GARFIELD, Minn. (AP) — Sheriff’s deputies have shot a man who reportedly was armed with a shotgun and threatening others at a home in western Minnesota.

According to the Douglas County sheriff’s office, a woman called 911 Sunday night to report two unwanted guests, one of which was her son. When officers came to the home, her 30-year-old son went into the basement, refusing to cooperate. Three deputies then shot the man multiple times after the sheriff’s office says he confronted them with a gun.

Sheriff Troy Wolbersen says the suspect suffered non-life-threatening injuries and is under guard at St. Cloud Hospital. The sheriff’s office says charges are expected, but when those charges are filed depends on his medical condition.

The deputies are on standard paid administrative leave. The Minnesota BCA is helping investigate.

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Comments (24)
  1. tom says:

    whatever happened to tazers. The police are always shooting people now and then multiple times?????? Ever think a leg shot, or and arm shot. open eyes , aim carefully, squeeze the trigger and boom, leg shot man down. arrest.

    1. Jeanie says:

      A shot in the leg is not going to stop him from shooting an officer!!

      1. alfred says:

        So Jeanie what’s it like to be shot in the leg then? A tickle?

      2. Chris28 says:

        Since alfred and tom are obviously left-wing idiots, lets set the record straight. I’ve worked several years as a cop in the metro area. Never shot anyone, but have been close. And I’ve tasered people too. Law enforcement officers are trained to meet resistance with force, and to do so accordingly. When someone comes at you with a gun, you must react accordinly to save not only yourselves and your partners, but the man’s FAMILY waiting upstairs. Cop or no cop, nobody in their right mind takes a taser, pepper spray, baton, etc. to a GUN fight. Go back to your World of Warcraft game, idiots. Nobody cares what you think.

    2. CC says:

      Tom. Ever shot a gun? Pointed a gun at anyone? It is hard enough to shoot at targets much less a moving person holding a shot gun with he and most likely others screaming. Ever seen someone shot? Leg shots don’t “bring them down” It gives them time to “aim carefully and squeeze the trigger” on you! And if this leg shot misses? Then what? Tazers are at best 75% successful and again what happens if it’s not?

    3. Frank Taylor says:

      The police are always shooting people? Really? If the guy had a gun and pointed it at the police, what do you expect them to do? You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Shooting someone in the leg isn’t going to stop the threat. Why would you taze somebody who has a gun and may be willing to use it against you? Do you think the guy that had the gun was going to shoot the police in the leg or arm? I mean, come on…..
      Its sad to read comments like this knowing that over 160 police officers were killed last year responding to calls. They were just doing a job and were killed because of it. And you want to defend that by saying the police should have been thinking about shooting somebody in the leg or arm? Crazy.

    4. Tom says:

      they are trained to shoot to kill. that is how you are trained.

      1. WT? says:

        Police officers make split second decisions that we get to spend a life time second guessing. If someone was pointing a shotgun at me, I sure wouldn’t aim a taser at them.

    5. Tom3 says:

      Police are not allowed to use a “leg shot”. If it’s serious enough to pull the trigger, it’s serious enough to shoot to kill. If it’s not, they can’t shoot. That’s why it called “Deadly Force”

    6. Truth Hurts says:

      Have someone sneak up on you with a gun and see how carefully you can aim, clown. After 10 minutes when your hands stop shaking, try to shoot him in the arm or leg. Better yet, shoot the gun out of his hand, Wyatt Earp. Cops aim for center mass because it’s the easiest target to hit under monumental stress. They don’t shoot to kill…they shoot to stop a threat. Lets face facts; some pople simply need to be killed. You may not like it, but its the truth.

    7. fred says:

      anything worth shooting is worth killing

  2. mark says:

    if you get shot itwice n the leg finger can still pull the trigger, you get shot twice in the chest it’s going to be much more difficult to pull the trigger, shooting at the largest mass of the body is easier to hit and causes more damage to stop the threat….stop caring about these bad guys who choose not to follow commands from law enforcement officers, if you have a gun and don’t follow commands from the police you should expect to get shot and deservedly so!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tom says:

    some people just don’t get it when you point a gun at the police you are going to get shot…..

  4. nel says:

    Just so you all know he wasn’t a ‘bad guy’!

    1. Tom2 says:

      He probably isn’t a bad guy. The article doesn’t say he died…

    2. Chubs34 says:

      I’m sure he wasn’t a bad guy, depending on who you talk to. But nice guys, soccer moms, and law-abiding citizens don’t get shot by the cops. You likely knew/know this person. That said, I am sorry for what you’re going through…and this man’s family as well. But the truth is this: this man created a situation and the police reacted, NOT the other way around. Time (and a grand jury) will tell whether or not their use of deadly force was justified. Either way, it doesn’t make him a bad guy. Maybe a good guy who made a bad decision.

      1. nel says:

        in no way am i trying to say the cops where in the wrong by this. The police are trained for situations like this and they had to resolve the issue one way or another. They saved a few people that night, which i am thankful for.
        And i know he isn’t dead. I said he wasn’t a bad guy, but after something like this it has to change who a person is.

  5. mark says:

    wasn’t a bad guy? how do you define that? Maybe he wasn’t a bad guy before but as soon as you are in a situation with a gun and the police and you fail to follow their commands that instantly makes you a bad guy, no doubt.

  6. Wind Walker says:

    My life was saved by an officer, whom had the right peace of mind, he had a dog and had me dead to rights, as I see it now. At the time I was in a flash back AND DID NOT RECOGNIZE, his authority. HE was as I saw it, a person I had to kill to get home, to my family. His insight and knowledge saved my life. We ask alot of these people, and I believe the training needs to be more intense and the qualifications to be an officer with a piece of deadly force has to be more controlled, we all have seen the outcome from unqualified officers, or maybe Officers whom have never been thru a situation of deadly force, which should be a primary instruction, so they can decern the true situation. Stress in the job is of major concern and release of that stress needs to be addressed

  7. Billy says:

    What would happen if they just plugged his butt with a bullet?

  8. wind walker says:

    Billy that should happen to you, then explain how you feel I am sure you have done nothing wrong in your small life, yet I see you have from your comment

  9. mclovin says:

    hey tom lets try it this way….. have someone point a gun at you and i want you to try and aim at someone all the while wondering if your gonna get shot, are you gonna see your kids again…pull your head out and go back to greeting people at the entrance at work…

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