93-Year-Old Man Accused Of Drunken Driving

MINNETONKA (WCCO) — A 93-year-old man is facing drunken driving charges after being pulled over last Friday.

Monte Zehringer was picked up after several drivers say they saw him weaving in and out of traffic and called police.

Minnetonka police stopped him at the intersection of Baker Road and South Street. They say he was speeding and failed a field sobriety test.

Police officials also tell us that he hit a snow bank.

They are waiting for official lab reports to confirm whether or not he was intoxicated.

  • We

    Monte,Monte when will you learn don’t drink and drive!

  • stephene

    we’re never to old

  • WalkAMile...

    Is there really a need to humiliate a 93 yr old man by plastering this all over the news? Is it that slow of a news day? There are DWI arrests every day, why aren’t they on the news?

    • Billy

      Yea really, aint that something

  • Victim Du Jour

    Back in his 20’s-30’s, “Barney” probably just let you sleep it off in an open jail cell, if you didn’t make it home

    Drunk driving was practically legal for most of his life.

  • paab

    He looks much younger than 93, but he should learn to do his drinking at home. His car weighs the same as everyone elses should he cross a center line.

  • Hauenstein

    Big deal he’s 93. People do it all the time why don’t they make news. This is plain old humiliation for the guy

  • Laurie Quinn

    He is not 93 only 92, and he never got a ticket in his life. He was a WWII vet ,an upstanding , church-going citizen who volunteers and supports many great causes.
    Plastering his face on the 5:00 p.m. news and broadcasting this story on WCCO radio was outrageous and unnecessary. Why single him out when there is real news to report?

    This is cheap shot journalism that does not belong on the air. It cheapens your reputation and makes your viewers question your values.

    • Ed

      I agree, he has obviously turned to the dark side and no longer care about life.
      He’s old enough to know better but CHOSE to risk killing everyone.
      I’m sure it’s not his first time, thank all that is holy he got caught in time!
      Now he’s no better than a drug dealer, He could of killed our children.
      Life in prison is what he deserves.

  • captainobvious

    i hope im still drinking and driving when im 93, cheers…

  • lets move on

    give this case to the dakota county atty.backstrom…he”ll see to it that he gets life in prison without parole………..why should this guy get all the attention…i weave in and out of traffic simply to stay alive…traffic can be brutal…and yes i even hit a snow bank this year..they werent difficult to miss

  • wayne

    i called the police 50 times to report drivers not wearing there seat belt…non of which got a ticket….they might all be in an accident next week and die about them unless there didnt have there seat belt on…….dont belittle the guy..show him the respect he has earned over 93 yrs…

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