Minn. Lawmakers Want To Ban ‘Synthetic Pot’

By Holly Wagner, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Some Minnesota lawmakers are looking to ban what’s known as “synthetic pot.”

A bill was introduced Thursday morning that would make it illegal to buy and sell the substance.

It’s marketed as incense, but some people use it to get high. And it’s growing in popularity — especially among teenagers.

There’s been a lot of controversy about this because the side effects are said to be more intense than marijuana, causing heart palpitations, hallucinations and vomiting.

At the hearing, an assistant principal at Rosemont High School told the story of a student who collapsed and went into convulsions at school after overdosing on synthetic pot.

Just recently a YouTube video of Miley Cyrus made headlines.

The singing star is reportedly seen smoking synthetic pot and laughing hysterically.

She was reportedly smoking what’s known as Salvia, other types of synthetic pot are sold under names like Spice and K2.

The bill introduced by lawmakers in the House would make selling and/ or possessing the substance punishable by jail time and a fine.

Rep. John Kriesel, of Cottage Grove, is one of the authors of the bill.

“I have an 8- and a 9-year-old and this is something I don’t want available when they’re old enough to be around that stuff,” Kriesel said.

He said he’s heard from people in Cottage Grove and Hastings that this is a big problem and that’s part of why he wanted to spearhead an effort to create this bill.  Kriesel said this bill has bi-partisan support and he expects this to pass the House and Senate.

Twenty-nine states have taken action on the buying and selling of fake pot.

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