were games when he was a first-round pick and there were games when he would disappear,” director of college scouting Scott Studwell said after the draft. “But he’s got great value where we took him, and I think he will blossom as a pro.”

Studwell also said then the Vikings had no concerns about Griffen’s background.

“We are not worried about his character,” Studwell said. “He has to grow up a little bit like they all do.”

Griffen said after the draft he enjoyed the college life but he was ready for the pros.

“You learn from your mistakes,” he said, “and that’s how you become an adult.”

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Comments (29)
  1. Darren says:

    Doesn’t matter who it is, Brett Favre, The Williams,Randy Moss, now Mr.Griffen. Yet the Vikings Fans, the NHL Fans still love their sport, will still support these thugs who complain when they dont make more them 3 million a year. And then the owners complain when we don’t build them a new stadium, they make miillions and billions of dollars but those of us that make 40k are paying for the stadium. And I don’t even attend any of the games, Pro Sports at all. I just can’t support a bunch of overpaid thug criminals Great role models they are for our children. Mr. Griffen has been arrested before back in July of 2009 so this isn’t his first go round.

    1. hoover says:

      I agree; they are a bunch of thugs. I’ve attended a couple Vikes games only because friends were generous; I could never afford to take my kids though. Zygi wants a new stadium, let him kick in funds, oh, but wait, he wants an open air stadium too – seriously?

    2. Brad says:

      Actually, he was also arrested 3 days ago for being drunk in public. What a loser!

  2. Darren says:

    Oops, I meant NFL, not NHL, but they have their share of thugs too.

  3. young at heart and disliking Purple more every day says:

    So happy to read LA has raised about $700M for naming rights for that new “to be built” stadium. Zigi makes a buck and we free of this crazy begging for money/stadium thing. We all have TV’s folks — wake up. Not many of us attend these games – the rest watch from a bar or home or similar. You NOT there – HELLO MN!
    Of course we always have the lawyers and cops and such that stay busy with the team but that is another story. And Gals – if you a groupy, have the dude pay for the flight. He’s making enough so it causes no financial woes. 😉

  4. Rob Wagner says:

    Well said, Darren!!!

  5. Patrick says:

    Yet another proud moment for the Vikes. usually takes more than one season before a player does something dumb. Good to know the new guy got right to it. These overpaid babies won’t be getting a dime of my money for a game ticket or a stadium. Go ahead and take your team and leave if the dome isn’t good enough. You should have done a deal with the Gophers and shared a new field.

  6. Howard D says:

    If this whole thing is so profitable, and no doubt it is AFTER the taxpayers forced to pony up but would it be otherwise???, I have this question to ask to all the NFL junkies.
    Why don’t you attending fans, those who claim they cannot live without the team, the players who are grossly overpaid and the owners who are grossly rich off our backs take YOUR MONEY and build the damkit stadiums you want?

  7. hmm says:

    Get rid of him. In fact get rid of the whole team. Get an entire team of rookies and they would probably do better. Also, screw a new stadium. The Vikings need to prove they need a new one. At least get to the Super Bowl, then maybe people will listen.

  8. feeling mighty sick of Goofy says:

    Thugs and trash win often too …. ask the dirtman, Hines Ward. lol

  9. Leave Already!!! says:

    … The fans have had enough. The team sucks. They are NOT role models. I am NOT paying for their stadium. Just go!!

  10. Joker of Spades says:

    Oh, somwhere I missed the article talking about a stadium. Everyone else seemsed to catch it. Stick to the topic people. It is about a person. Not a stadium. Voice your concerns on the stadium on an article RELATING to the stadium!

    1. TC's a Mess says:

      OMG Joker —- pay some attention to what the team is. LMFAO
      That said – I hope this creates more BS and negative vibes and Zigi sells ASAP.
      I have cable and the NFL pachage so I already pay way to much for football.
      No fricken way do I want to pay for a stadium. I don’t even like this team. Go away Purple …. cya

      1. Joker of Spades says:

        If we had a better season, everyone would be talking differently. Everyone would want a stadium if we were in the Super Bowl this weekend. We are a state of bandwagon fans.

      2. Clint Make My Day says:

        actually I think you can take it to the bank that you are dead wrong.
        All the purple wannabes still loud and vocal even after the lousy season.
        Those of us who say NO are just as loud, just as fed up with the wannabes as ever, and we sure as hell right now know that there are FAR GREATER NEEDS than this stadium baloney. I got nothing more to say other than …MOVE

  11. Joker of Spades says:

    Oh, and also, “Don’t tase me, Bro!”

  12. DW says:

    Do you have any idea as to why he was being pulled over in the first place? I think that you should understand that cops are not always right and they definitely don’t show any respect to young black males. I know that for most of you, you read this story, see a young black male and automatically assume that he did something wrong. Let me tell you from experience that’s not always the case.

    Frustrated with the system

    1. Poor over paid Athlete =( says:

      Yeah right. And he ran, and then fought with them? I’m sure it was a lynch mob in police uniforms and he will be vindicated. Give your black rage, and ‘my people’s history’ speech a rest.

  13. insignificant says:

    felony battery of a peace officer sounds like some serious jail time ,there

  14. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    Lest we forget…..

    Former Vikings great Carl Eller was arrested on April 10, 2008, for fourth-degree assault on police officers, fleeing in a motor vehicle, refusing to submit to an alcohol test and driving while intoxicated.

    From another section of the WCCO website.

  15. Richard Y. says:

    I have not forgotten. Added fuel to the raging Goodbye Falming Bus

  16. Lock the kooks up says:

    So long Vikes, soooo long Vikes…………………..sooooooooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong Vikes.
    I’ll see yoooooooooooooooooooooooooou oooooooooooooooooooooooon the tube.

  17. LH says:

    dw you are a idiot, always bring race into it, thats why we are in the state of confusion, because of the way you voice, again you sre an idiot////////

  18. cynthia says:

    It seems like they are jealousy of our youth especially if the make big time inn life, you never know what a person is going through their personal life. Who’s perfect!

  19. Bryson Powers says:

    Go Vikings!…and take the Twins with you!

  20. blackstone says:

    Just another example of pro athletes who are big and strong, but have no sense. They need their agent to baby-sit them all the time.

  21. RW says:

    Time to go. Good bye Vikes.

  22. Kaye Mowrey says:

    He said, she said … cops are using tazers WAY too much, on grandma’s and everyone… cops and tazers are out of control

  23. nancy says:

    cmon, gang. We need to show some loyalty to the team that has given us so much entertainment over the years–win or lose. A true fan sticks by their team in good time and in bad. Our state needs the Vikings, Twins, Wild and Timberwolves. We also need to punish (and possibly dismiss) players who tarnish the reputation of the entire team. We have young, poor little rich boys running around right now with brains that are physiologically still underdeveloped. However, they can read the rules and crimes resulting in felonies should result in expulsion from the team no matter what!! I remain a true fan but criiminal behavior is not tolerated in my book

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