Firefighter Hospitalized In Maplewood Fire

MAPLEWOOD, Minn. (WCCO) — A firefighter was hospitalized Saturday night after battling a fire at a Maplewood apartment building.

Maplewood Asst. Fire Chief Butch Gervais said they were called around 10:45 p.m. regarding an apartment fire at 430 S. McKnight Road.

The fire started in the kitchen of one unit in the eight-unit apartment building and spread to the wall of the apartment above it.

The fire caused smoke damage to all eight units.

A firefighter was taken to Regions Hospital for smoke inhalation and was held overnight for observation. He is expected to be OK.

The resident told officials a cooking mishap led to the fire.

The Red Cross is assisting people from six of the seven units affected by the fire (the other unit was vacant). Ten adults and 13 kids were provided lodging, meals and clothing.

  • MetroResident

    A Maple Grove apartment building in Maplewood? Think that’s physically impossible since those are two DIFFERENT cities!

  • Wanda Shepard

    I was thinking the same thing. But I am wondering if the name of the apartment building isn’t Maple Grove. Glad to hear the firefighter will be ok.

  • Darren

    it says at a Maple Grove apartment, so I assume that means it was a big fire and the firefighters all the way from Maplewood had to come and help. Now that is a big fire! Of course,knownig CBS and WCCO< it was how everyone else thinks it is, and it was all in Maplewood and someone didn't edit their writing.

  • George

    Amazing how slppy jounalism has become because of spell check and laziness!! Edit, who needs to edit!

  • K Gerber

    My father,english teacher,Mr Klinkerfues, would have a thing or two to say about this typo and he lived and worked in Maplewood!

  • Dave Seavy

    I hope the banner isn’t their normal style; when you read it you get the idea that they hospitalized him IN the fire. Better read: Hospitalized because of fire.

  • Willow

    WCCO needs better editors. These two suburbs are on opposite ends of the Twin Cities metro area. I know people who live in both, so it would be nice to know which it was.

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