Fox News polled a focus group in Iowa over their reaction to Bill O’Reilly’s interview with President Obama.

When the group polled very negative over Obama’s answer about the Muslim Brotherhood, the moderator asked one of the group why.

Her response? “I think he’s a Muslim”.

When asked how many of them agreed, nearly half the group raised their hands.

You can see the video for yourself by clicking here

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  1. gtV says:

    Since the audience listening to the interview is being acutely critical of the President no one has any cogent coherent opinions or suggestions for the President to act upon. Unfortunately, the audience is showing its political ignorance by arguing over the semantics of what the President is saying.

    With the lightning speed of cyberspace and the Internet information flow in Egypt is causing erratic dissonance to the unity of purpose and the future of changes yet to come. With no apparent leadership being shown to unify the causes for Egyptian political changes there is going to be a forthcoming culture clash of ideas and purpose.

    The President looks he is trying to remain neutral but positive for democratic changes in Egypt. It is up to the Egyptians wanting changes to get the act together and show a truly organized front. Changes to a vast historical culture and region will take time and effort. The last thing the Egyptians need is an America showing impropriety or the appearance of meddling in a democratic movement that is totaling foreign to past history.

    The last thing the Egyptians need is commentators and ersatz pundits demonstrating and showing Americans as ignorant clods to the world. Besides it’s bad enough when Americans demonstrate they can’t sing the National Anthem properly.

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