ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Two Mankato men face federal charges in a December robbery at a Minnesota State University credit union.

Chop Nguot Tang and Anthony Akiti, both 23, were charged Wednesday with armed bank robbery.

The indictment alleges the two men stole $17,000 from the credit union.

Authorities say a robber — later identified as Tang — approached a teller, showed her a handgun and demanded money. After demanding cash from two more tellers, the robber stuffed the money into a black bag and left.

Police followed footprints in the snow to an apartment complex. Witnesses told police they saw a man run down a hill to a white Cadillac, threw a black bag into the car, then jump in before the car drove away. Police learned that Akiti owned the car.

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Comments (5)
  1. LoyolaRocks says:

    Chop Tang was the bigshot Mankato basketball star a few years ago but couldn’t make it in college. Guess he found out you actually have to go to class and pass tests when you’re in college and not allowed to pass through just because you’re a good athlete.

  2. oops says:

    guarantee they are the ones who robbed those 2 liquor stores around that time, the best part is that they arent even locked up right now, good luck finding them!

  3. jamie says:

    That poor credit union. That place got robbed when I was a student at MSU. Must be a frequent occurance. And students are the ones working there. Yikes!

  4. Allah says:

    More diversity please!!!!!

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