Mpls. Chief: More Guns Is Not The Solution

By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Police Chief Timothy Dolan is pushing for more gun control after meeting with dozens of other police chiefs.

This morning Chief Dolan spoke WCCO’s John Williams.

WCCO’s John Williams Interviews Chief Dolan

Dolan recently met with 55 city chiefs in Canada about gun control. He says they are not after those who own guns legally.

Dolan says gun advocates, like the National Rifle Association (NRA), are claiming a drop in violent crimes is due to an increase in guns.

“Taking credit for crime decreases across the country because there’s more guns is just absurd,” said Chief Dolan. “There’s not a chief in the country that’s going to tell you that more guns are going to make things better in their cities.”

Dolan says crime is going down in big cities but there are still a number of people being killed by guns. He says stats show that 80 percent of gun deaths in the civilized world happen in the United States.

“All we’re asking for is that guns be licensed and accounted for,” said Dolan. “We’re not after legal guns and people legally owning guns.”

Dolan says the NRA is fighting gun licensing laws in Minnesota and at the national level.

“Why would you want an untraceable anonymous gun?” asked Dolan. “What the need for that? But, there’s NRA feels that big brother is going to come around and take their guns away, that’s ridiculous. We don’t have time or a capacity… I don’t even think there’s a leaning to do that in law enforcement.”

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