Dayton To Use Grants To Spur Education Innovation

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton is hoping that a pair of comparatively small grant programs in his proposed budget can have a big payoff in improving the state’s schools.

In one program, the state will recognize schools where students make exceptional academic progress then pay those schools to teach other educators how to do that same.

A second program would pay $100,000 grants to schools that come up with innovative ways to shrink the academic achievement gap between white students and racial minorities.

While the grants will only cost the state $17 million over two years, Education Department spokeswoman Charlene Briner says they’re a good way to improve the state’s schools without spending too much.

Dayton and the Legislature are trying to close a $6.2 billion budget shortfall.

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  • Luci

    As my mom would say, He is trying to cover the sun with a sifter.

  • Mr T

    What a waste of our money! Shame on him! More money is WASTED in the name of education in this country than anything else. Simply payback for their votes last year. They all suck!

  • Dayton's Black Butler

    Ummm….Donald Duck Dayton is our leader…show him some Mickey Mouse respect…you know he is Big Al Frankin’s ex lover right????

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