Man Sentenced For Drunken Driving Death

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man was sentenced to two years in prison for killing another man in a drunken driving accident back in 2009.

Bruce Wilson Dow, Sr., 62, was sentenced on one count of involuntary manslaughter in Fergus Falls Wednesday.

Dow pleaded guilty this past July to driving a vehicle under the influence back in October 2009, which led to the death of a passenger in his car.

He admitted that it was his fault that the man in his vehicle died when the vehicle rolled over and the man was ejected.

Dow is from Ponemah, Minn., one of the four communities that make up the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

  • flanders

    Really, only two years. That’s all life is worth. Sad.

    • Clarence

      The judge should be sentenced to prison for giving that drunken hun-yuk only 2 years!

  • MetroResident

    Over 6 months to be sentenced after a guilty plea in July?

    • R.D.

      Well I suppose the judge felt he had to order a presentance investigation. Just another layer of unnecessary bureaucracy. Why does government cost so much….here’s a smidgen.

  • Clarence


    • cheryl

      Stop reading/watching CBS then. And nice language. Sad that you can’t get your point across without using profanity.

  • blahblah

    He lives on a reservation odd he’d be drunk, passenger should have wore a seatbelt, silly drunken john doe

  • RW

    Some lib will try to twist this crime into a gun control issue.

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