Rochester Man Arrested In Baby Boy’s Death

ROCHESTER (WCCO) — A 25-year-old man has been arrested Monday in connection with the death of a 4-month-old baby boy in Rochester, according to police.

Police say Michael Roy Smith of Rochester had been residing with the baby boy’s 21-year-old mother and a 30-year-old man at a home on the 500 block of 36th Street Southwest. Smith was allegedly caring for the child when the death occurred.

The child suffered from visible signs of trauma, police said, but preliminary autopsy results are pending.

Police have interviewed the baby’s mother and the other man. Both have been cooperating with the investigation.

Addition arrests are unlikely, police said.

  • Deb Solum

    How tragic this is. A baby is dead and a young mans life ruined many lifes ruined. I have to wonder though why a 4 month old baby was left in the care of a man who is not his father and why this young woman had a child having such limited resources such as access to responsible caregivers. I’m just wondering why people are so selfish. Quality child care and food and housing are all questions people should be asking themself before they have unprotected sex. I could be wrong but isn’t birth control free low income people, and if it’s something as simple as getting a shot every three months if you are sexually active what is the problem.

    • john Q

      and I have to buy a license to go fishing

      • Deb Solum

        I too am baffled by that!!!

    • max

      Kind of tacky to criticize a mother who has just lost her child for getting pregnant in the first place. For the record, there are family planning resources out there for low-income folks, but they are woefully inadequate. The article doesn’t give a lot of details. Maybe we should err on the side of not judging this woman.

      • Tamara Punk-Ass Clemente

        and she very well could have been on BC at the time of conception, it does not always work, i know a rather large handful of people who get pregnant while on some form of BC. and no i dont know where she was at the time, but i do know her personally, and i know she would never EVER intentionally hurt her child, she wants to kill this man right now. DEB you really have so sympathy at all. people like you make me sick.

      • Deb Solum

        I’m pointing out concerns I have and if you don’t like it don’t come to the comment page and read them. Inadequate or not being an adult, being mature means thinking before you act. Birth control is easy to get and as you said free.

        • john Q

          yeah its to bad your parents didn’t use it!

      • max

        I never said it was free. Most of the time, it isn’t. But that is still completely beside the point. If there were evidence of negligence by the mother at this time, she would have been arrested too. It is still in poor taste to criticize someone who has just suffered an unspeakable loss. You’re right to be concerned about the need to be responsible about having babies, but this is an inappropriate forum.

      • Jonathan David Smith

        @ deb you need to read the 1st and 14 Amendments on free speech

        Right, as stated in the 1st and 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, to express information, ideas, and opinions free of government restrictions based on content. A modern legal test of the legitimacy of proposed restrictions on freedom of speech was stated in the opinion by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. in Schenk v. U.S. (1919): a restriction is legitimate only if the speech in question poses a “clear and present danger” — i.e., a risk or threat to safety or to other public interests that is serious and imminent. Many cases involving freedom of speech and of the press also have concerned defamation, obscenity, and prior restraint (see Pentagon Papers). See also censorship.

        Read more:

        and what you as well as a lot of people on this page are doing is Defamation of character so read up on your Rights or did u miss that class in high school

    • Tamara Punk-Ass Clemente

      people leave they’re kids with people that are not the parents all the time. what do you think a babysitter is?!this was her boyfriend, someone she trusted, and had even talked about getting married to him. when you leave your kids with someone that you trust, its not like your thinking “hmmm, i wonder if my boyfriend will kill my baby today” so thats why she left him in the car of someone that is not the father. you cant predict when someone will snap. and she had adequate food and a roof over the babys head, clothes on his back. do you know her? how do you know she wasent providing for her child? and what? are you saying she shouldnt have had her baby? she LOVED that child, you have no idea what she is going threw right now. who the hell are you to judge and critisize her. you must think you’re jesus.

      • Jessica Cohran

        Damn straight! You didnt know this woman so dont judge. tamara you are right. This woman was a great mother and had no reason not to trust this man!

      • Deb Solum

        thanks to welfare? was she at work. Where was she when this guy killed her baby, was she working? I wouldn’t leave my 4 month old baby with a guy I’ve been dating for 4 months or was she dating him when she was pregnant? Birth control (the pill, depoprovera diaphragms) are all ways of preventing pregnancy and should be used by a female like this and condoms by guys.

      • Deb Solum

        never said she shouldn’t have her baby I was talking about birth control. If you have to leave your baby with a guy you’ve dated for 4 months, a 4 month old baby, if you have to have 2 roomates to keep a roof over your head things are not right and you shouldn’t be having kids until things are a little more stable. You seem to know so much so tell us oh wise one where was she, why did she leave a 4 month old baby with a guy she is dating, a guy with no connection to this child and why would she be thinking about marrying a guy she has dated for 4 months, isn’t that still considered the honeymoon period? I wouldn’t trust someone I’ve dated for 4 months with my baby but then again I wouldn’t be living with 2 guys, have a new boyfriend when my baby is only 4 weeks old. Her priority should have been that baby not her sex life.

      • Tamara Punk-Ass Clemente

        she was not on welfare, maybe WICC but most new mothers are. jesus christ its not like she was a charity case

    • Miranda B

      I know the mother and you are harshly putting her down, things happen. And this was NOT the mothers fault it wasnt the babys fault. The mother is devestated. Her only son was murdered.
      Why does everyone have to trash her in some way or form? It’s not fair to her…

      • Andrea Stoddard

        Lisa was a typical YOUNG mother. Statistics show that when a someone has a child at a young age they are typically on public assistance for the 1st three years of the baby’s life. As for the boyfriends, that is also typical of a young mother. The baby’s father didn’t stick around, and she’s in a sense trying to find a new suitable father. Smoking while the baby is in the car is her choice. I don’t agree with it, but it’s not illegal.

        I’m not saying this girl is perfect. I’m just saying that like many young mom’s, she made mistakes and was doing the best she could. No matter how many mistakes she made, she still loved her son and doesn’t deserve to be bashed on a forum full of 98% people that don’t really know her or the situation. I don’t even know her, but I know the grief of losing someone. Put yourself in her shoes. I don’t care if you say that you could be a better mother or you would do things differently. If you had a child that died the way Aiden did, you wouldn’t be bashing her.

      • ...

        @ Andrea – please site your source for this. I find this statistic and generalization hard to believe and it seems to lacking a SOUND fact, not an opinion, a sound, unbiased source. I just think it’s ruthless for you to run around stating “facts” that are uninformed.

        Also, I am not bashing her, this is who she is and she is fine with it, open about it, and as you stated, it’s “normal”. So how can you classify it as “bashing”?

        I am not denying the whole situation is sad and I am sure she is heartbroken.


      Sadly enough, this woman wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep the baby before having it and was VERY public about her doubt. She was ALSO bummed to not be able to drink while she was pregnant and she was very public about her many relationships, sleeping with many men while pregnant with someone else’s baby. The Grandparent’s of Aidan found out about Aidan from reading the obituary. Wow.

      • Jonathan David Smith

        hey dummy im talking about QQQWWWEEE

      • Andrea Stoddard

        @Jack Off Jerk
        First off, I’m glad you got the name right. You really are a jerk that has no business bashing the students at ROC. I am also a Rochester Charter School graduate, and I have to say I’m pretty successful. You have no idea whether Jon or anyone else is a so-called “burden to society.” Being Jon’s fiance, I know what we both have jobs, we aren’t living on welfare or food-stamps, and I am going to college full-time. But oh man, I’m such a burden and I’m a deadbeat because I went to ROC! Jon doesn’t do drugs, he never has. Jon and I have already been together for three years, and I don’t see our relationship ending anytime soon. Get your facts straight before you make yourself look like an idiot.

        It’s really sad that there are people stalking Lisa on facebook. Seriously, get a life.

        Lisa is a typical young mom who had to go through a horrible tragedy. She never could have known that her boyfriend would get frustrated and kill her child. She was playing video games while he was sleeping, Mike came home, and then the unthinkable happened. There were mistakes made on all accounts, and it’s unfortunate.
        She may have not been happy when she got pregnant, but she was young and had to grow up quick to do what she had to do. When she had her son, she did the best she could. I feel bad for Lisa, I can’t imagine the pain she is going through.

      • Jonathan David Smith

        ha ha babe you mite have to dumb it down for this one what a d bag

      • Jack Off Jerk

        Oh Jonathan, I am not too worried about what you have to say, you are another product of the Rochester Charter school….in other words, a burden on society as well. You and Lisa probably did drugs together there. You are missing the point here, deadbeats turn out to be deadbeat parents. We’ll see how long your young marriage lasts, I’ll give it two years.

      • Jessica Cohran

        whos not putting there name on there post? My name is right above my post! and when this whole thing started i thought lisa was a good person but right now im not so sure. One thing i do know is that my sons biological grandparents have never met him because they dont want to or care at all about him so why would they care about aiden. Im not here to judge lisas parenting skills or if she did it or not! and i dont think any of you should be either leave that to the police … the truth will find its way out eventually… if mike did it or not the truth will come out. so for the time being i think we should quit acting like monsters and shut up!

      • Jonathan David Smith

        i love how u wont even put Ur name on Ur post and to stand up for a baby killer sad you are a vary sad person

      • Jessica Cohran

        The grandparents of aiden wouldnt have cared for aiden any how! they have a 3 year old grandson that they have never met by their own choice! So they have no room to talk!

      • ...---

        @ AndreaIt’s unfortunate, you seemed credible until you stated that “Lisa was a typical young Mother”. What was typical about her? The fact that she had 8 boyfriends while being pregnant? That she smoked with her baby in the car? That she was on public assistance? It’s soo annoying to me that you think her lifestyle, yes lifestyle, was normal. Most people are not like that….

        It’s also curious to read the comments about her saying she was a product of less fortune and bad things…one thing you people that say that need to learn,YOU are responsible for YOUR life and actions have consequences. No one else is responsible for your bad choices. Every decision you make has a consequence, good or bad. Once you realize that, maybe you will have more happiness and success in your life.

        Don’t get me wrong, it’s very sad that she lost her son and that the baby died, but that doesn’t negate the fact that she could have / should have made better choices about who she exposed her baby to and the lfe she was providing him with. You don’t have to be rich to be a good Mom, you need to put your baby’s needs before yours and it was evident that she didn’t do that and many, many of her friends agreed with that and pointed that out to her MANY times before Aidan was born and after and long before this tragedy. Her need to be loved far exceeded her desire to put her baby first.

        I have no idea what happened that night as I wasn’t there, but I do find it curious that she has moved on and is seemingly living her life to the fullest.

      • Andrea Stoddard

        Lisa was a typical YOUNG mother. Statistics show that when a someone has a child at a young age they are typically on public assistance for the 1st three years of the baby’s life. As for the boyfriends, that is also typical of a young mother. The baby’s father didn’t stick around, and she’s in a sense trying to find a new suitable father. Smoking while the baby is in the car is her choice. I don’t agree with it, but it’s not illegal.

        I’m not saying this girl is perfect. I’m just saying that like many young mom’s, she made mistakes and was doing the best she could. No matter how many mistakes she made, she still loved her son and doesn’t deserve to be bashed on a forum full of 98% people that don’t really know her or the situation. I don’t even know her, but I know the grief of losing someone. Put yourself in her shoes. I don’t care if you say that you could be a better mother or you would do things differently. If you had a child that died the way Aiden did, you wouldn’t be bashing her.

      • Andrea Stoddard

        Also, everyone grieves differently. There’s no use in her moping around feeling sorry for herself. Her son is gone, he’s not coming back. She might as well make the best of the life she has. She still thinks of her son every moment of every day. You have no right to tell someone how to grieve.

      • Andrea Stoddard

        She had just turned 20 when she found out she was pregnant.

      • ....

        Andrea –

        This site that you have noted is for teens, all facts pertain to teens UNDER 20. While she was just over 20 when she learned, she does not fall into the population of the studies mentioned.

      • Unknown

        Look leave the poor girl alone. I too personally knew her and she was a great mother to him! I dont think I had seen anyone more excited about having a lil baby than her even with the father not being in the picture. I too was in the same boat about the father. And I too found someone to be a father figure to my child! Its the circle of life. Every child deserves a father figure if they cant have the real father

  • huh


  • linda

    Mother should get same punishment as killer. Don’t suppose she was at work during this time?

    • Jessica Cohran

      Why should the mother get the same punishment as the man that killed the child if she was not the one who hurt the child?

      • Deb Solum

        was she working at the time is the question Jessica?

      • Miranda B

        Well common sense would tell you that she obviously wasnt home when this happened– i am close to the mother– and she wouldnt have the heart to do that to anybody let alone her own child….. you people who keep putting her down- do you know her? do you know what she is going through? You are just making it worse!!!
        And finding out it was her boyfriend who killed her son; that makes her feel much worse…
        What?? do you people think she intentionally left her only son that she loved with all her heart with her boyfriend knowing this would happen?? She is not that kind of a person and you got to stop treating her like she is a bad mom because she was a great mom… and you dont know what she has gone through. You couldnt even picture what she is going through right now!!

    • Jane Williams

      The Mother was not working, she was playing video games in the other room. I am puzzled why she wouldn’t get up to check on the crying baby.

      Also, MOST new mothers are NOT on WICC. I was a single Mom and I NEVER took a single dime from ANY sort of public assistance. Never. I was broke, but I wasn’t going to do that.

  • Kelly Anderson

    Parents leave kids with 16 year old baby sitters. I remember being younger that and babysitting a baby a little bit older than this little boy and I didn’t even know the parents, (the mother was a child of my parent’s friends). So I would think leaving a child with a 25 year old boyfriend would be a lot better than some teenage kid. I am still shocked by this.

    • blablabla

      the most shocking part is the mother was there… how does she explain that she was in the next room while her 4 month old baby was being murdered! sad!

      • Jonathan David Smith

        wow you really are a coward

  • Jessica Cohran

    I dont know where she was. She is a great parent and it is not right to judge someone you dont know. Birth control does not always work, I have 2 kids and was using 2 types of birth control but i still got pregnant! Now saying that she shouldnt have left her child with a man she has been with for a few monts is like saying you have had a nanny for a year and one day she just snaps and kills your child, well are you going to say i shouldnt have left my child with them no your going to say i never thought she would have done that. You never know till it happens all people have to do is walk away and count to ten until the fustration goes away!

    • Jessica Cohran

      I just think your wrong for implying that she should have never gotten pregnant if she didnt have the means to take care of the child, because you dont know her and no where in these articles says that she was on any type of assistance! We all know what Ass-U-Ming does to us dont we so lets stop making asses out of our selfs and quit jumping to conclusions. this kind of shit doesnt just happen to less fortunate people! I believe you were assuming that she was not a good parent bacause she is 21 but im glad i know your wrong people her age do just fine rasing children!

    • Tamara Punk-Ass Clemente

      JESSICA-im with you on this. i cant believe how unsympethetic and cruel this lady on here is. what kind of person critsizes a mother who just had her infant murdered? seriously

      • Miranda B

        Yeah Im with you on that one Jessica and Tamara!!! This woman is so unconstiderate and harsh!!

    • asdfsdfsdf

      She didn’t LEAVE the child with him, it was ALL over the news and newspapers, she was IN the house when it happened, playing World of Warcraft or whatever it’s called. It doesn’t sound like she was a great Mother OR stable mentally. Anyone who has 15 boyfriends in a year WHILE she is pregnant AND is engaged every other month to a different guy is not stable.

      • Brittnee Anderson


  • Brent Thompson

    Seriously, who are you to judge Deb? First off, who said she was only with him for four months? Second off, what the hell does it matter if she was working?? That doesn’t make any difference…and I’m sure one of them was working to adequately support a child…welfare doesn’t feed two people and a child and make them able to afford a vehicle. Quit making up this “dating for four months” bull shit. And like Tamara said, people leave their children with other people all the time…to restate it they are called BABYSITTERS!!! I used to watch the neighbors kids at the age of ten…TEN! I was staying home alone by the age of 12…And who said having roommates means things are not right?? I have a friend who is 27, has two kids of his own and ADOPTED another as a legal guardian and now pays child support for that kid and he has a roommate…tell me, does this mean he doesn’t have his head on straight???? AND AGAIN!! WHAT DOES IT MATTER IF SHE WAS WORKING??????? Someone else was watching her kid, maybe she was walking across the street to the gas station for all you know…You make it sound like she neglected her child by responsibly having someone watch her child…WTF is WRONG with you PEOPLE???? I personally know this guy and he is a genuine guy so unless within the past year he dramatically changed for the worse (by having a steady relationship) I’m sure there is more to the story…Debra Solum, YOU ARE NOT GOD. You should not judge…this is not the mother’s fault…birth control has nothing to do with her having a child since birth control is not 100% effective, for all you know she was with someone for 4 years and thought that was the rest of her life..and the last thing this mom needs is some unsupporting, all-knowing, snotty ignorant ***** like you putting in your two cents.

  • J

    There is so many questions that are still left unanswered I sincerely feel sorry for all parties involved and want to know the truth on how this all happened. I cant see him intentionally doing anything to that child.

  • Disgusted Mother

    To Deb:

    How do you know all this information? And why would you think you have the right to judge this poor girl? The police have not said she was involved so try to remember she is dealing with the loss of a baby here! I married my husband after being together less than a year. We are happier than ever, have had a great life together, with two young children. Sometimes you feel like you just know. Sometimes it doesn’t work, yes. But I’m sure she would not have left her baby with someone she didn’t trust. She probably didn’t have any reason not to trust this man and it was a typical day! I pray for her and her family. I could never imagine losing a child.

    • Deb Solum

      Wow , you and the other ladies who have commented on this story all have got pregnant while ttaking the pill. I find that to be odd given the failure rate of birthcontrol pills is 1%.but that’s neithher here nor there.. I’m not blaming this woman. And she and her family has my condolences. It’s sad that some people link nannies and babysitters with this story. I can’t remember the last time I heard of a nanny doing this to a baby. The stories I hear are of a girls boyfriend losiing it and killing the girlfriends baby.. So that is not a good argument.

  • Beth

    I may not like this mother, but she has been a very responsible parent.. birth control is never 100% effective… People who have children need to get things to care for their children… Just because she was talking about marriage does not mean it was going to happen or going to fast in the relationship! People her age and mine and i am 25 are more responsible than people twice our age just because we need to rely on other things to care for our children… We were not raised with a golden spoon in our mouth to go to school to get a better job. We should be giving our condolences to this mother rather than judging her and wondering why she wasnt there or why she wasnt using birth control!!!! Or why she left her 4 month old baby with a man that she trusted! I live in a one bed room apartment with my 4mo old baby and if you have something to say about that go right ahead but that is all i can afford!

    • blablabla

      she was in the next room playing video games!

      • Jessica Cohran

        Please read the report she was not playing video game. she had been playing them when they got home but it does not say she continued to play.

  • Andrew

    Don’t feed the troll, people.

  • miz shirley

    Read the criminal complaint folks. Mom was in the other room playing VIDEO GAMES with the roommate when her baby was killed by her drunk boyfriend. The baby had been fussy and over the course of some time, was manhandled, struck, shaken and thrown by the drunk a**. For all of you defending her mothering, procreating and trusting instincts, you need your heads examined. Further, upon review of her Facebook wall, which is NOT set to private incidentally, she was “in a relationship” with the loser for all of less than a month. Had she come to the aid of her baby when he cried and needed his mother, this would NOT have happened. End of sad story.

    • Jessica Cohran

      I have to wonder where you got this information!

      • blalbabla

        thats where they got the information!

      • Jessica Cohran

        Did they even read the whole thing cuz how can you blame her her child was sleeping and if she would have been close enough to hear him cry she would have gone to him. It says that when she went to check on him he was not breathing.

    • ~Miranda B~

      I want to know where you got this information too– I know the mother… and you are trashing her when she just lost her son. If she was at the house when this happened the man who killed her son wouldn’t have lasted! Do you even know the Mother?? well i do and what your saying is 100% faulse!!! I dont know the whole story but i surely know that what your saying isnt it!!!!

      • Tamara Punk-Ass Clemente

        heres the police report but the thing is, she wasent sitting around watching him beat her son, she was in another room while the baby slept. mike came home drunk, went straight to the bedroom. the baby started to cry he tried to take car of him got frustrated when the baby wouldnt stop crying, and apparently threw him in to the is NOT lisa’s fault. if hw wanted to sleep so bad he should have came and got lisa, instead HE kiilled the baby. not her.

    • Jack

      She was in a TRAILER, how was she not close enough to hear the baby? And if she couldn’t hear it, I have to wonder about her parenting skills. Have you EVER heard of a baby monitor? ????

  • Jessica Cohran

    Tamara if there was a like button i would click it on your comments!

  • Miz Shirley

    Criminal Complaint says baby was crying for 10-15 minutes Where was Mom? Out for a smoke? Playing video games? Ignoring the plea of her child? I hope she’s charged as well. Being stupid is no excuse. Alcohol + stupidity = nothing but trouble.

  • Tamara Punk-Ass Clemente

    the mother wasent drinking, the boyfriend was at a superbowl party and came home drunk, the mom stayed home. and yes she may have only been dating him for a month but she had known him for 7 yrs, he was friends with her parents even. like i said it was someone she knew and trusted. and yes, she very well could have been outside smoking a ciggarette, or maybe the video game was on too loud, the point is, if she HAD heard her son being killed she would have ran right in there. and not all moms rush in at the first sound of there child crying. as a matter fact ive heard that letting your child cry itself to sleep is good for them. it teaches them to fall asleep on their own. either way except for the people that know her and can vouch for her character, you really shouldnt be condemning her. ive read the criminal complaint, ive heard what happened, and i know her personally. she was a good mom, and loved her son. if someone kills your kids(god forbid) dont look to the community for support because you obviously are not giving any.

  • Deb Solum

    I’ve heard babies that cry should be consoled by the parent especially an infant that it instills in them that the world is ok. A 4 month old baby does not cry as a behavior. Now do I see that rationale with a 1 or 2 year old sure NOT a 4 month old baby. Self soothing should be practiced later in life.

    • Amy

      “a 4-month-old baby does not cry as a behavior”… where are you getting this “I heard” information? Site your source. Please, enlighten us. Because I’ve worked through Sleepy Planet’s Sleep Easy Solution, which is backed by social workers who are also sleep experts. And what these true experts say is that checking in on your baby periodically but not picking him up will tell him that his world is safe but that it is time to wind down and he needs to find a way to soothe himself. This can be the solution for a 4-month-old, or even younger. I had a baby with colic that became a habit and a destroyer of her ability to self-soothe. I could believe that maybe she was waiting for the baby to go back to sleep.

  • Deb Johnson

    I also know the familes involved. Yes, the boyfirend came home drunk/drugged from a Superbowl party. The baby’s father had deserted her, as is common, but she loved and doted on her son. She stayed home from the party to take care of him and had just finished feeding him when the boyfriend came home and said he would put the baby to bed. She checked on the baby a few hours later and found that he had killed her son. Why women insist on having these types of guys in there lives, when they have a child to protect is one of the questions I have. They were living with 2 other couples, but both her Parents and Grandparents would have had her live with either of them, because they loved that Baby more than life itself.. She loved that baby wiith all her heart and her heart has been ripped out now; the entire family is devasted. Bad decisions lead to tragedies but we must have sympathy for the Family whose lives have been changed forever.

    • sadflkjsadflkjsdf

      She didn’t want to live with her parents because she would not qualify for assistance. Sad.

  • christina smith

    This is mikes sister people stop believing everything u hear .. everyone who knows my brother knows he would never hurt an innocent baby.. the story makes no sence there r alot of things missing in this story the truth will eventually come out.

  • christina smith

    Some facts because the owner of the house is my babys dad. mike and danny came home beetween 11 and @idnight both were wasted . 2 knowone evere heard the baby cry or saw for a fact the baby was alive when they got home, as far as anyone knows the baby could have been dead before they got home. she was playing on line call of duty for atleast 5 hours went to check on her baby ~round 11 40 and he was not breathing ran to the homeowners room right away why didnt she get mike probably cause he was sleeping passed out so she went to danny cause he was awake. another thing people dont know is my brothere was interogated for 11 hours before he suposidly addmited doing this.. i have 3 children whom i always left with my brother he has never harmed them he has the biggest heart of anyone i know.

  • christina smith

    And another thing she had knowhere to live no job and a baby my brother gave her a place to live she used him he didnt know this and still doesnt believe it but from what i see and here she never cared for him she just wanted a free ride

  • christina smith

    To amy u need to state facts on here this is not a game this is peoples lives at stake..

  • Amber

    Who cares what he did, he confessed to everything. No one cares if he was being used or not, he did it and the whole world know’s it. I went to high school with this man and i could never see him doing something like this, but being drunk and on drugs can do crazy things to people. If anyone were to hurt my children the way he did, I dont know what i would do with myself.

  • christina

    Wow amber he confessed so he did it then huh???? well case closed then! if it were only that easy people r so quick to believe everything they hear he would never ever do what has been said about him to that child ever but in time everyone will know. And maybe u should Look up how many People have confessed to doing something they didnt do while being hungry tired drunk and interogated for over 11 hours .

  • christina

    My brother is innocent till proven guilty Everyone is acting like this is an open and shut case its not . i am speaking the truth unlike the news who wants to spice up the storys where they can sound more dramatic and the investigators who target the drunkes person there and the one with the worse back ground (not violet in amy way) if i was there that night i would probably be in the same spot as my brother. why cant people look outside the box i dont know who did this but im looking at all angles like we all should be doing.

  • blsfrs


  • hgrhghfrju

    u all need to shut ur month…lisa layed aiden in the bed just got on the playstation when mike came home and mins after aiden was gone and she didnt hear him cry u want know why she didnt hear him cry cuz mike put a pillow over his damn face and killed him that way..i know that mike wouldnt harm a child but he did…and i dont care what u all think u where not there and i know my girl she loved that kid with everything she wouldnt even let people touch him and for u who thinks lisa used mike that is a lie she loved him with her whole heart she told the people that mike wouldnt harm her child so deffended mike and now that she gots all the truth she wants to make him hurt

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