Man Allegedly Sexually Assaults Woman, Buys Her Sympathy Card

LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) — Prosecutors say a western Wisconsin man accused of sexually assaulting a woman bought her a birth control pill and a sympathy card.

A criminal complaint filed in La Crosse County charges 28-year-old David Pedrazoli of West Salem with second-degree sexual assault. A 21-year-old La Crosse woman says she passed out after drinking with Pedrazoli, then woke up to him assaulting her last December.

The complaint says Pedrazoli left following the assault, then later discouraged the woman from going to the doctor and bought her a “morning after” birth control pill and a sympathy card. The La Crosse Tribune reports the woman also showed investigators apologetic text messages from Pedrazoli.

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  • Cache

    What dope this guy is…burn ’em!

    • Ann

      only in WI !!

      • Ann

        Only in WI – are you kidding? Where do you come from the Crime Free City of Minneapolis?

      • tiredandretired

        Don’t be a jerk, Ann. This crazy stuff happens in all states, even though Minnesota media likes to focus on Wisconsin. Suppose it makes you them feel better about the Vikings.

      • john0990

        Only in WI? Really. Grow up, Ann.

      • Jeffrey Lee Wilson

        something in the water maybe? :)

  • tiredandretired

    Two drunks. Bad judgment by both, but that doesn’t excuse him. Will anyone learn anything from reading about this? Let’s hope so.

    • Wild Bill

      I’ve learned that people from WI are idiots that do horrible things and deserve the worst in life!

      • Shelley

        You :& Ann should get together….you both lack “MN nice”.

      • pACKERbACKER

        oh you jealous viqueen fan…poor witto viqueens didn’t make the play-offs as the pack ,seeded 6th,beat all those teams on the road ,then won the super-bowl…boo-hoo

      • Jeffrey Lee Wilson

        i don’t know about that but considering the population, i have to wonder what the ratio is from sane people to crazies. hahahaha

        but seriously this guy is a cretin and deserves what ever he may get.

  • Ed

    One very real hazard of drinking till you pass out.
    What can be learned here kiddies?

    • max

      What can be learned is that nobody should ever have sex with someone who is passed out because incapacitated people cannot give consent!

  • Victim Du Jour

    Maybe the State of Minnesota should borrow money from China to make a big deal out of people who do stupid things when they drink too much?

    And people wonder why we have a 6 Billion dollar Budget deficit, and then the media will show old ladies in wheel chairs losing programs from budget cuts.

  • Ode to Joy

    I’ve taught my son and my daughters to avoid this situation. Keep an eye on your drink. Go with friends. And a drunk person is not fair game.

  • Paul Bostrom

    There is a ridiculous amount of immaturity here.

  • Shanaynay

    I wonder if he gave her a hug after they were done make sweet WI love…

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