MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Sen. Amy Klobuchar awarded a police dog injured in the line of duty with the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association’s “Hero” award during its annual Animal Hall of Fame Awards.

The Roseville police dog known as “Major” was stabbed four times by a suspect as he joined officers responding to a pre-dawn break-in at a Maplewood business in November 2010. Veterinarians were able to save the dog’s life but he is permanently disabled.

The suspect who stabbed Major pleaded guilty last month to attempted theft and harming a public safety dog and will be sentenced later this month.

Klobuchar made the presentation Saturday at the Veterinary Medical Association’s annual convention in Minneapolis.

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Comments (42)
  1. Javey says:

    I love dogs. And the story of a dog injured in the line of duty is interesting. But giving awards to animals is stupid. People before pets!

    1. srs says:

      This animal is a Cop….He put himself in harms way to protect people like you. Show some respect. Also would you put yourself in harms way to protect a perfect stranger??

    2. Patrick says:

      Animals are less harmful to the planet. I would put an animal before just about any person.

    3. Javey says:

      srs and Patrick, you are two examples of what is wrong is today’s society.

      1. Shaq says:

        Not really, Javey. It was just an acknowledgement of this dog’s service to humanity. So what if the dog receives an award, of course he doesn’t recognize it. No, animals are not equivalent to humans and those that put their rights up there with humans ought to be questioned but these animals are amazing and save human lives.

    4. Bob Knight says:

      Evidently you did not watch the Grammies last night…

    5. Anne says:

      Animals deserve MORE than awards. And you certainly do not have to post despicable comments!

  2. Erocka says:

    Do you really think that there is a lack of ‘awards’ for humans these days? It seems kids get an award for showing up at school.

    1. JG says:

      You are almost right!!

  3. Hannah says:

    I think Major would rather have a big bone instead of all the awards. Why not give the dog something that HE would love?

  4. Drawa says:

    Right you are, Hannah! What next! Well, Amy K does not miss a chance to get her face in the news for doing nothing. What does she actually do as a senator?? Shows up for the big events….Haiti disaster, bridge disaster, but does she ever DO anything but get her face out there?

  5. Kathy says:

    Don’t be so negative, life is to short for that, let’s be happy for all the good things.

  6. mike olson says:

    This dog is officially A Police-Officer He is doing what he is trained to do. Why shouldn’t he get the same respect as any other officer? If you don’t think so then I hope you don’t ever need help yourself. Thank’s MAJOR…


    utter nonsense! awards for a dog ! why don’t they just build a shrine for the thing and worship i t while their at it! is certain press people sniffin its butt,too?

  8. Jackie Du Charme says:

    Drawa, I thought the same about Amy K. showing up to get noticed.
    Major does deserve an award. Since he is paralyzed in the back one of those wheely things to help him get around would be nice along with a nice big bone.
    Majoe doesn’t care if its a big national deal but I am sure his owner does. Takes alot of training for a dog to be a good companion in the police dept.

  9. terets says:

    ok all of you who have issues with dogs getting awards. It is not so much the dog getting the award but for us to realize that they are being loyal and we are using them to keep us and our stuff safe from the low-lifes who feel the need to take and hurt because life isn’t fair. THank you, Major. I appreciate it.

  10. WT? says:

    The people criticizing this award just sound petty and jealous. It’s a symbolic gesture and it has no affect on your life whatsoever. Kathy is right, life is too short to worry about this stuff. If you don’t like Amy Klobuchar, don’t vote for her. If you don’t like the news reports, tell the tv station. Don’t take it out on a dog who was just doing a job and probably saved a life. Can’t we be happy about anything anymore? Minnesota somehow has had all the fun sucked out of it.

    1. Javey says:

      It does affect our lives. Instead of focusing resources on policing and curing societies ills, time is spent promoting, organizing and running and award for a frigg’n dog! Being happy does not equal a dog getting an award. Do something for some else once in a while, that will make you happy.

      1. Javeyneedstogetlucky says:

        Maybe you should take your own advice, because you sound very unhappy.
        It’s not just a friggin dog, but if that’s the way you feel, you are entitled to your opinion just as we are to ours. Peace!

  11. Rob says:

    WT? — Pettiness and jealousy has nothing to do with it, I appreciate the dog and the service they provide, but as someone stated earlier the dog would appreciate a bone and/or a pat on the head versus spending more money from a state government that us already multi-millions of dollars n debt. I’d be interested in knowing how much this is going to cost the taxpayers. Once again, I appreciate what Major did as a service dog, but give me a break!!

    1. WT? says:

      Amy Klobuchar is not paying for the award, the Vet’s Association is. They asked her to present it, if she would’ve said no, then someone else trying to get their 15 minutes of fame would’ve done it. The Vet’s Association is probably paying her expenses too. This award is just as much for his handler as it is for the dog, so it does mean something. Life is too short to get upset about this stuff…

      1. Alan says:

        Rob/Funsucker–where does it say anywhere that government is paying for this award? That is exactly WT?’s point–some people just have to be negative about everything. They are trying to take a tragic situation and make it positive. This probably isn’t costing you a penny of your precious taxdollars. And if it is, I’d rather see it go for this than most of the other taxpayer funded programs. You don’t deserve a break.

    2. JG says:

      Ummm, taxpayors paid for the training and up keep of the dog and will probably continue to take care of the dog as well. Just like what they would do for any officer. Worth it in my book.

      1. WalkAMile... says:

        I think they are talking about tax dollars being spent on the award, not the dog…
        But you’re right, worth every penny!

  12. Annette, RN says:

    Perhaps the knuckleheads objecting to the award forget the many police officers’ lives saved by police dogs such as Major.

    Praise God for using Major in such a wonderful way! Maybe those objecting would like to take Major’s place???

    Thank you Major, all police dogs, their trainers & their handlers!

    Thank you all police personnel!!!

    He deserves the award…even if it is being given by a Democrat ( ; LOL!


    1. Javey says:

      I think Annette may be skimming pain killers…praise god? Are you serious? Get a life.

      1. Alan says:

        You’re on this website pouting because a dog is getting an award and you’re telling someone else to get a life. That’s rich. You’re a funsucker just like Rob.

    2. gonetothedogs says:

      perhaps you need to take a little look around,sis…cops are killing,beating,tasering alot o folks for no other reason then ego…their steroid use is getting bad and in some areas the citizenry are more afraid of their police then criminals…take a gander at the G8 summit videos where they used a sound devise against innocent peaceful protesters,with decibals high and loud enough to destroy the inner ear…get outta yer box…a police dog attacking anyone draws blood promoting punishment before due process…

      1. merks says:

        quit whining you liberal weasel! there is no such thing as a peacefull protest by the left especially anything doing with the worlds money. you are all terrorists and should be treated as such.
        If you get tazed or shot then you were doing something wrong. respect the law and quit being the spoiled jerk you are and the respect will come back at you!
        Now leave your mommies basement and do something worthy that would make your mommy proud!

  13. Michelle says:

    I like dogs a lot better than many people out there. Dogs aren’t petty complainers.

  14. Unnamed says:

    Thank you major. For those worried about Amy getting face time think of the scum that stabbed him!!!! Boy you people are idiots

  15. gonetothedogs says:

    alot of us in northern parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin are also quite aware of all you urban “dog lovers” going for a cruise and dumping ’em off on backroads like a piece o trash…3 of ’em alone this last year that i know of around my country block alone…

    1. gonetothedogsneedstogetluckytoo says:

      A lot of us southern “dog lovers” on this website would never dump a dog on any country road, so you’re probably barking up the wrong tree. Why don’t you call those steroid addled northern MN and WI cops who are out killing all you innocent citizens on a daily basis to patrol your roads better and pick up all those strays running amok and making your life miserable and then go crawl back under your rock?

  16. MuchoGasso says:

    This Country truly has “Gone to the Dogs”……..Earth to Amy…Earth to Amy……and the rest of Law Enforcement.
    Absolutey REDICULOUS and WRONG to worship an animal in this way…….
    Reminds me of the Nazis. Nuff said.

    1. Alan says:

      Nobody is “worshipping” this dog moron. They are showing it the respect it deserves. Respect is something you probably know nothing about because with an attitude like that, you don’t deserve any. Go to the library, check out some reading material about the Nazi’s and realize how absolutely stupid your last comment is.

  17. Kristen says:

    Wow!! Muncho G your a freak.

    All haters just go away.

  18. red says:

    Javey- Get a life- Thanks for everything Major, congrats

  19. policedad says:

    My son is a roseville police officer and one of those on the scene the night major was injured. He more than likeley saved my son from being injured or worse. I asked my son why he wanted to be a poice officer and put himself in harms way every day? He simply said “someone has to do it” someone has to be there to protect those that can not protect themselves, someone has to be the first one in the door even when they do not know what is on the other side and he will be there for all of you despite what some of you are writing about these brave young men and their dogs. I pray every day that he stays safe.

  20. Friend of Major says:

    Policedad, be sure to thank your son for everything he does for us, it certainly is appreciated. I might have seen him at the sentencing yesterday too, it was a great showing of support for Major.

    Thank you to all law enforcement officers including the K9’s – Thank you for the risks and sacrifice you take.

  21. Anna Celestino says:

    Major did a very courageous act. That dog just showed the most selfless act I have ever seen or heard of just yet. Hopefully, humans will display the same kind of attitude.
    You might want to read a blog post of mine, which has a similar message.


    Thank you.

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