HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) — A brother and sister have been charged with fighting Apple Valley police officers, one of which sustained a mild concussion.

Gregory Belsheim, 25, and Cassandra Belsheim, 24, have both been charged with fourth-degree aiding and abetting assault. Cassandra Belsheim has also been charged with fourth-degree assault.

Police said they responded to a call of a fight in progress on Feb. 5. They found the siblings outside, “obviously intoxicated.”

Two officers went inside the house while a third officer stayed outside with the siblings. The two other officers said they heard yelling and returned to find Cassandra Belsheim on the officer’s back as he lay on the ground.

The other officers arrested her, though she repeatedly kicked at them while being led to the squad car.

The first officer told the others that Gregory Belsheim was being disorderly, and punched the officer in the head. When he tried to tackle Gregory Belsheim, that’s when Cassandra Belsheim jumped on his back, the criminal complaints say.

The first officer sustained a mild concussion and abrasions. Another officer reported swelling and soreness to his knee.

If convicted, the two face up to three years in jail on each count.

Comments (8)
  1. Billy says:

    Feb.5TH , Its already Feb.10, Man, WCCO is SLOW.
    WCCO is the worst and has the WORST website,

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Well, you DO KNOW you can get your information elsewhere, right??? Quit yer bichin

  2. te says:

    Read the story this is about an Apple Valley police call.

  3. HERB says:

    GOOD. Just a note to all those other liquor pigs out there. This isn’t LA, we respect law enforcement service personnel in Minnesota. If you get out of control here and decide to be combative with police, , no matter what your choice of drug may be, you will probably be going to jail, tasered or killed. The answer is drink responsibly and respect those who protect all of us. If you can’t drink responsibly, seek help!

    1. herb smoker says:

      suck a fatty herb…not all cops r good…

    2. Dwn w HERB says:

      Neither of the people in this story are from LA or have ever been to LA.
      What does that have to do with anything? such an ignorant loser!!!

  4. bud says:

    legalize the herb and people wont be driven to drink….with booze you lose…

  5. Johnny Love Herb says:

    OH the humanity!!

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