By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The warm weather has uncovered some messy yards in the Twin Cities, thanks to our four-legged canine friends. But those in the poop-scooping business aren’t complaining.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

“The week before I probably got one new client and this week I’ve already signed up 10 new customers for regular service,” said Brain Benson, the owner of Dr. Poolittle, a doggy waste cleanup service.

Benson has been in the poop-scooping business for almost six years and says the winter time takes a toll on his wallet.

“You don’t get too many new clients but you get a couple,” said Benson. “We do the best job we possibly can. But sometimes the snow hides quite a bit.”

Since Sunday night, Benson has been receiving numerous calls from new clients looking to clean up their yards. He expects another round of calls once a complete meltdown happens in spring.

“Right now, people are seeing about one month’s worth of dog waste,” said Benson.

But all that snowfall has also made his job a little easier.

“The snowfall in December helped because many dogs kept doing their business in the same area,” said Benson.

The cost for a one-time clean is $75 to $125. For weekly cleanup that can cost up to $15.95 a week with an upfront service fee of $85.

It’s a messy job but Dr. Poolittle doesn’t mind doing it.

Comments (17)
  1. Dan says:

    How lazy are these people? I mean, if they have the disposable income, that’s fine and dandy and their own business, but it’s just lazy imho.

    1. JLD says:

      I totally agree!!! In this economy, do we really need a poop scooping service?! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge the guy his business (and thus livelihood), but really, sheer laziness.

    2. Love Dogs, hate the smell of pooh. says:

      I wish the city could pay the pooper scoppers to clean up messy yards and then bill it to the homeowner as a fine (or maybe add it to their tax bill). I can’t stand having neighbors who leave their yards full of dog crap so the rest of us have to smell it.

  2. Tea strikes again says:

    Dayton is showing he’s good at scooping poop! Maybe he should take a part time job doing this to help pay for the budget issues…OH! Or RAISE the scoopers taxes!!!! (Sorry……I had to do it…)

    1. Wesly says:

      On please I wish you haters could not make everything political.

  3. Amy says:

    I pick up my own yard. I take my dog outside and we both get fresh air. I don’t mine the yucky job and my dog loves to be outside. Although I have a friend who has a bad back and can not get out there and do the job without being in pain the rest of the night. So I understand both sides. Glad to see a small business getting some calls.

    1. JLD says:

      ok…now I see it from both sides, thanks for the new perspective.

  4. JamieinMN says:

    Yea this may be a bit of waste of money, but think of how many homeowners who are elderly and/or disabled , can’t move around very well, can’t bend down very much. I’m sure they make up some of his clientele too. Everyone does it for their own reasons. I say, it’s GREAT business!

  5. red says:

    to every living thing

  6. Mike says:

    I don’t understand people and their relationships with their dogs. If your too busy to pick up after one or need to hire someone to do it for you, then you likely don’t take the time to exercise them either. So, why in the name of goodness do you even have one?

    1. Dawn says:

      That’s like asking people who use cleaning services why they own a home. Sometimes life gets in the way, we get busy, exhausted, or sick. Kudos to this man for thinking of a creative way to make a living.

    2. Trisha says:

      That is a ridiculous statement. I walk my 4 dogs all the time. I am an extremely busy executive with minimal free time. The spare time I do have is spent with family, and my beloved pets. Four dogs create a lot of poop in my acre yard, and NO I don’t want to spend any of my precious time cleaning the yard. I am glad there is a service that does this, leaving me the time to enjoy my dogs even more. What’s the difference in having your house cleaned, or your yard mowed?
      Your right about one thing, you clearly don’t understand the relationship between people and their dogs, and have no right to assume because people don’t have time, and or simply don’t want to clean up poop, they don’t exercise or spend time with their dogs, REALLY!

  7. william says:

    I wish the poop brained dog owners out for a walk would pick up after their pets.

  8. Trisha says:

    Gosh, some of the comments are pretty harsh. I think if people can afford it, love having dogs, want a clean yard for their family and simply don’t have time, or just don’t want to do this not so great job, why not hire a service to do it. People hire all kinds of services, house cleaning??? Is a person really “Lazy” when they work 50, 60 hrs a week and want to spend what precious time they have left with their families instead of picking up poo in their yards, REALLY.
    It’s their prerogative! What jelous “haters” you sound like.
    No, I am not in the business but do have 4 dogs and a really busy life. I am defiantly thinking of having this service. It is MY responsibility to remove the waste, regardless if I Choose to do it, or pay someone with My money to do it.
    Like it or not you judgementals, this seems to be a growing business. The obvious reason it is growing is because, for what ever reason, people want it.
    Good luck to all of you in the buss, I for one, think it is a valuable and needed service.

  9. pickupdogpoo says:

    Some yards that I have personally done a sping cleanup on just got out of control for some dog owners throughout the winter. Most clients are the elderly who have a hard time tracking through the snow in the winter time and by the time the snow melts it is just too much for them to handle. This is a great service for those who just need an extra hand this spring.

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