NEW ULM, Minn. (AP) — New Ulm’s school district, looking for ways to reduce costs, is considering a 4-day school week.

School board members say the district can no longer maintain the status quo in light of its current financial condition.

Superintendent Harold Remme says the district could save about $135,000 a year on busing and about $70,000 on utilities and by reducing staff hours.

The Journal says some positive factors of a 4-day school week include improved attendance and the potential for tutoring students on off-days. Negatives are attention span issues with a longer school day and potential day care issues.

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Comments (2)
  1. Pat says:

    Students here in the United States are already some of the worst academically performing students in the world. Reducing classes to only four days a week will only cause this to get worse. Yes, we have a budget crisis at our schools, but removing a day of instruction is not the answer.

  2. tbillow says:

    Many districts are looking for answers to a difficult budget crisis. While it may not the perfect solution some districts have been left with few other choices. Parents and the general public complain about poorly performing educational systems yet state budgets are being balanced at the cost of these very systems. We could up class sizes to balance the budget – ask any teacher how well that will work and the impact that it will have on test scores and performance. Teaching 30 children instead of 24 is a drastic difference in a classroom. Making budget cuts to the educational system hurts teachers, students and communities no matter how you are forced to respond to it.

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