BAYFIELD, Wis. (AP) — One man was killed and another was injured in separate snowmobile crashes in northwestern Wisconsin.

Bayfield County sheriff’s officials say a snowmobiler collided with a car at an intersection west of Iron River Friday about 5 p.m. Deputies say 45-year-old Timothy Patrick O’Meara of Knapp was the first in a group of snowmobilers going east on the Tri-County Corridor. O’Meara missed a stop sign and hit a car. The driver of the car wasn’t injured. The sheriff’s department says alcohol is believed to be a contributing factor in the crash.

The Superior Daily Telegram says deputies were called to another snowmobile crash in the Town of Delta shortly before midnight Friday. A Plymouth, Minn., man was taken by helicopter to a Duluth hospital after his leg was crushed between two snowmobiles.

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Comments (12)
  1. Joe says:

    This is sad to hear. Please people, don’t drink and drive. My heart goes out to the families of these people.

    1. Clarence says:


  2. que says:

    I really cannot tell you how many times I have had near-misses with a snowmobile. You are on solid ice and some kid thinks they can beat you across the road. Yikes!

  3. Gary says:

    Snownobile’s and car’s, are just like gun’s, they all should be banned, cuz they kill people.

    1. Roger Codger says:

      While your at ban planes, trains, boats, canoes, knives, tractors, chainsaws, heavy objects, helicopters, ships, ATVs, motorcycles, mopeds, golf carts, golf clubs, golf balls, pans, bears, wolves, cougars, air nailers, bows, spears, swords, ice picks, screw drivers, hammers, crow bars and bicycles?

    2. insignificant says:

      ah…nah… they don’t…its the operator goof

  4. commonsense says:

    Snowmobiles are like anything else. You need to use common sense when operating. Same as a car, boat, motorcycles, or guns. Most people have to have something or someone to blame, so it always comes down to the things that those who comment don’t do. You can not live life from the rocking chair on the porch, or you are not really living. My prayers to the families involved, especially the driver of the car.

    1. ak says:

      Only good comment out of the group … I hope the family finds peace.

  5. Pat from Wisconsin says:

    I too am soorry for the victims of this sad accident and their families and friends that will be affected by it.

    And to the poor misguided soul that thinks he can keep us safe from ourselves by making everything fun illegal – Well, I couldn’t agree with Mr. Commonsense above more!

    I noticed that youi didn’t suggest making alcohol illegal.I suspect that is the leading contributing factor in accidents like this and in violence in our society in general. Maybe you should consider joining a group that promotes drinking responsibly and leave our toys alone…

  6. lars says:

    it was shocking to realize where we mobiled that day we rode our sleds past two differant sites where one man was killed and another was seriously injured. two days after the man was killed i drove to the intersection of airport rd. & tri- county coridor where he was sad to think about tim was a reality check to see bloodsoaked snow in the intersection and think this where this young man the way that is not a photo of that intersection . the sled looks like its 20 years old.he came around avery slight curve to his left 100 yards before the intersection with appropriate signage before and at the intersection. as he came to the intersection he could see no trafffic was coming on the left but on the right a snow bank and small jack pines obstructed his view i stood there a woman drove up on her way home from church. she lives close by and said there have been close calls there before with 4 wheelers too. also she said the woman driving the car is the kindest person youd ever meet,people have been trying to call her but she wont answer her phone-as of sunday . please pray for her tooshe is very upset. the tri- county coridor is an old railroad bed turned snowmobile trail .there are no hills,its road width,with gentle curves. dont know if he was speeding but its easy to do and feel safe. the visibility was excellent no sun in his eyes,no snow falling , and no shield frosting. i have never had a close crossing a road with my sled no one has in our group either. sounds like he didnt stop but even when you do i will look both directions two or three times before crossing. having said that as i cross the road i am thinking did i miss seeing avehicle who is going to hit me? 99 and 9 tenths of snowmobilng is safe, its an enjoyable sport and 99 people out of 100 are riding safe but its the one you have to watch out for. on other hand most sled accidents happen when one sledder hits a tree etc. so that one out of a hundred i have to watch out for is actually ME! my continuous prayers to all.

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