Ex-Superintendent Pleads Guilty To Reduced Charge

CASS LAKE, Minn. (AP) — A former northern Minnesota school superintendent accused of fondling a teenage boy has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge.

The Bemidji Pioneer reports 65-year-old Carl Remmers of Cass Lake pleaded guilty last week to gross misdemeanor fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct. The charge was amended from serious felony criminal sexual conduct.

Remmers is former superintendent of the Cass Lake-Bena School District. According to the complaint, a 17-year-old boy said he had been inappropriately touched by Remmers while he was in Remmers’ office in the Alternative Learning Center in Cass Lake.

Sentencing is scheduled for April 4.

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  • Ignorance must be bliss

    Throw this sick old man away for the rest of his life. How disgusting to abuse his job like this.

  • Doug

    What a HUGE creeper. He better serve some time. Prison maybe a Candy store to him!!

  • Dave Seavy

    The worst part is that he probably won’t do much time; gross-mis carries a lot less time than felony-level CSC. I wonder who he paid off to get the felony reduced. That’s one plea bargain that shouldn’t have been made.

  • insignificant

    he used his position and abused a 17 year old in his office sexually…how the hell is that not a felony…if he’d kicked his dog in the hind end…then it would be?…yikes…no justice,man

  • Jo

    Do you think that the BOY just wanted money. Know all the facts befor you write stupid ass things

    • T. Jin

      I know that BOY! I am his friend. How dare you imply that he wanted the money! YOU think and “know all the facts before you write stupid ass things” !!

      • Jo

        he dose want the money i know the family. you get the facts

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