GLBT Groups To Release Transgender Bias Study

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Leading gay activists gathered in Minneapolis for a national conference are releasing a nationwide report on discrimination against transgender individuals.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is holding its annual conference in Minneapolis through Sunday. Several thousand gay activists are participating in seminars and discussions on political activism, faith and homosexuality and other topics.

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey will be released Friday morning. It was commissioned by the task force and the National Center for Transgender Equality.

The groups describe it as the first-ever comprehensive study of discrimination as experienced by a sample of 6,540 transgender individuals who were asked a list of 70 questions about bias in field ranging from education and employment to housing, law enforcement, health care and family life.

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  • JB

    this will be a completely nuetral unbiased study, that is for sure.

  • Katrina

    @sweettooth – Actually, being gay has nothing to do with being trans
    @JB – Nice to know that you’re nuetral. (Note sterling job of spelling. Finish grade school did we?)

    • Truth

      If the T has nothing to do with being gay….why are they “lumped” in with the GLB…all of which have to do with being gay? So maybe the boundries between sexuality and gender arent as clear cut as you think Katrina. Just saying.

  • Diddy

    Who other than a person that is GLBT give a rats ass?

    • Doddy

      Obviously you, Diddy!

    • Shelley

      Maybe those of us with friends and/or family that are either G, L, B, or T and there are a LOT of us.

    • Chris

      I would have to raise my hand and say I am interested. Even though I am your average white heterosexual male, I am interested. I’ve been the military for 10 years now and currently in school for law enforcement with an emphasis in gender studies and I believe this is a very important study. The GLBT community is just as important as everyone else and I hope that I can help with others struggles to accept that fact. I believe many can benefit from a study of this size and help forge greater understanding and acceptance between all type of human beings.

  • YoMaMJ

    Chris – we need more citizens like you.

  • Gay As Heck

    Chris- Are you sure you’re straight? I’ll bet we could gay you up a bit… Just give it a try.

    • Billy

      Yes, I believe that Chris has not come out of the closet yet, C’mon Chris just give it a try.

  • paab

    This is pathetic, they take it in the rear and this is elevated to a status to warrant studies?

    • Roger

      C’mon paab, give it a try in the rear, you might like it.

      • paab

        but it wouldn’t make me special., or to warrant a study.

    • max

      Aside from the fact that this article makes no mention of any sex act, gender identity is different from sexual orientation. Not all trans people are gay. Further, 41% of respondents reported having attempted suicide. I’d say that that figure on its own indicates that this study was necessary.

      • lib

        They have attempted suicide because they know in their hearts they are not right with God. They have been terribly hurt either physically or emotionally and seek comfort in this lifestyle, but whatever the reason, does not make the lifestyle right.

  • mike

    The world is much to violent these days, its what the world needs a little something up the rump..

  • jm

    I wish the gays wouldn’t have stolen the rainbow as their icon.

  • ohoh

    We are being forced at work to refer to our spouses by “partner” instead of husband and wife. I am not going to comply

    • Superchik1017

      What does that have anything to do with this article?

  • ohoh

    Hate crime laws treat people of this persuasion as more valuable, then the general populace.

  • Victim Du Jour

    Gays have never been forced into slavery, experience segregation, targeted for lynchings, or rounded up into internment camps.

    Gays have been allowed to exist in the United States.

    The United States is the most civilized country in the world, so they have to have meetings and invent things to feel like Victims for.

    Sounds like a group of old skool TV talk show junkies.

  • Kevin

    Here is the answer…send them all to hell….

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