Girl Scouts Inside Bank As It Was Being Robbed

By James Schugel, WCCO-TV

MINNETONKA, Minn. (WCCO) — A TCF Bank in Minnetonka was robbed Friday morning as Girl Scouts were selling cookies inside.

Authorities say the robbery happened at 11:30 a.m. at the Ridgedale location on the 1800 block of Plymouth Road.

According to the FBI, the robber approached and told the female teller to give him all of her 50s and 100s. The teller then walked away from the counter without giving any money to the robber. The robber then left the bank.

FBI described the robber as a white male in his late 20s, 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing about 240 pounds. The man was wearing a gray hoodie with a Nike logo on it, as well as a red baseball cap.

They said they don’t believe the perpetrator ever displayed a firearm during the robbery.

One of the witnesses was a woman who was there with her two children, who were there to sell Girl Scout cookies at the bank.

They said they are not deterred and would keep selling their cookies at the bank until 2 p.m.

  • Ole

    Those are some determined girl scouts!

    • Charles Bronson

      The Robber sounds like a wimp. The Girlscouts should have wooped his ass.

  • Monica

    Wow, whats up with all the robberies and hold ups lately?

    And thos girl scouts are such troopers to stay and sell!!!

  • Kevin

    This state has turned into a garbage dump…..

  • Dylan

    Why is the focus of the story on the girls scouts? Who cares if girl scouts were there? I don’t get it

  • TLC

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, especially for the desperate…anyone remember Trading Places?

  • Nancy Aleshire

    I just bought some cookies at a TCF in Brooklyn Park. These banks need to have dogs in them. No robber would dare to mess around with a Doberman or Rottweiler.

  • Dylan

    Ammended headline ” Girl scouts robbing bank employees by charging $4 for a box of cookies”

    • JamieinMN

      I only paid $3.50 for mine :- P Worth every penny too.

    • Eartha

      Good one

    • MinnesotaVegans

      The last time I bought Girl Scout cookies, they were made by Girl Scouts.

  • 2 boxes please

    Did the girls try to sell to the robber, I know I was strong armed in to buying some one girl had me in a choke hold as the other took my wallet I never thought I would get out of there alive. I am glad the girls are ok its to bad they had to see something like that God Bless them!!!

  • red

    Girl scout cookies are a rip off and disgusting. They were as a kid and are now 40 years later. Sorry girls but it is the truth

    • JamieinMN

      Yea that’s YOUR opinion. I love the cookies :-D It’s the truth about YOUR opinion.

      • Dylan

        JamieinMN was a girl scout. Thanks Red- they are not good, and overpriced. (Just My opinion Jamie- don’t attack me too) :)

    • Kamie

      Yes, they are expensive for what they are, but that is because they are a FUNDRAISER, the money earned from cookie sales lets the girls take part in all the good activities that they do throughout the rest of the year. They earn every penny, they do good things for the community all year long, so pitch in and support your local girl scouts. :0)

  • JamieinMN

    I was never a girl scout…

  • mark from MNtaxwaste

    The description sounds like one of those WI State Senators that are missing

  • Devoided

    They make it sound like the bank was under siege. The girl scouts probably were unaware that a robbery was happening (just like everyone else in the bank at the time). I am guessing that the woman with the girl scouts was trying to be opportunistic about the incident and WCCO fell for it.

  • Vladamir

    I think the bigger issue is this: was the girl scout uniformed?

    Otherwise, I’ve compiled an assumed list which details what other types of people may have been inside the bank at he moment of the robbery:

    – Daughter(s)
    – Cookie saleswoman
    – Tellers
    – Loan officers
    – Customers
    – Janitor(s)
    – Robber(s) (unless they did this through the drive thru, then they weren’t IN the bank)

    We should focus our comments on Wisconsin. Their government is in deep doo doo and they still owe the great state of MN $58 million. That would pay for part of a retractable roof.

    • MN Tom

      forget the retractable roof. let the viqueens move to LA

  • Nathan Nelson

    Who wrote this? The teller walked away with out giving him money. He then walks out. It says it is unclear to how much money he got. Who is investigating this? WOW!

  • lisa b

    they need to proof read what they write before they publish it

  • Billy

    It was not clear how much money he got away with???
    I thought the teller walked away without giving any money…

    Get your stories straight WCCO.

  • Doug

    How irresponsible is it for a news organization to put children on tv after the bank robber got away. All those kids were witnesses, what happens if he tries to retaliate against the children? Way to go WCCO, lets show the badguy the faces of the children, tell where they are from, and then go LIVE from the spot they are now…
    Reporters need to think about peoples safety over their story.

  • Doug


    • Kathy

      OMG, yes, that is very irresponsible

    • pieter

      Why are you even on this website then?

    • Wakka Floca

      I heard the kids were put into the witness protection program and the mother’s Facebook profile has been deactivated.

  • K

    Is it really a robbery if no money is taken?

    • F

      yeah its still considered that its still a federal crime
      You cant even joke about that in a bank or you can be arrested

  • Slizzered

    Maybe the girl scout mom was just trying to get publicity and this was all an inside job.

  • Doug


    To expose and remind the media that they need to be responsible. So many reporters are irresponsible and don’t think about how their story will affect others. Either they just don’t think about it, or they just don’t care, either way irresponsible.

  • Doug

    Sorry that was @ Pieter Not @K

  • Bieber Fevre

    These girl scouts are taking jobs from hardworking cookie salesmen!

  • Dav

    The teller walked away and so did the goof. Best laugh I’ve had all day. I gotta get my accounts closed out at TCF. What a joke of a bank.

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