‘NoH8 Campaign’ Comes To Twin Cities

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The silent “NoH8 Campaign,” which started two years ago as a protest to California’s Proposition 8 ban against gay marriage, came to Minneapolis Sunday.

People had their photos taken at the W Hotel with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop 8 and similar legislation around the world.

“Prop 8 happened in California but if can happen in California, it can happen anywhere, so what we try to do is get people involved all over the country so that if something like that does happen in their state or in their community, there are already sparks to do something about it,” said Jeff Parshley, the NoH8 campaign creator.

Sarah Lindstrom and DesiRee Shelton were there. They were recently allowed to walk together at a school event at their high school in Champlin Park. The Kardashian sisters are also involved in the campaign.

The money raised at Sunday’s event will be used to continue fighting GLBT issues.

  • momoffourinbuffalo

    oh please i think there are more rights to gays and lesbians than there are straight people. i have been with my boyfriend 8 years and we live and have kids together but i am not allowed on his health insurance, one gay person throws a fit about not being allowed on their partners and they have it, so please you are more exepted now than you were before get over it

    • Jason

      But you are given an option to marry and be on the health care plan, I do not have that option of marriage for benefits.

      • Kevin

        No nation and or culture in the history of the world has allowed gay marriage….so the hateful biggots go back houndreds of thousands of years…..but hey what the heck….you should get benefits…and marriage…go for it…lord knows I tried it several times…..you should have the right to go through hell then loose everything you own……its a real kick…

    • Steve

      that’s your decision to remain a single mother so you can receive more government benefits than marry some of your childrens’ father. Point is, they are advocating to get on their partner’s insurance plan. They WANT to get married unlike you.

    • J

      We don’t throw fits we ask to been seen as equals. What would your feeling be if one of your children turns out to be gay? will you still be so cold?

  • Jason

    And I’m sure you are one of those straights looking for kicks from a gay man…

  • Missy

    Kevin, what year are you living in? The Netherlands/Holland, 2001. Belgium, 2003. Canada, 2005. Spain, 2005. South Africa, 2006. Norway, 2009. Sweden, 2009. Argentina, 2010.


    i think steve s a gay

  • Jeanne

    Hey, maybe we could look beyond our own very tiny worlds and think more broadly – perhaps we could contemplate the issue of human rights. Come on, humor me, please….

  • Matthew J Sellman

    Grow up!! Live and let live..

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