ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton’s point man on the Minnesota Vikings stadium push is continuing to make the rounds at the State Capitol.

Ted Mondale stepped into job of Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission chairman two weeks ago. He’s due to testify Wednesday before a committee where he’ll provide an overview of the agency that operates the Metrodome.

Mondale has stressed that Dayton hopes legislators start debating a Vikings stadium proposal early in the session. The governor doesn’t favor a specific site but has called for a multi-purpose covered stadium that can host more than just NFL games.

The stadium issue at the Capitol grows more complicated by the day as the city of Minneapolis seeks money for a Target Center renovation and St. Paul looks for money for a new Saints stadium.

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Comments (13)
  1. Einie says:

    Broken record … give it up! Let Wilf buy his own stadium. If that isn’t good enough, put it to a state-wide referendum where the people who are expected to pay for it get to decide if that’s what they want or don’t want. Stop shoving tax increases down our throats!

    1. MD says:

      Talk about a broken record. What about all of the people that flock here and tell us the owners should pay for it themselves… If you are tired of tax increases being shoved down your throat, do something about it and run for office

      1. Sam H. says:

        Wa Wa WA.. the worker ants are buzzing again like those in power and the rich fatcats care. They’ll get a new stadium and the people will foot most of the costs so except it. If you for one second think these people in power care what you say then your delusions are greater then your common sense.

        Mark my word, the stadium will be built and they will say it will bring jobs and help balance the budget. In the meantime we keep digging the hole bigger.

        The government gets money from the taxpayer but allows companies to outsource work to other countries. Jobs are lost as a result and taxes don’t get paid by people that are not working yet more money is spent by they government, solution, raise taxes on those left with jobs and then spend more digging a bigger hole. Raise taxes on companies that are sending more work overseas costing more workers their jobs and even more tax revenue lost, so raise taxes again.

        You don’t seem to get it, the government is committing suicide and taking you with it. The education budget has been cut so much people are graduating from high school with an IQ of 80 or less, and if your not smart enough to see what’s happening then they will continue to do it.

        R.I.P. America

  2. John Sherman says:

    LA is licking their chops over this one as this debate rages on and Rybak ask for money for the biggest loser in the state and city plus other sports team here also. Let the vike go free from this political wasteland they deserve better and LA will give it to them.

  3. Jerry says:

    Give the Vikings a new stadium. Every home game generates millions of dollars to the city and state. The Timberwolfs can go. They have never genrated a winning team and their attendance equals that of a softball game in the middle of winter.

    1. MD says:

      Wild never seem to win either. Seems to me both them and Wolves have both had one successful playoff run ever in their histories. Move them too

      1. Joe says:

        But the Wild pull in a heck of a lot of fans. I thought most of their games are sold out? Please correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t follow the Wild.

  4. Joe says:

    I would like to see some of the following.
    1. How much will a new stadium actually cost.
    2. How much revenue will it generate, based on what is happening now.
    3. How many people will be employed and how much revenue will that generate?
    4. The surrounding area. How much of a real impact financially will there be, tax wise that we can, the lack of a better word, recoupe?
    I would like to see hard numbers. If “we build it” then Minnesota should get all rights to it, Naming etc. After all it is our stadium. I think it should be built if Minnesota really does benefit from it. Actually will employ more people etc. That is what we need to know. Doesn’t businesses do that when they want to build? See how much revenue it will generate for them?

  5. Kevin says:

    I am for equal protection of the laws. If the Vikings can go to the legislature or to a city or a county and get public money to build a new stadium, then everybody who needs to build a new building for their business, or for that matter everybody who needs money for their business, out to be able to go to the legislature and have their building built for them. Same arguments apply. this would provide jobs, and tax revenues for the state, the same as a new stadium would.

    1. Joe says:

      That’s an interesting point. Would be a point to bring up to someone about doing just that? Anyone else have a view point on this reply?

  6. Nivek says:

    I do. First, according to Kevin’s theory, if I asked MN to pay for my new $1 million manufacturing plan and they accepted they would build it and own it, just like a new stadium. Why would the government want to own a private manufacturing plant? It’s a close comparison, but it’s not the same argument. Think of who will own and operate the facility.

    Joe, I can partially answer #2 for you:

    “The numbers in the report illustrate the power of the new ballpark to boost revenue for both the team and the city, which stands to earn about $23.4 million annually in stadium taxes in the first 22 years…”

    That’s $514.8 million, nearly paid off ($611 million) by then. That’s just for a baseball stadium.

    There’s more: “Because the projected stadium tax revenue is higher than city officials anticipated, they now expect about $58 million annually from all four funding sources, even though the debt service payment will be only $38 million. City officials said the extra $20 million a year could be used to pay off the debt early or put toward other needs.”

    Again, it’s a baseball stadium. Nonetheless, it’s a major sporting facility.

  7. Jerry Schmidt says:

    The state is out of money, let the viks. go. The NFL. is not going to let a money makiing team move,No way. Thay are a business and should be run that way, thy have been in business for a long time , put your owen house up, but not at tax payers tab. If thay can’t stand on ther owen by now welcome to the real world, I owen a small business and nobody cares if I make it but me and my banker.

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