By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

WASHINGTON (WCCO) — U.S. Senators say the Canadian Border needs more security along the 4,000-mile stretch.

A new government report was released by Government Accountability Office. It was also released by top members of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Governmental Affairs Committee.

“The findings speak for themselves,” said Committee Chairman, Sen. Joe Lieberman. “These findings should sound a loud alarm to the Department of Homeland Security, the Canadian government and our Committee. The American people are grossly under-protected.”

The report says Border Patrol agents were aware of all illegal border crossings on only 25 percent of the border which equals about 1,007 out of 4,000 miles

The DHS says terrorist are more likely to cross the Canadian border than the Mexican. They also say there are more Islamic Extremist Groups living in Canada than in Mexico.

Northern Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson says this report is nothing new. He says finding a way to secure such a large area is unrealistic and feels there isn’t a significant problem to alarm people.

“The reality is we haven’t had a problem,” said Peterson. “If anybody came across there…. Well, everybody knows everybody else. The local people would pick up on this faster than anyone from Homeland Security.”

Peterson feels this report is an effort on behalf of Homeland Security advocates to try and stop any cuts in funding.

“It sounds to be me like some of these people are trying to save their funding. They’re trying to make the case why they shouldn’t have to attribute to the budget deficit,” said Peterson.

The report also showed $2.9 million were spent on securing the northern border in the fiscal 2010 year, but it only achieved an acceptable level of security on 32 of its 4,000 miles.

Comments (6)
  1. Ed says:

    Nobody crossed the Berlin wall illegally, right? Protecting the entire border and all of the coastlines is impractical and a huge waste of dollars. Even if we build something like the Berlin wall along both of the Canada/US borders and the Mexico/US borders, people will still go through. And then you still have thousands of miles of coastline and all of the airspace left.

  2. Rep Michele Bachmann says:

    I’ll have to take this into consideration as this sounds like a GREAT way to waste taxpayers money.

  3. Michele Bachman Supporter says:

    My post got knocked off here. Like I said. I really don’t care who comes accross our borders anymore. If they want to get in here then they will. I can’t get someone in without bribing our immigration thousands. I’m ill so I am going to return home without my partner, for now, and make the taxpayors foot the bill for my care !!! Sound good??

  4. Cathy says:

    I lived right on the Minnesota/Canadian border for the first 20 years of my life,and we always had people crossing the border all hours of the day and night. you wouldnt beleive the people that came across after the vietnam war was over. Thats how my brother bought his 1 st car, because if you called the Border patrol, you would get $100.00 per person you called in if they caught them or found them. It is too big of an area to patrol, and also too wooded of an area. And it is true , the local people will know if someone or something is around that shouldnt be.

    1. Joe says:

      Didn’t the Nazis do the same thing? Pay for every Jew they called in? Just saying.

  5. kent says:

    The last U.S. election was about jobs and the economy . The poiliticians have moved . The war on terror is over , get on with your lives and welcome a vet home and tell homeland security to go home . Where was Rep. Bachman and the tea party to protest what went on the last ten years?

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