Woman Tries To Mail Puppy In Box

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — They’re calling it the parcel puppy. A Minneapolis woman is charged with animal cruelty after police say she tried to send a puppy through the mail.

The poodle-mixed pup is being held temporarily at the animal control office in Minneapolis but still belongs to the woman who allegedly tried to mail it — 39-year-old Stacey Champion.

“Clearly there wasn’t a whole lot of thought that went into this,” said Sgt. Angela Dodge with the Minneapolis Police Department.

Dodge said last Tuesday Champion took the puppy to the Loring Post Office. The puppy was in a box with a priority sticker on it.

“A puppy is a definite no-no,” said Pete Nowacki with the U.S. Postal Service.

Postal workers didn’t know right away about the puppy inside, until the box fell off the counter.

“Apparently the puppy must have moved at that time and the box had shaken and fallen. At that point, the clerk and supervisor could hear a sound like panting coming from inside the box,” recalled Nowacki.

“They could hear it in the box, they opened the box and discovered a live puppy on there with no food or water,” said Dodge.

Champion did want the puppy to get there quickly because she mailed him 2-day priority. Officials say she was mailing the puppy as a present for a relative.

“The notion of putting a puppy in a box, putting them on a plane with no food, no water, no place to do their business, it’s not going to work,” said Nowacki.

The puppy is doing fine. Champion has until Friday to make an appeal to animal control to get the puppy back. If animal controls says she can’t have the puppy back, it will go up for adoption.

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  • memyself&i

    I hope someone from PETA or Human Society is watching this VERY closely!!! PLEASE!!!

    • Chris

      The Humane Society or the ASPCA – sure. But PETA? Please!!! They’re a radical, boarder-line criminal group that condones violence in the name of “total animal liberation.” Please don’t group them in with legitimate organizations.

      • Bill

        PETA is clearly out there in left field. I’m all for protecting the animals, but trying to stop people from hunting and fishing for food….give me a break. This woman just has no business with a pet. I hope she doesnt have a kid.

      • Josh S.

        she had a kid, he got FedEx standard overnight

      • Tanya L. Cain

        Thank you so much for saying that. I loathe PETA with a passion. They are the most misguided, irrational, radical group out there. I follow stories about them in the news that make them look like complete morons, like protesting circuses that have never even used animals. But yes, this woman is an idiot and if she does not have enough sense to know you don’t ship a live animal, she probably should not own animals or children…maybe plants :)

      • Genie Murphy

        HSUS is no better than PETA. They believe in the same thing, total elimination of all human interaction with all animals, ie. no more pets, period.

      • Rachel Kanarek

        The HSUS is no better than PETA – they’re both extreme groups with extremist views, and they share many employees. The HSUS is often referred to as “PETA in business suits”.

      • Rocky

        Yes Peta! They are a VERY legitimate organization no matter what anybody thinks. Sorry you don’t think so. Pffff!

      • Bridgett

        HSUS is worse, especially with that idiot running it who said Michael Vick would make a good dog owner!

      • undrgrndgirl
      • Emily Hilgenberg

        HSUS is VERY radical, just with a better front. They are not “legitimate”. They do not run a SINGLE PET SHELTER, and they give less than 1% of their money to other pet shelters. They are in no way affiliated with your local humane society.

        The founders of HSUS have been quoted several times saying they would like to do away pet ownership, etc. They have the same end goal as PETA, and have ties to many violent animal rights groups.

        “My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.”
        — HSUS grassroots coordinator John “J.P.” Goodwin

        “The life of an ant and that of my child should be granted equal consideration.”
        — HSUS senior scholar Michael W. Fox

        “[T]he Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is not affiliated with, nor is it a parent organization for, local humane societies, animal shelters, or animal care and control agencies … The HSUS does not operate or have direct control over any animal shelter.”
        — From a 2001 disclaimer issued by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

        Please do some research.

    • Sean

      If it fits it ships !

      • brownee


      • memyself&i

        Ha-ha….you so funny….

      • Lou

        That’s what the USPS advertises on TV. Their ad doesn’t say anything about contents. Just “If it fit,it ships” Very clear

      • Jamesb3

        Liquid? NO
        Fragile? YES
        Perishable? YES
        Hazardous? NO

      • Scott

        no not cool it doesnt matter in this case if it fits it ships. its a puppy and that is animal culety.

      • dianna

        it is alive and it breathes air just like a human.. and it needs water food and a pup needs to pottie alot… a pup can get low blood sugar and die… thats why you feed pups 4 times a day FOUR TIMES A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THAT WAS STUPID and very cruel. just not right… she shouild not be allowed to ever have any kind of pet.

    • Joan A

      As if PETA or HSUS will do anything. Get a clue HSUS and PETA are not shelters… wait PETA is but kills nealry 90 percent of its animals. HSUS is just a money eater. They do not own any shelters nor do they give more then a tiny tidbit to a few shelters. not enough to make a difference. Having PETA and HSUS get a hold of this just takes money from real shelters who really help animals

      • Dirk

        Joan A, Rachel Kanarek: Furthermore, I volunteer at two shelters and a humane society care center. If you think the Humane Society isn’t doing anything for animals then you are as deranged as your comments. Why don’t you get off your butts, and stop negatively blogging about groups you obviously don’t know anything about and get out and do some good with your life. Sitting on your butt and bashing groups that are doing good while you perpetuate negativity. You are what is wrong with our society, you like everyone else just sit around and complain about groups that are trying to make a difference. While all you do is sit on your high horse and do nothing. Why don’t you put down the laptop, “you blogging buffoon” and do something positive. Go Volunteer your time. Obviously you have time to spare.

      • Dirk

        The humane society does have shelters and care centers. Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about. You need to get your facts right before you starting blowing hot air from your pie hole.

      • Emily Hilgenberg

        Hi Dirk,
        You’re confused, pal. Here’s a quote from the HSUS themselves:

        “The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is not affiliated with, nor is it a parent organization for, local humane societies, animal shelters, or animal care and control agencies … The HSUS does not operate or have direct control over any animal shelter.”

        No shelters. None. They’re not you’re local humane society, sorry. This is a fact.

    • http://thedepressedmother.wordpress.com thedepressedmother

      With you, memyself&i

    • Trayce


    • marie

      The idiots just keep coming…please who is even considering giving her the puppy. I hope they made sure she doesn’t have any others to try to mail. I hope that she is charged.

  • JamieinMN

    Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrd. Check out her facebook page. She sounds whacko.

  • roger

    I bought sea monkeys through the mail. They were fine.

    • frank

      Here is another dip in the gene pool!

      • John M

        You need to tune your sarcasm detector there genius. Roger was obviously making a joke.

    • Rahni Sims

      .They freeze dry the poor things before shipping. Lol. I guess they have to do that, or they will start to stink, good thing water brings ’em back as good as new. I would have been upset if my sea monkeys had arrived dead and rotting.

    • theresa

      at least the sea monkeys had water

  • three-m

    Animals are shipped through the US Mail all the time.

    From the USPS web site (http://www.usps.com/send/waystosendmail/extraservices/specialhandlingservice.htm)

    Mailing Live Animals
    Customers shipping live animals must ensure all packaging requirements are met. Live animal shipments may be presented at any Post Office; however, the service standard may be affected depending on the availability of transportation from the drop-off site.

    Customers sending Express Mail shipments containing live animals should expect a 2-3 day transport of their shipment. Shipping early in the week is suggested, and holiday weeks may have limited acceptance days and times. Express Mail postage will not be refunded unless the delivery or attempted delivery is more than three days after the day of mailing.

    • http://victorylaplabs.com vll3

      yeah, properly, in approved carriers of specified dimensions, with food, water and a veterinary certificate!

      three-m = stacey champion?

    • Tanya L. Cain

      My first dog, Toby, was shipped to me from my cousin in Texas back when I was a kid, but they are shipped knowing there is a live animal, they are NOT shipped in a box with no air holes. They are basically shipped in a crate (like a standard doggie crate). And they are not placed in the cargo holds where temperatures reach freezing and below.
      This puppy would have been placed in a freezing cargo hold where it would have died. The no food and water is bad enough, but the pup would have froze to death if the starvation did not kill him first.

      • undrgrndgirl

        i believe this is done through an airline – NOT the post office…

    • Frank

      I checked and three-m is right. Clearly the USPS needs to more clearly define the rules for people so stupid as to send a dog is a closed, dark, padded (?) box without food or water and living with its own excretia for 2 – 3 days.

    • JamieinMN

      Obviously………But this is a lengthy process and a taaaaaad spendy. Someone on food stamps SURELY cannot afford that.

      • memyself&i

        You CAN NOT mail a puppy in a box-no food nor water, through the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Little Bow Wow

      So why would the postal service deny that shipping animals is allowed? Is it because they don’t know their jobs?

      • jpbrody

        davec . . .

        Those aren’t live chicks — they’re eggs that weren’t expedited!

      • Steve W.

        The animals that are allowed are animals that don’t need food or water on a constant basis. Reptiles (no snakes), spiders, etc. Basically cold blooded species.

      • John Galt

        I’m with you. As stupid as the move was, the USPS is just as derelict in having that information on their web site. She may have a lawsuit pending once a lawyer find her.

      • davec

        steve w has no idea what hes talking about. The PO ships LIVE CHICKS

      • susan

        They don’t blindly accept them, They are specially handled. Helloooo.,

      • Rhonda Smit

        Also chicks (just hatched, with yolk sac supplying food/water for up to 3 days) and bees. The post office will call the recipient and all my chicks and bees arrived alive, overnight, with me getting a call, and they opened the post office early so I could pick them up. They prefer chicks to bees ;)

    • memyself&i

      Clearn and EXTREMEMLY obvious that she did NOT meet the requirements!

      • Colin

        I got live chicks in the mail. They came in a special box with proper holes, and lots of straw, packaged carefully, and the mailman had us sign for them.

    • frank

      From USPS regulations regarding the shipment of live animals:

      9.3.6 Warm-Blooded Animals
      Warm-blooded animals, except the specified birds under specific conditions in this section, are not mailable (e.g.,
      hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, squirrels, parakeets, and canaries).

    • USPS

      3-m: As a former postal worker there are exeptions to the rules. Baby chick, ducks, guineas, full sized chickens are among the few warm blooded animal allowed even then it is required food be included. Normally, that is an apple. I assure you this puppy does not qualify.

      We delivered bees, worms, gold fish, etc. but the one I saw that takes “the cake” was when a 4′ alligator was found among parcels about five years ago. Not a happy gator.

    • we enter

      She posted her phone number under recent posts on Facebook if you want to get in touch with her..

  • reno

    Would love to see a picture of this TOOL…..ill bet i would not be surprised

    • al s

      I think we all know exactly what she looks like. The tip off is that there was no photo with the story.

      • The Bobster

        Yes, the MSM like to hide enwerd crime or stupidity.

  • BikerBen

    …and, if not adopted, the puppy will be killed.

    • JamieinMN

      Highyl doubt that. Someone is most likely already inquiring, if not in the process of adopting that puppy.

      • Concerned



      • Gary

        Why not, she had her return address on the package.

  • CrazyMan

    What about cats? Can we mail cats? And kittens?

    • Reika Ratnam

      let’s just start packing ourselves in boxes and delivering us to other places..

      • claire

        Cheaper than flying…

      • Herb

        Can we insure ourselves, so that when they lose us, we get paid for it?

    • frank

      From USPS regulations:

      9.3.6 Warm-Blooded Animals
      Warm-blooded animals, except the specified birds under specific conditions in this section, are not mailable (e.g.,
      hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, squirrels, parakeets, and canaries).

  • leslie

    Let me guess, they will give her the puppy back. Let’s just hope she hasn’t bred any humans. I hate to see what kind of parent she would be.

    • Nick

      I second that.

      ““Clearly there wasn’t a whole lot of thought that went into this,”” Now there’s an understatement of the day.

  • JamieinMN

    This has NOTHING to do with Obama. Take your political baiting elsewhere.

    • memyself&i

      Um…..wrong conversation “We are in trouble”.

    • ericholder

      Free country dude…deal with it.

      • George Johnson

        Hahahahahaha…… yeah, you can just go around killing puppies without a problem right? How about killing people?? There’s laws against that too. Your “free” country isn’t nearly as “free” as you seem to think it is.

        So DEAL WITH IT!!

    • robertv

      MN?? Isnt that where they elected Al Franken as a Senator? Explains alot.

      • wordtypist

        When I saw the Minnesota dateline I thought sure it would be Michelle Bachman. Didn’t think there would be two people in Minnesota that dumb.

        • Denver

          Just to point out, chicks and bees are shipped by post.

          Bachman has a LL.M. degree in tax law from the William & Mary Law School. Are you smart enough to be accepted for an advanced degree from William and Mary Law School?

        • Jack

          I love Michele Bachmann
          She drives liberals so freaking crazy they eat their own poo
          Rest in Peace wordtypist :)

      • vcolson

        What explains the education program where you’re from?
        “alot” isn’t a word you mental midget.

    • attila_the_huney

      This country wasn’t founded for people like you. Time for you to leave…..and stay out.

    • mark

      It does NOW!!!

  • Kevin

    Jail time. Only, box her up and send her 2-day priority mail.

    • memyself&i

      Too expensive….do the 5 day economy mail….

      • jess

        Not too expensive if you are on foo stamps like she is.

    • Ditto

      Great Idea Kevin!!!

    • stpaulnative

      Great idea, Kevin! It’s time that cruelty is punished. No reason to treat an living creature in such a way. Shame on her!

  • Thomas

    It says she can appeal, not that the puppy will be given back to her.

    • WT?

      I realize that. My point was meant to be that there shouldn’t even be a chance!

  • Dr. Bombay
  • memyself&i

    And I thought I was clever and resourceful! But, are you sure this is the right Stacey C?

    • Aurora

      After your racist comment above, no one thinks you’re clever.

  • Nick

    What a freaking moronic ditz.

  • SailorAP

    This has to be Obama’s fault!!

    • nevatu

      I don’t know if it’s Obama’s fault– but I am sure this woman voted for him

      • SamiHami

        IF she voted at all. I hate voter apathy but in her case I’d make an exception

    • nevatu

      Bushyboy, I suspect you might be from the dull-witted side of the family. SailorAP was beisg sarcastic about this being Obama’s fault.

      I, on the other hand, am 100% serious that this woman was an Obama voter. You, too, but this is getting way too easy.

    • John Galt

      You have been blaming Bush for 2 years. And who the hell made it racial? That’s the trouble with you moobats libs. Blame your boy wonder Obama for any he has done and in your distorted mind you make it bigotry. Your handle Bushyboy says it all. After all you leftist fools did elect Al Franken. That takes the cake.

  • DavidArizona

    The end of the world is coming. Society is getting dumber and dumber

    • memyself&i

      I would agree to that sir….

    • DeliberateDumbingDown.com

      That is correct. It’s been done through government run American schools intentionally. http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/

    • Yup

      Are you surprised? Our stupidest, least productive citizens are given welfare payments to stay home and breed. Our most intelligent and accomplished citizens are responsible for themselves and so only have a few kids, later in life. It’s reverse evolution.

  • Peggy G.

    Please tell me it ain’t so! That this idiotic woman could actually get her hands on this puppy again is beyond ridiculous, it’s insanity. Can you even begin to imagine the fright, cruelty, torture and injuries this poor puppy would suffer before it finally ran out of air and died? Not only should this woman never get this puppy back, but she should be barred from possessing any other animal for the rest of her life.

    • Pat

      I totally agree. She should never possess another animal – ever!

    • stpaulnative

      Please — is anyone from animal control reading these comments? If so, please, please, do not give the puppy back to that woman! She’s a nut and the puppy deserves better … the shelter is much safer for the puppy than with a crazy person!

    • PuppyMillGrinder

      She’s just trying to get Michael Vick’s attention.

  • Kevin

    She is the epitome of the average US voter today. One doesn’t need to wonder why we have so many stupid laws and live in a complete nanny-state. Now go watch TV sheep.

    • Brian Macker

      Yeah, stupid laws like “Don’t ship puppies in the mail” which were violated by one probably non-voter out of 300 million citizens. Think again.

    • CaliMan

      Hey Kevin, unlike Brian Macker, I get your point. Hey Macker, you’re a miopic simpleton if you think Kevin is referring to a law banning mailing puppies. He’s merely pointing out that freeloading dullwits like this ghetto turd woman are the reason why petty, nannying politicians feel they have a mandate to control our lives.

  • Mark

    Oh goodie, Thomas/Phil/Alan/Charles/tenbillionothernames is back on the website to correct everybody and try to show how smart he is compared to everybody else on the site. Yippee. Hope you get buried in the blizzard that’s about to hit Maryland.

  • Allah

    Yes we can….yes we can….she prob thought that the Govt mail service was free….hows that whole change workin out for you? Obami Care is in trouble……oooopppppssss….

    • Tom

      I thought we were getting away from incendiary speech and comments after the Arizona shooting, yet here you are insinuating someone should use a firearm to kill himself or another person.

      Oh, of course you lefties can say whatever you want. Any rules you put on Conservatives don’t have to be followed by yourselves since you’re morally superior.

      But then, those of you on the left can’t ever argue with facts. You know you would lose the argument every time so you either wish violence upon the other person or resort to personal attacks.

      By the way, I guarantee there are plenty of members of the NRA who are Democrats and Independents. The NRA is not a Republican organization. It’s simply an organization of people who wish to retain their Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights. But then, you only support those parts of the Constitution that further your own cause. Like, it’s your 1st Amendment right to say whatever you want, and Olbermann and Maddow have a 1st Amendment right to say whatever they say, but Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fox News have no 1st Amendment protections themselves because you disagree with what they say.

      • CaliMan

        Tom, awesome comment! Nail on the head.

      • Jimjammajay

        Thanks Tom.

  • George Johnson

    If you look at what she “likes” on her face book page, everything BET, you can be dang sure she voted for odumbo.

  • tiredandretired

    She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Good thing they noticed this poor dog before it turned into a pupsicle.

  • Sandi Tudisco


  • Reika Ratnam

    what a racist comment

  • Captain Kangaroo

    And yet another Obama voter that amazes me! Never! the utter stupidity is infinite

    • Bushyboy

      get back into your hole and stop bringing politics into something that isn’t political!

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