How hard is it to sing the National Anthem?  Many of us instudio this morning were debating this question.  The negativity surrounding Christina Aguilera’s performance sparked our conversation.  Former WCCO announcer and professional singer Patty Peterson told our morning news editor Steve Murphy that she felt sorry for Aguilera.

Dave Lee was left wondering this morning if the old debate on changing the Anthem should be brought back.  The singer from “Glee” had no trouble with America the Beautiful before Aguilera’s stumbling anthem.  What do you think?  Should Anthem singers be more careful?  Should they tape their version in advance and lip-sync?  Is there a reason to change our national song?  We had a lively discussion while the microphones were off in the Buick studio at WCCO this morning.

  1. Jessica Gregg says:

    Hi. I stumbled upon this article while looking for auditioning opportunities for the national anthem. I’d just like to say that the song is beautiful the way it is. If someone can’t get the words right or hit the notes, then they just plain shouldn’t be performing it at all. Though many Americans can easily take their own twist on the song to make it their own and to fit their voice. That’s what i do when i sing so i’m sure to be able to sing it well… My name is Jessica Gregg by the way, i have done the national anthem many times at school sports events and hoping to move onto even bigger games :). I will share my video with you

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