FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Mourners keep streaming in from across the globe to honor the late Gen. Vang Pao on the fourth day of memorial services in Fresno for the Hmong military hero.

Vang Pao inspires an unparalleled reverence among the ethnic Hmong he led during the Vietnam War and later helped to resettle throughout the United States. He died of pneumonia Jan. 6 at age 81.

On Monday, the general’s attorney, as well as the CIA official who first recruited him to lead a guerrilla army in Laos, are expected to speak. Meanwhile, mourners continue to file past his casket to pay their respects at the city’s convention center.

Vang Pao’s family and friends also will address the crowd Monday and continue with traditional ceremonies aimed at ushering his soul into the spirit world.

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Comments (6)
  1. albert says:

    A great man and a great leader.

  2. Steve nowa says:

    We all should thank him,And it’s sad he is not buried with top honers out east.We should all be ashamed.

  3. 2Lo says:

    He was a great man. He helped many people in his time, Hmong and Americans alike. He was a hero. Its a dishonor that he isnt going to be buried alongside fellow American soldiers when he have clearly earned that honor. Steve is right, we should all be ashamed.

  4. Not a proud American says:

    The Army, and Obama administration can shove that grave site in DC up their a-ss. That’s why Americans don’t have that many allies left fighting along side of them in any wars. Americans end up fuc-king their own allies at the end. What a disgrace.

  5. Eartha says:

    Time for burial. Somewhere.

  6. Disgraced by the US says:

    All eyes are on America as they have failed again to honor and pay tribute to those who have sacrificed to helped shaped this country. This will go down in the history books like how the US Congress failed to act like they way they did with Katrina.

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