Crime Notes: Fur Coat Robbery Video

By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

It will be at least 4 months now before video will be made public of a Brooklyn Park woman accused of stealing a fur coat and hiding it in her underpants for three days in jail.

Bloomington police arrested Stephanie Moreland after she allegedly stole a coat from Alaskan Fur on New Years Eve.

Police say their camera shows how she pulled the coat out from under her dress when they were interviewing her 3 days later.

A store surveillance camera also captured the incident. A Hennepin County judge Wednesday set a June 20, 2011 trial date for Moreland on the theft charges.

Be interesting to hear Moreland’s defense, but ever more interesting to see the videos.

  • john

    I ate 2 twinkies for three days in florida.

  • whaduupwichoomomma aintpayinnowhow

    In other words, she was ‘packin’ heat.’ How do you explain the stains or skid marks on the fur to the potential customer?

  • aintlearningenglish nohow

    Duz this here kote be making my butt look big n dat?!?!

  • Ed

    Maybe they will hang the coat in the DNR hall of shame.

  • Bergermeister

    Oh for the LOVE!!! This stinks!

  • TruthInLove

    Do they REALLY make underwear THAT big to fit her AND a fur coat inside?!

  • lynn a

    Let’s face it, the only reason people want to see the video is tohave a good laugh on her, the criminal. Oh, well, crime doesn’t pay. Personally I don’t think they should have it posted for the public to see. How humiliating. Then again maybe not, as some people don’t care. But I think she does. I know I would be red faced embarrassed and want to go where no one knew me.

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