2 Brainerd Men Accused Of Assaulting Man Because Of Race

BRAINERD (WCCO) — Police in Brainerd say two men intentionally beat another man because he’s black.

Travis Campbell and Lucas Eastwood are accused of punching and kicking the man in the head outside a pharmacy on Sunday.

They are both charged with assault motivated by bias.

The victim, 53-year-old Willie Navy, is expected to need multiple surgeries.

He could also lose vision in one eye.

  • Jeffrey Lee Wilson

    That’s pretty disgusting! what’s worse is they seem pretty pleased with what they did. I will rest easy at night knowing that these two will know what if feels like to get beat because of what color they are…..unless of course they go in protective custody.

    • ThomasD

      Naa. that’s reserved for Hecker. ;-)

  • insignificant

    sheesh…it’s like, the 21st century and people can’t get past the skin color deal…more proof that the flourides in city water,too many vaccines at too young of age and junk in the foods we eat are causing some serious brain wave interuptions,eh?

  • Minnesota

    Is it fun to beat someone because their skin is different than yours? I don’t know. Seam’s pretty wrong . I don’t hate anyone unless they give me a reason to do so. I know alot of decent people with a different complextion than mine, don’t feel like beating them for it.There are bad people in every race,White ,Black,Yellow & Brown. Hope that was not what it was about. Maybe we should all take a step back, you know live and let live!

    • Krystle


  • Ryker says redneck trash here

    One hopes they maybe get some serious time in a prison — and it is well deserved and earned time at that – and maybe the local monority groups within the walls can share with them the kind of lovin’ they shared with the victim.

    I’m all for the eye for an eye thing. We keep screaming about things if they are the other way around so ….. guess it’s payback time.
    White trash …. Cloudy Town’s White Trash, Redneck syle. To bad and hope the victim heals totally. If these perps have family I hope they get some counseling too

  • Ed

    I wonder what Willy did to get a beating, I have a hard time believing it was just because he is black.

    • stinko

      employees told the cops the victim was singled out solely for his race…one of the scumbags told the worker exactly what he wanted to do…that is all it takes… the guy did nothing but have black skin…why is that hard for you to believe?

    • Jeffrey Lee Wilson

      why is that so hard to believe? just because of the giant politicallly correct wave barreled over the nation doesn’t mean that there all the bigots were swept away by it.

      • Jeffrey Lee Wilson

        and i need to start proof reading my comments. hahahaha.

  • w?

    Someone should beat the stupid smirk off that idiot’s face.

    • Them

      Right on a few wacks in the mouth with a hammer should do the trick!

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