The Grannies Take On The Grammys

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Frank Vascellaro’s mother Rosalie and Mark Rosen’s mother Doris went through the Grammy nominations for Record of the Year. Check out their reactions in the video above.

For the record, they favor Lady Antebellum over B.O.B., Jay-Z, Eminem and Cee-Lo.

But Doris says she could imagine Lindy Hopping to “F*** You.”

  • Deb Larson

    This was wonderful and very entertaining. You need to have more segments with these two. I love Frank’s mom recipe segment on Friday morning, but I can guarantee you that I wouldn’t miss a segment with these two. GREAT! Something out of the norm.

  • Lori

    OMG! These was AWESOME. Please do a segment at least once a week with these two ladies. They are truly a class act. Loved it.

  • Julie Taylor

    Go Rosalie and Doris!!! Let’s have more Granny segments. They tell it like it is.

  • Sue

    How cute are they! I love this segment, keep more coming!

  • MAJ

    This was so funny. I’m sure it will be picked up and shown around the country.

  • Joni Jenc

    This was a hoot. Loved them both and hope to see them back.

    You go Rosalie and Doris, Love you.


  • BreKBre

    Amen. These ladies NEED to be regular pop culture commentators on WCCO, radio and/or TV! Woot!

  • Sandy Cohan Duman

    Doris- You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carol of Alex

    Love-love-love these ladies…….(& their sons, too!)
    WIsh it was a daily segment!

  • Suzanne Udeen

    This segment is good enough to be on national television. it would go over big with Leno or Letterman. Good Luck ladies!! Your very entertaining.

  • stephanie

    Cute, cute, cute! and how true it is!

  • Jane

    I have commented several times that the moms need more air time. CCo, please consider a regular slot for two wonderful ladies.

  • Doug

    I see a new career blooming before our eyes and ears – – Granny Critics!

  • Douglas Agustin

    These two have a new career as entertainment critics and comedic relief artists!

  • Pam

    Love these two ladies. They are great. This was fun to watch and some comments made by them are very true. WCCO should have these two mom’s on more often. Way to go ladies!!

  • Mary K. Hill

    OMG these 2 gals were so funny. It is totally Minnesota and I love it! They need there own weekly segment if they are all this good.

  • Shanae

    Super funny! Please bring them back to comment on all the award shows.

  • sandra paulson

    just loved them they are so good together plese keep them on enjoy them so much

  • sandra paulson

    just love them they are so good together please keep them on I always watch when they are on dont want to miss them.

  • Connie

    These ladies are GREAT you have to include them once a week!!!!!!!!! on anything PLEASE

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  • Connie

    Great glad to see you listened to the viewers and made more. Keep it up make it a regular!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

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