By Holly Wagner, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Thousands of Minnesota employees at Delta Air Lines are getting bonus checks, because their company turned a huge profit.

On Monday, all Delta employees, with the exception of the executives, received bonuses from profit-sharing. Delta has 12,000 employees in Minnesota. 

This is the largest profit-sharing payout in the company’s history. The total amount being distributed among 80,000 Delta employees is $313 million.  The company made $104 billion in 2010.

Delta said its customers will see some benefits from last year’s profits — not necessarily in ticket prices — but in comfort.

The company said it’s adding more perks to its international flights for coach customers. Some of those perks include including more leg room, seats that recline further, free alcohol and in-flight entertainment systems.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I don’t think that Delta made $104 Billion last year. Just doesn’t sound right.

  2. M B says:

    Considering that Delta is one of the worst airlines in service, fees, and baggage errors, it only goes to show that near-monopolies DO pay off in the end.

  3. Carrie says:

    If they’re making profits that large, perhaps they can knock off some of the fees they’ve tacked on lately.

  4. LMK says:

    The added leg room for coach international is only at non charge for diamond or platinum elite passengers. Everyone else has to pay extra for those seats….it’s the same old Delta. But happy to hear they are giving employees something back at the expense of their customers.

  5. Melissa says:

    Yeah! The recession is over for Delta. Now I can sleep at night.

  6. Kevin Husen says:

    Loser Airline! I will never fly Delta again!!

  7. bob says:

    I’m happy that employees are getting a cut of the profits. But as far as Delta goes, IT SUCKS. I use to fly Northwest. But since the merge I no longer fly Delta. Their fees are so high and the flight attendants are these over 60 plus and it is obvious they hate their jobs. United isn’t perfect as this is now my airline of choice, but it beats Delta.

  8. bob says:

    Added commet: Its too bad Sun Country doesn’t have a more expanded flight route. I’ve flown Sun a few times and was impressed by the flight crew. Very friendly. It was like they enjoyed doing their jobs unlike the flight attendants of Delta, where it is so obvious they HATE

    1. JME says:

      Bob- I’m 36, not 60. I’ve been flying for 14 years. I love my job. You obviously do not fly very often. We have flight attendants in their twenties all the way up to their eighties! We are humans and not all identical in our actions or emotions. But I can guarantee you that if you show ANY kindness to any one of us, you will be treated like gold. I treat everyone well, but I go out of my way for anyone that is polite, kind or fun. Try smiling and saying, “Hi! How are you?” the next time that you walk on the plane. 90% of my passengers today wouldn’t even make eye contact with me, let alone have a conversation.

  9. ryan says:

    Interesting. I dont see any lefties on here screaming about how terrible the big bad corporations are in America. Or are corporations “terrible” when they make you do something for a living? Quite the dilemma for the extremists.

    You wont see any local pundit (or national pundit with a left wing slant) at all mention that a major company is sharing its profits with its employees.

    Selective reasoning wins elections. Unfortunately, it solves nothing.

    1. betty says:

      give it rest all ready “NAZI’

  10. sb says:

    Profits this large come from over charging the customer. Thank goodness SouthWest is here. I won’ be flying Delta unless the extra chrages are removed.

    1. JME says:

      I would wager that you will fly whoever has the cheapest fare, since money is your biggest concern. Delta usually beats SW, even with the luggage fee. Are you saying that you will fly SW, no matter what the fare may be- as long as there isn’t a luggage fee? Now THAT would be customer loyalty!!

  11. Joe Worker says:

    $103 Billion profit on about $30 billion in revenue?? I’d say these guys are underpaid. Who did that math? The same guy that said Obama’s health care plan would save money????

  12. tcn says:

    Take this profit and learn how to fly on time.

  13. dunnski57 says:

    They should take a pay freeze, like my neighbor the teacher. If she doesn’t get a raise, nobody gets a raise,

    1. BRT says:

      Wow, you do not have the 411 on (flight crew pays ) AT ALL! We took a 40% pay cut a numer of years ago that has yet to be reinstated. I make a wage comparative to what I made back in 1987. As far as the bonus goes. It’s 3.2% of what was made last year, compared to what the “original” Delta people get, which is over 6%. I would be tickled pink with a COLA every yr. BTW, we’re not all overweight, over 60 and hate our jobs.

      1. John says:

        After a 40% paycut you all are still way overpaid for the work that you do. Thanks to the union.

      2. JME says:

        John- You are an idiot. You come and do my job and see if you think the pay is fair, then you can make an informed comment. People like you are the only part that I don’t like about flying. What do you do for a living? Let me tell YOU how overpaid you are for your hard work! You have NO IDEA what I deal with every day!

    2. Frog54 says:

      Rumor is pre merger delta got less than delta in this profit sharing.
      plus all pre merger staff have taken plenty of cuts while delta gets a raise.
      i think some of those baggage fees are crazy… but if they have they a percent should go to those guys on the ramp working with your baggage. It is a hard job.

    3. frog54 says:

      Pay freeze. Read the papers all pre merger staff are still working on pay cuts , dramatic cuts…. while others are getting raises.

  14. me says:

    So each employee receives about 313,000,000 / 80,000 = $3912.5 that’s a lot

    1. Jill says:

      Don’t know what math you are working off of, but my check was $515.

    2. David says:

      “me” it was 6.5% of our 2010 eligible earnings. So someone who made $50,000 got more of the pie than someone who got $40,000 for instance.

      1. JME says:

        Actually, for PMNW, it was 3.2% of our earnings. My check after taxes was $303. Nothing “huge” about that.

  15. ag says:

    Delta made a profit of 1.4 billion, not 104 billion. The article is incorrect.

    1. John says:

      There is NO WAY that they would pay off 313 Million on Profit of only 1.4 Billion. That is almost 1/4 of their total profit.

      1. ag says:

        That is correct. The profit is 1.4 billion and the profit sharing payout was on 313 million.

  16. kmd says:

    This is a Very deceiving article..
    True Facts from a 23 yr. Pre-Merger Flight Attendant who is a good friend…
    Pre-Merger Northwest Flight Attendant’s received almost half of what the original Delta Flight Attendant’s received in Profit sharing today.. It was subject to normal taxes as well.. There is nothing legally keeping them from giving them the same..
    Delta is being investigated by the National Mediation Board for interference in their Union election. It was the largest amt. of money ever spent in an Anti-Union Campaign, and there is a large amt. of evidence against them
    .. Delta has said they didn’t have time to respond to all the charges, and have a deadline coming up very soon.. The Pre-Merger Northwest Flight Attendants are still under 40% paycuts and Delta Flight Attendants have received a raise. Working condition’s are the worst my friend’s seen in her entire career, and would be willing to say a large majority of DL employee’s feel this way… As well as Delta customer’s.. Classic way of how NOT to handle an Airline Merger…. Good news is.. There is a 99% chance of a re-run in the election..
    The Flight Attendants need Representation and Respect just as the Delta Pilot’s have, and alway’s will.

  17. Sue says:

    As a former NWA flight attendant, I am so frustrated with the way Delta runs their airline. We (most of us) “NWA” flight attendants have gotten the shaft at every turn, yet we still try to do everything we can to keep customers coming back. Since we were union and the union did not pass, we were only given half of the profit sharing checks that the Delta flight attendants received. It is increasingly hard when we are still under a 40% NWA pay cut, yet they get
    pay increases and higher bonuses. Delta of course blames it on the union. But if they really cared about their employees, they could have given us the same amount as the Delta Flight attendants. So when you see an unhappy flight attendant, know that they are trying their best to be as nice as they can. Some have lost their homes, are working more hours for less pay, working on aircraft that is not nearly as easy to work as the NWA planes, being on longer trips than ever before, and pretty soon will be on an on-call basis every month due to Delta’s non-union status., even after 25+ years. We didn’t know how good we had it with NWA.

  18. Papa K says:

    6% of $50,000 is $3,000 … Sounds Nice BUT what did the average executive get?

    1. David says:

      Papa K, director level and above did not get profit sharing. General Managers and below did. So no, executives did not get anything.

  19. tom says:

    Lets face it people the airlines have changed. They forgot what customer service was years ago. Northwest wasn’t a good airline but it was better than Delta. And now United is merging and you know what that means, more bad customer service and higher airfares. Friends of mine rave about Virgin America and Jet Blue. I wish these two airlines would start flying from the Twin Cities but with Delta having its claws clamping on Twin Cities, I do’t see that happening.. We do have Southwest which isn’t bad. I don’t travel as much anymore. Its not the security at aiprots its the airlines that have taken the fun out of travel.

  20. Fred Bursch says:

    check your figures. Delta didn’t make 104 Billion last year.

  21. Jack Tronson says:

    I read all of these comments and I fly to Canada 2 times a month Delta has such monopoly on this market charging $600.00 to $1000.00 to fly to Winnipeg. I just paid $1700.00 to go to Calgary last week.
    You can get two round trip non stop tickets to Hawaii. Plus when you travel to Canada you have to go in these CRJ coffins, worst plane in the fleet.
    Keep giving the bloodsuckers our money, sometimes we have no other choice.
    I have to fly with Delta and still pay for my bags.
    Thanks to all of us suckers maybe they will make more next year, the service is not going to change and the planes will not be any bigger.

    By the way Delta has the worst coffee I ever tastes.

    Jack Tronson aka chump

    1. JME says:

      Well, Jack… I have one bit of good news for you. We are getting new coffee on board. Seattle’s Best Coffee.

  22. JME says:

    Who wrote this article?! “Huge” payout? $104 billion in profits?! Get your facts straight!

  23. frog54 says:

    Pre merger delta staff are all getting the short end of the stick… not just the flight attendents … there are other books of business as well. they took pay cuts that still remain while others are getting raises.

  24. LL says:

    The general public doesn’t know how much has changed for most employee groups after Delta took Northwest over. This article just shows how a company can spin numbers to make themselves look great. I would challenge you to find 10 Delta employees and ask them how much they got of the pie. The service industry is filled with long days,short nights and lots of doing extra work without being compensated and no article will EVER say that..

  25. JJP says:

    glad they made a profit and gave some of it back to their employees. Now, Delta, please quit charging for luggage!

  26. Kima says:

    @ JME— did you get your profit share, calculated in weeks, percentage or any other way ? What was an average payout? It that true, managers didn’t get one ?

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