By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

NEW PRAGUE, Minn. (WCCO) — A Twin Cities woman hopes a picture she took will help bring about a positive discussion about race relations in Minnesota.

Kerry Felder took a picture of a black porcelain doll praying with a noose around its neck hanging from a tree outside a New Prague home.

She sent the picture to KMOJ where morning DJ Big Sy and Lisa Moy were already on the topic of race relations.

Their popular morning talk show’s webpage went viral after a listener posted the image on KMOJ’s Facebook fan page.

“The majority of our listeners this morning weren’t surprised by it although the majority of the majority were still disgusted by it, upset,” said KMOJ morning personality Big Sy.

People of all races and religions openly talked about the issue of race relations on the fan page and on the radio.

“I would have more respect for a person that is not of color to tell me that they don’t like me than somebody to hang something from a tree,” said one KMOJ listener.

The discussion centered on Felder’s discovery while driving in New Prague.

“I just saw it out the corner of my eye and you know you see it really quickly and you just didn’t believe what it was so I backed up and low and behold it was a little porcelain, black doll praying and it was hanging from a tree in a noose,” she said.

Felder said the beating of a black man by two white men in Brainerd because of the color of his skin and this doll in a noose lets her know race is an issue that has been suppressed more than addressed.

“Many people said it’s just time to stop listening to it. Its time to stop feeding into it,” said Big Sy.

Big Sy said to be silent is not educating the community about an issue that never seems to go away.

Felder did point out that her mother is white, father is black and she embraces both sides of her heritage.

She says what she saw on Tuesday in New Prague is disturbing and she hopes people understand how these types of images set us back when it comes to race relations.

Comments (33)
  1. Laurabelle says:

    Wow!! Unbeleivable comments in this day and age, thought we had come further than that. Why can’t we all look beyond generalities and stereotypes, get the chip off our shoulders, and just get along!! Everyone deserves respect until they prove themselves unworthy of respect.

  2. Len says:

    Those are some really poor comments. You obviously have some dislike of this race and even if you do, you don’t say things like that. It makes race relations tougher when some halfwit makes stupid comments that are not based on having any empathy toward anyone but yourself. You are no better than any black that dislikes whites, etc for the color of their skin or the way the look. You people are doing a great disservice to humanity, just as the ACLU has done in harming race relations. There are good and bad in every race – just because one person does something to make you disappointed in that race it does not mean everyone who looks like them is a bad person or one with a questionable character.

  3. Debbie says:

    Is “Minnesota Nice: merely a myth? I thought the picture was disturbing until I saw these comments. Respect, empathy, intelligence, understanding, integrity… is the axiom of value’s “the golden rule” a thing of the past? Has hate filled rhetoric replaced common sense and decency? I do respect your right to an opinion, but shame on you for having such a mean one.

    1. Kevin says: must live in Maplewood…or Brooklyn Park….or North Minneapolis….or New Hope…..or North St Paul…..or St Paul…..or Crystal…….close your white curtains…..take another sleepy pill….and it will all go away…..diversity is great…if your not a victim of it…..

  4. Allah says:

    Dude CCO has white classy educated people who leave comments….who are offended by those like you….who dont live in white hoods….who are in the battle…..they wont get it…never will……they all need to go to the Myth……show them diversity with gun shots…

  5. Kevin says:

    Its a doll hate crime! Doll hate Crime! Someone charge the doll with a hate crime!

  6. Kim says:

    Leave the people of New Prague alone. It is not their fault for the foolish act of a community member. They have no right to have seen so much attention for this. Who knows, this could be a fake picture, or not even taken in New Prague. Lets all get the facts straight, contact the homeowner and take care of this the right way. Don’t send it in and let that poor town be crushed by your rude remarks! I hope you feel ashamed of yourself.

  7. Tyler says:

    so if it was a white boy praying in a noose would it be racist?? i just don’t inderstand the controversy over this america was born on racism and it will be that way for a long time. and just because a white man beats up a black man its racism? what is it when a black man or any race beats up a white man? what is that? sorry but americas majority is NOT white people. we’re not the only “racist” people and the sooner all races discover that racism is universal between all of us. the sooner racism is exstinguished in my eyes.

  8. Tyler says:

    and in what i am seeing in comments made before me how we dont understand how it is in the “hood.”it’s not our fault we didn’t make it that way it is an accompilation of bad choices of different race including white people.but why should white people or any people have to understand the pain the people who live in the “hood” face? if you’re the direct cause to the violence then why do we need to understand? and if we choose not to feel for you it’s racism. In racism there’s steryotypes and the steryotypes i’ve seen on whites is that we’re ALL racist, so my question is what race is more racist? the one that says one thing and starts a huge argumment or the one who can say whatever it wants about the other race without even a teaspoon of critizism? Sorry but the main point is racsism is in all races and thats the main fact we’re missing out on

  9. Cullen Sloan says:

    This is Real i have seen phone pictures of this

  10. Cullen Sloan says:

    i live in New Prague so don’t even question it. I feel terrible that this had to happen to our community. I have to admit though that there is a few racist people in the comunity but the majority of the people are good citizens who would never do this

  11. Cullen Sloan says:

    I know a black kid at the high school because I go there!! He is very respected and is treated fairly by everyone!

  12. Taylor says:

    To anonymous: I live in New Prague and attend New Prague High School. And i can tell you that New Prague is a very nice and welcoming town. Yes, there are racist people here but there are very few and there are many more racist people in towns all around Minnesota and the United States. I would also like to point out that these issues do still happen at NPHS but very rarely, and if there is a problem, it is taken care of immediatly. I am sorry for what happened to you when you were here but don’t take it out on the entire town. New prague is not a “ignorant and hateful town.” You need to take it out on the people and kids who showed racism towards you, and don’t blame it on everyone else.

  13. Cullen Sloan says:

    the only thing that i understand is that there is a lot of vandilism and fights, but all of them since i have been there are between 2 100% white people that were juvinile delinquints.

    1. Aaron says:

      You can say, “alot of vandalism” all you want, BUT… still way less that any other surrounding towns. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

  14. Aaron says:

    I’ve lived in New Prague for 29 years. There are just as many idiots in this town as the next. Whats that comedians line…? “You can’t fix stupid”, Yep… thats it!!! I can tell you one thing FOR SURE… If word gets out on where in New Prague this happened, that person will NOT be welcome here. That’s assuming it wasn’t a child, in wich case the parents are at fault. In my opinion a large sum of kids these days are not being raised right AT ALL!! No Respect=problems…

    1. petersl says:

      So why not address the issue instead of just taking a picture….anyone who sess something like this and doesn’t try to take some action is part of the problem. I lived and worked in New Prague for many years. There are a lot of wonderful people there. There are alos racist people there, just like in any other town. Don’t fault a town for this, fault the person who owns the property and the person who took the picture and did nothing. At the very least I would have called the police to see what could be done.

  15. NP Guy says:

    It’s all a freaking hoax!
    irresponsible reporting by WCCO and KMOJ! Whos reacist now?

  16. Eh None O Mouse says:

    It’s a cover up. When I lived in New Prague, as I went out into the town, I was treated with an enormous amount of animosity. I didn’t fit into the redneck and republican grand scheme of things.

    Even being white, I was looked down upon by snobbish hicks who couldn’t stand that I won’t pull up my pants and act like I’m someone I’m not. Boo to you New Prague.

  17. William says:

    WCCO, can you prove this was in New Prague? If not, why would you post this story?

  18. rdtnp says:

    Local Business offers $200 reward if someone can identify location of the New Prague object in your post or Kerry Felder shows the location she saw it. The object has to be located in the city of New Prague or within close vacinity of the city to collect.

  19. Anon says:

    I love New Prague.. Ive lived here all my life and this picture sends the wrong message about our community.. I admit, this is horrible. Probably an immature highschooler, or her trying to frame us.

  20. Why so Serious says:

    Wow its almost a great metaphor of how blacks are being strung up by the “Church”

  21. Chris says:

    No…a lot of these ppl sticking up for NP, are wrong…I go to NPHS and I know there is racsim up the butt in that school, as well as the town. I’m not saying everyone, but most of the people I’m even friends with are racist…and all the other kids feed off of the racist people in the school…and there is a huge hick clan in the school…it needs to be evaluated by the state…its just not a good community..and the rest of the kids in the school need to embrace integration…and maybe learn a thing or two about how they really should respect any race!

  22. Katie says:

    Point proven by Cullen “I know a black kid at the high school.” ..there is only one or a couple..and somehow the other people are saying there a still racial problems, but “rarely,” in the schools??? There’s only “A black kid,” in the highschool…so why should there be “RARELY ANY FIGHTS,” about racism??? If there’s one black kid, and any racial problems, it just goes to show, why NP is noted as a racist town!!!!!

  23. teddy says:

    IT’s interesting to see that the Minnesota puppy that made headlines is getting more coverage than this issue…

  24. Jake says:

    so you can call kids in new prague “hicks” and thats ok, but the dreaded “N” word would be wrong? Im confused, both are demeaning and negative but one has so much more power. There is such a crazy double standard in the world its stupid. And how is it that its the town of new prague’s fault that there is only a few black kids? Mabey the town should recruit minoritys like colleges do, to make them “diversified”.

  25. Joe says:

    Considering no one else in New Prague has seen this doll, no one knows where the picture was actually taken and that Kerry Felder won’t even return the police chief’s calls, it’s pretty evident that this is a hoax. Felder did this herself and now that it’s getting a bunch of publicity she’s hiding so that it doesn’t come back to her and make her look like a fool. This whole story by WCCO is ridiculous. No real evidence to back up either of their claims. The story about a black Brainerd man getting beat up because he’s black is very vague. I would assume that there was a confrontation leading up to the fight and that two white guys didn’t just go up to a black guy and call him the “N” word and then beat him up like the story implies. Some people these days are so narrow minded and believe anything they hear. Think for yourself a little bit.

  26. Annonymous says:

    This story is bull, there is not a problem in new Prague. Leave new Prague out of this. I go there now and I can assure you there is no racism problem. Yes, the majority of our town is white, but why should that immediately make us prone to racism? If I went to a town where the majority of the town was black, I wouldn’t assume it’s ghetto. There aren’t any real facts to back this story up, it’d be interesting to see what this lady actually has to say, seein as how apparently no one can get ahold of her.

  27. Amy says:

    Why was this lady creeping in peoples lawns anyway? Leave New Prague alone. WCCO, get your facts straight before publishing this story.

    I went to NPHS and as a student, I never felt ashamed to be African American. I never felt different than any of the other kids. You are treated the same.

  28. Cassy says:

    I’m bothered by a doll hanging by a noose in some random yard in any color. Why do I have the feeling that it wouldn’t be a heated discussion if it were a white doll?

    As a former student of New Prague Public Schools, from 1987 to 2001 when I graduated, it is true that there isn’t a lot of racial diversity. However, it was never by the color of one’s skin that we were judged but by our actions. I saw fellow classmates (of color) go on to do very cool things. I also saw other classmates (of Caucasian decent) go on to make big mistakes. I maintain the argument that we as a society have evolved above racial inequalities just like we’ve overcome gender differences. There will always be exceptions that prove the rule, but the only ones that are hurt by it are the ones that allow themselves to dwell on being oppressed. It is the person (not black, not white, not woman or man, but the PERSON) that says “I’m not going to let that get me down” that becomes great. It is easier to be oppressed than it is to make something of oneself.

    Also, I agree with the claims that this is irresponsible reporting. Not only was the location never disclosed, but the context of the doll never even investigated. We have no idea the intentions here. Race might not be an intentional factor. It could be an inside joke for all we know.

  29. Lisa says:

    Some close friends of mine are from New Prague and I actually visit there a lot. It shouldn’t be blamed on the people of New Prague. It could be fake, it might not be in New Prague, or it could be some teenager. Just because one person did something doesn’t mean everyone is the same way. We can’t blame New Prague. It was one person. It might not even be true but just leave the people there alone. It’s not worth having a huge dispute over.

  30. Ky says:

    Not worth having a dispute? So..we should just ignore it, right? What happens, when next time, someone’s not thinking about hanging a black doll up, and instead, going out to beat a black kid up, or murder him/her? Even the smallest thing/event that occurs towards any type of racism, should be addressed immediately, and not ignored. Its ignorant how some of you actually have the nerve to post comments on here, about how its not such a big deal, but you have the time to sit here and explain your views? Why bother, if its not an issue? No one has been trying to contact the person who reported this, so you guys can’t run around asking her questions on here, when she probably doesn’t even come on this site to see the posts or questions, and just because you don’t get responses, you automatically believe that its fake. Thats just denying that there really is a problem, that no one is willing to take seriously, and thats a sign of immaturity. Obviously, it hit the headlines in the News, because they see it as a problem. I think it should be taken very seriously.

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