ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A $900 million package of budget cuts that passed the House is expected to get a vote in the Senate on Thursday.

Senate approval would send the bill Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, who has criticized the legislation as a piecemeal approach to Minnesota’s $6.2 billion deficit. Dayton hasn’t issued an explicit veto threat.

The bill would cut state aid to cities and counties, public colleges and social service programs. It would also require the executive branch to eliminate $100 million in state agency spending before July.

The bill passed the House 68-61 on Wednesday.

Republicans who run the Legislature say the cuts would take a first swipe at the deficit. Minority Democrats have predicted it would drive up property taxes and tuition while cutting needed health and welfare services.

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  1. mike says:

    If the state makes cuts to cities and counties, then cities and counties will also have to make cuts. Looks like our everyday world is going to change some. It had to happen, but I don’t think this is what the voters were expecting when they bought into the Obama change.
    As far as property tax increases, our little town has already bumped taxes to business to the point that there are only a handful left. I imagine that private property is next, then watch the —- hit the fan.
    Democrats also say that this will drive up tuition. Maybe so, but the college student has the ability to make a better living with the higher education, so it’s like me investing in my business in order to make more money. I therefore don’t see a problem with that

    1. Tex Womack says:

      You’re blaming Obama for Republican cuts to the Minnesota state budget? My God, that conservative Kool Aid is some powerful stuff.

  2. Melissa says:

    You can’t tax your way out of a deficit. That would be like me putting more debt on a credit card thinking that would somehow solve my financial problems.

  3. 1627 says:

    Maybe if we weren’t building stadiums, buying parks (yes, last year our govenor bought a park), bailing out big businesses and spening money on “menial” house bills during a crisis our countyr wouldn’t be so far in debt. Those businesses were failing and we, WE, bailed them out and they “still got their bonuses to pay their bills. I want some economy help too! How can that be any different?? The poor and middle class are supposed to pay, pay pay and people want to slep their hands for not being responsible, but the rich do not have to be held accountable… hmmmm, something wrong with that picture.

    1. Melissa says:

      I totally agree with you. Why are we building huge stadiums, bike trails, light rails that are not self-sustaining, dog parks, libraries and schools that resemble mansions with outrageously priced artwork and decorations during a huge recession?! Wouldn’t I just love to have a huge flat screen tv, a new car and new appliances. But I live on a budget! It’s time for the government to do the same!

  4. mike says:

    Tex. If you read the article: It says,” minority democrats” have predicted it would drive up property taxes and tuition while cutting health and welfare services.My wife is fighting a bad heart and until I see that our health insurance quits on us I don’t see a problem with health care. We have made many sacrifices over the years to make sure we always had insurance. I know that some people can’t make enough sacrifices to be able to do that like we did, but some people just decide that they don’t need it since they will be cared for anyway.
    Welfare? I’ve never been on it( our income probably would allow us to be) but there is no reason for people to get off it once they are on the system. So why should they? Making cuts to welfare doesn’t bother me either. .
    I’m not saying that our state government didn’t make a big part of the bed we’re laying in, they did. Now they have to fix it. Another thing ,I believe that the federal government makes cuts too. The states are affected by those cuts. Now Obama might not control all those cuts, but he did run on change. Didn’t he? He probably is the recipient of what congress has done to us in the past, but I don’t see him standing for anything more than a short time and then he changes his mind again. He should make it his driven goal to get both sides to work together so we can see some change in the lives of the people. It looks like he’s better at driving wedges than bringing things together.

  5. Christina Nerlien says:

    Has anyone heard what is in these cuts?? Are we jumping the gun abit on judgement?? this is THEIR suggestion.. Dayton will submit his and then we will see..

    We all know H&HS is on there,, but what else.. I wish they would release it for the public to contact the Reps for a response..

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