ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says his proposal for higher income taxes might include a feature to have the increase blink off once budget conditions improve.

Dayton hinted at the temporary tax in his State of the State address on Wednesday and a Minnesota Public Radio show on Thursday. The Democratic governor outlines his budget plan next week and is keeping most details private until then.

Dayton ran on a pledge to increase taxes on the top 5 percent of income earners as the crux of his budget fix. Dayton hasn’t said what the new rate would be or at what income it would kick in.

Republicans who won majorities in the Legislature in the last election say they will oppose any efforts to raise taxes.

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Comments (39)
  1. Christina Nerlien says:

    it appears to be a temporary tax until the budget issue improve..

  2. MinnesotaRed says:

    Mark Dayton is mentally unstable.

    How about he take all his inheritance out of stocks, and then raise taxes…. what a jerk.

    1. dara says:

      didn’t you see the result of the previous gov?
      CUTTING TAX alone is not a solution…

      child example:
      – company A earn $100 from tax reduction a year => will they invest those money in MN? they would take $30 to pay for their Boss’ bonus or …

      – what if MN has a rule say “we don’t take those $100 tax if you invest or create job in MN?”…this is a very easy solution to prevent outsourcing to China…

      DON’T JUST blame people, let him do it first and compare the results…

      1. thesuperman says:

        How about we don’t let him do anything!!!!!!!

      2. dara says:

        @thesuperman, if you owe someone $100,000 and don’t have job…and your parents said he can help you out without using their money (eg. refer you for a job or …), will you let they do it?

      3. ryand says:

        Dara the previous governor did in fact raise taxes (his veto was over-ridden). Whereas you are correct that cutting taxes alone will not lead to fixing a solution – we must also in the same breath readily admit that the government needs to be scaled back. This includes unions and their corruptive power in election cycle, corporate welfare (see Ethanol), admit that high speed rail is inefficient and highly expensive, demand accountability in the public education system, rollback every single state created unfunded mandate, create Voter ID laws, etc. etc.

    2. John says:

      Yeah, the 2% MN sales tax was temporary too. Now it’s over 6%.

  3. EG Broadfoot says:

    i have an ideal that would bring jobs to the whole state of minnesota i would love to meet with the gov to talk about it how do i go about setting up a meeting ?

    1. thesuperman says:

      Why don’t you tell everyone so we all are in on your big plan?

  4. MovingSoon says:

    Mark Dayton is mentally unstable. Darn right he is. Just look at Mr. Coo Coo eyes and you know something aint right. I’m waiting for the day we find him cowering under his desk cuz he cant deal with life any longer.

    1. thesuperman says:

      Damn straight. He is a whack job. Needs a little white coat with strings and a padded helmet.

  5. lebrok says:

    Seldom do all readers and folks posting coments agree but he is an idiot and he should take some of the family fortune out and spend it. Look how generous his Dad was just last week paying off some of daytons campain bills.(250,000.00) Mark must follow the fundemental principals that he learned growing up and take those greedy old funds and use them now to raise the salaries of the hard working union employees that make MN so great.

    Also we do also agree that the morning traffic gal on Channel 9 is by far the best looking traffic person on TV

    1. JOhn says:

      he is raising taxes on the top 5 %, as a union worker, almost positive it ain’t you.
      “so why the cryin ?

    2. JL says:

      Why aren’t you asking the Pohlad family or Carlson family to give up some money? This state is in a financial mess and I doubt it can be fixed with a one side solution of cutting spending. Yesterday the Repubs introduced a bill to repeal the Equal Pay Law, guess women are fair game when it comes to taking money away but not the wealthy when it comes to a higher tax rate????

      1. Amy says:

        To JL: So you’re in favor of discriminating against one particular group of people because they happen to be successful?

        Also, there is no need for an Equal Pay Law and this can be deduced very logically. I believe, as I assume you do, that women are just as capable as men in the workforce. Because this is true, if women are being systematically underpaid for their work, they should be able to form their own businesses and out-compete their male counterparts at a lower cost. The same goes for any group affected by the supposed ‘pay gap.’ I say, let the female-created firms deny employment to men, and see who fares better. Let consumers choose who to purchase from.

        The only reason to dismiss this suggestion is due to a lack of faith in the power of women.

      2. thesuperman says:


        Your a liar. The Repubs did not do that. What crack pipe are you smoking from today?

      3. ryan says:

        Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps instead of obsessively looking upwards at the wealthy and demanding them to pay more that it might be more productive to look down at the lower income folks and ask them “Can you be more productive for society?”

        Its fascinating that its so taboo to ask lower income people to be more productive – to try to get off government assistance and/or dependency. We focus so heavily on demanding something that is not ours from the wealthy.

    3. NotsoaverageJoe says:

      “hard working union employees” HAHAHA!
      Why not do something to help the people who do/did work hard, and yet cannot pay their bills because of something out of their control. i.e. Job loss due to company layoffs, Work Comp injuries, retirees etc…

      1. Union is a Joke says:

        I hear you 100% – I was one of those. Glad I jumped ship –

        I also would like to point out that your 49’ers aren’t the hardest working group either. Boy does it sure pay to be blood line there… Nepitism 100%…..

        An Elevator operator – a gal who sits in a chair, reading the paper, asking you what floor and pushes a button, and is paid mid 40’s an hour to push a button.

        What a crock.

  6. Cache says:

    When we instituted the “3%” sales taxTHAT was supposed to be temporary too. Now look at it… it’s almost “8%” and is permanent. Every time they get new taxes it disappears down a black hole. Dipso needs to cut the Spending NOT get more taxes and spend more…

  7. Cameron says:

    Ugh. Chopping off rich people at the knees doesn’t make the rest of us taller. If you think it does, you’re just as clueless as the idiots who got the state into this mess: that is, voters who don’t realize that state spending destroys wealth and think that robbing Peter to pay Paul somehow makes everyone better off.

    1. Ryan says:

      It’s nice to see someone with some brains posting. Strict ideological partisans solve nothing – they never have and they never will.

  8. Larry Rose says:

    When has the government ever given something back Their answer well we can now use it for other projects Kind of like gas taxes,always will keep and add. THEY JUST CAN’T GET IT THROUGH THEIR THICK HEADS that we need to reduce some of the programs out there that sucks out the finances.I believe our priorities should be roads,health care, more roads, no more walking paths, bike trails, fishing docks ice arenas sports stadiums Those that want to have and use these should be responsible for building these

    1. ryan says:

      Actually – I think there is a valid argument to be made that those that use public roads such as the major highways with their bikes should have to pay some sort of user fee in the form of either a license or some kind of registration for their bike. Why do bikers get to use the roads for free while motorized vehicles pay the damages caused to the road via the gas tax, registration fees, etc. etc.?

      If bikers really want to be looked upon as equal when it comes to the road – then they need to start opening up their wallets like the rest of us do and pay their fair share.

  9. Isabelle says:


  10. TomTheTaxpayer says:

    Baby boomers are retiring, friends. That leaves fewer hard working, well payed, and heavily taxed laborers for the government to squeeze for money. Because of this, the budget deficit will never improve without drastic spending cuts.

    Besides, anybody with a brain can see that Minnesota squanders huge amounts of money on ineffective, unnecessary and wasteful programs, buildings, signage, environmental nonsense like ethanol, and coddling. Education for example, is a black hole; it should be streamlined to European or Japanese cost levels. A janitor at the U once told him he could do his job in 2 hours even though he got paid for 8. That is your tax money at “work”, my fellow citizens, and Minnesota taxpayers are sick of getting milked.

    1. thesuperman says:

      Finally someone who gets the big picture. You should run for President.

  11. Tom says:

    The Federal Telephone Tax was supposed to be a temporary tax enacted back in about 1920. It is still with us. The Governor’s suggestion that his increased tax on the so-clled wealthy would only be temporary is just a ploy to make the idea more palatable.

  12. David says:

    @ Dara – you used Tim Pawlenty as an example of why cutting taxes won’t work. If there were a quiz or test on that subject, you would not pass. Pawlenty did his best to keep taxes from rising (very different than cutting), and didn’t succeed at that as the Dems overrode his veto of their tax increase. So, during the Pawlenty years taxes INCREASED. Remember, facts are important…don’t take political rhetoric as fact.

    1. stace says:

      Pawlenty raised “fees” instead of taxes. Which is the same thing.

  13. Mary says:

    I was told by a state senator that he would never pay $11 for a loaf of bread. The point missed by him; if I pay 10% of my income shouldn’t he be charged 10% as well.

    With fingers pointing, going on, as a citizen I would take away all of the perks (insurance, monies spent for room and broad, etc) It would only be fair for them to carry the same burden that the “commoners” live with.

    I can’t see how the voters don’t stand and fight for equality at the state and federal levels.

    1. Ryan says:

      A bit harsh – but I think we need to eliminate lifetime benefits for these congressional members both in the state and federal levels. Once they leave government – they are forced onto the same system us commoners are pushed onto. Let’s see how great Obamacare really is when people like Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi have to actually USE IT like the rest of us will be forced to. We need to make all politicians live within the laws that they create – no exemptions..

  14. Jack says:

    Why don’t all people in congress cut their perdiems? what would the savings be to all tax paying people?

  15. Tracie says:

    I think the title is wrong Its a “BILKN’ TAX”. They will bilk millions out of us Minnesotans, and to do what with the money? The tax payers never see the benefit of their contribution.

  16. stace says:

    There is no way to cut our way out of our problems. The unhappy truth is that we have to cut spending AND raise taxes to get out of the hole we are in. It is unpopular to say, nobody likes the idea of their taxes going up, but that is the only real solution to our current budget problems. The problem is you have such loud voices screaming for either higher taxes or lower spending that the real solution gets no traction. Those who do talk about it are called “idiots” by both sides.

  17. Tom says:

    Yes Republicans raised taxes they just called them “fee increases”. Cutting alone is not going too solve this problem so who knows why they are afraid too raise taxes. But I think they want too be popular and “raising taxes” and making tough decisions don’t make you popular.

  18. MY2Sense says:

    What I am curious about are the young, debt burdened doctors that are just getting out of school. Are they included in this so called high “tax bracket” with all the student loan debt that they have? I’ve had friends that needed to work over 80 hours a week to pay these student loan payments. They would “nap” at the hospital between patients. This, on top of our wonderful “ObamaCare” program makes me wonder what we should expect for our future health care situation. There will be no incentive to pursue becoming a doctor for future generations especially in Minnesota.

  19. TomTheTaxPayer says:

    The problem with taxation is that there is not a magic pool of money from which green juice can be drawn (except in Norway, which has black juice in North Sea oil).

    In my humble, poor child in a family of 9 opinion, government spending and taxation has a direct and mostly negative impact on the economy. Why? Because it is a direct disincentive to achieve, to work hard, to start new businesses and to risk it all for a great business idea.

    Why bother if the government simply takes it all and hates you for achieving? Why bother if the government gives itself special privileges and promotes free services for its untaxed plantation of slave voters?

    That is why the excess spending of socialism and communism have failed every single time they’ve been tried in every single country which relies on taxes to prop it up.

    I would even go so far as to say that taxation can only be held in check if ALL of the population pays the same rate (regardless of how many hours they work per week to make their money). That way ALL people share a fair burden based on their income (common spending for the common good) and less inclined to watch the government squander it.

    The way we have it now, a very large fraction of the population gets off Scott free (no offense to the Scots) and recipients vote for candidates based on the free goodies they will receive by taxing somebody else.

    This eventually leads to a depressed working and business class and a failed economy.
    As for Dayton and his rich Democrat buddies, he has always had the benefits of money and programs without experiencing the real pain of paying for them out of his own hard earned money, if he made any.

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