ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Top legislative Republicans say Minnesota can’t solve a $6.2 billion budget shortfall without involving public employees.

Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch said Friday that wage freezes, pension reductions and cost sharing are being considered as GOP lawmakers prepare a budget proposal.

She and House Majority Leader Matt Dean say Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposal for a 6 percent reduction in the state work force goes in the right direction.

They say they’re not focused on Wisconsin-style legislation to remove collective bargaining rights from public employees.

Koch says Dayton would likely reject such a bill.

Dean was noncommittal on House bill proposing a constitutional amendment to block union membership and dues as a condition of employment in Minnesota. Constitutional amendments don’t require the governor’s approval to go before voters.

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Comments (8)
  1. ML says:

    Lets start with cutting the number of legislators.

  2. Garry F says:

    lets start to cut salaries of legislators, the remove collective bargaining from state employees, they are civil servants that serve the public. Unfortunately Minnesota leaders from the state level downward have really no courage to do what is really needed

  3. Better bet I'm against says:

    Hear hear — I’m self employed in the trades. So I guess I pay loads in SE,Fed,State, and UE taxes. I get Z E R O in return.
    Start at the top – get rid of 50% of the politians. Then cut their FAT pensions too.
    Then start to look elsewhere.

    At least the other public sectors provide a product or service. I have never met a politians who has done a friggen thing worthy of receiving a dime in compensation.
    WAKE UP AMERICA. These c-suckers are in bed with MONEY. PERIOD

  4. fruiity tooty says:

    castration of policians is a start

  5. Jerry says:

    If we have a problem, and maybe we do, we are ALL in this together and should ALL solve it together…………how about a one time extra tax on everyone, say 5% – 10% to pay off things. I want to pay as little taxes as I have to BUT I want to pay as much tax as I have to in order to keep our services and values. We are NOT Mississippi even thought the river starts here If everyone pays the same percentage of income – say anyone making over $30,000 then so be it.

  6. Anon says:

    I am forced by law to put about 10% of my income into a retirement account and supposedly they match it, it’s called PERA. I am in my 20s. If I could wave that I would at this point in my life. They don’t let me. I would rather have my money now since I doubt it will be there when I retire and I could really use it now.

    Also, I have been on a wage freeze for two years already as a public employee, not sure what other public employees are still out there rolling in the raises but I sure am not. I know plenty of private sector folks working the same career as me who have gotten raises.

    I am not in a union.

  7. pokie says:

    Our politicians need to take pay freezes and stop taking perdiam money that they don’t deserve. Put them on the same health care and retirement as the common folks, these comments apply to state and federal politicians. Take the savings and apply that to the deficit. Then talk to us about higher taxes and other cuts. By the way I am an ex public school employee, while we have taken pay freezes but have noticed that the superintendent continues to get his increases every year. Please….is he really that more important than the teachers, maintenance people, administrative staff, food services etc etc etc?

  8. jimmy says:

    CEO’s making 100 million and Republicans feelit would be a crime to take any money from them. But the guy that drives the snow plow they want to hammer him.

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