2 Teens Charged With Cattle Rustling In Minnesota

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — Two teenagers have been charged with cattle rustling in three Minnesota counties.

Criminal complaints accuse 19-year-old Jesse Ronsberg of Rothsay and a 16-year-old Barnseville boy with stealing 17 calves from farms in Stearns, Todd and Douglas counties last November. The calves are valued at about $3,000.

The St. Cloud Times reports the two planned to sell the calves.

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  • to whatever life brings

    They still hang you for this I hope. ;-)

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  • steve

    yee haaaaa

  • Roy Rogers

    After all of the bad crimes that kids are committing these days, it’s nice to see some good old fashioned cattle rustling.

    • Scott


  • Happy it's not me living down there

    as I’d use a load of OO bucksot

    Hang me from the highest tree ….
    woman don’t ya wait for me ….
    doo doo doo daa ….

    Most likely they’ll get a day in court, then taken out to The Cattlemen’s Co for a great steak and some ale, then sent off home. They’ll then peek out the windows, off they go out the back door to the barn were their truck, lassos, and trailer await them for another night of long dark work. lol

  • Tennyaiko

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