ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Scientists at the University of Minnesota and other schools will studying how to keep Midwest corn-based cropping systems resilient amid climate uncertainties.

The work is funded by a $20 million grant announced Friday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Forty-two scientists from 10 universities and two USDA institutions in eight north-central states, including Minnesota, will collect and analyze data over the next five years.

Among them will be soil science professor Jeff Strock, who will collect data in southwestern Minnesota. He will focus on drainage water management, which has the potential to reduce the impact of climate change on farm productivity by improving efficiency in water use and reducing nitrogen losses.

The grant is part of USDA’s program for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing carbon sequestration.

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  1. 21Dort says:

    Blah Blah Global Warming – Climate Change ————— Blah Blah Blah —— TAX Control TAX Control TAX Control TAX Control – Off Our Backs Big Government !

  2. Melissa says:

    Seriously?! During a recession and all the while raising college tuition?! Unbelievable! Liberals just don’t get it! Then when conservatives try to cut spending, liberals claim we are insensitive and uncaring. Tell that to your liberal, environmental friends who would rather spend the money sending a ” dirt analyzer” to the farm.

  3. derek says:

    “WILL STUDYING” I can’t believe this! WQhat are you in 3rd grade? A CBS story even and they can’t even proof read their 3 paragraph article. This missing word is BE, will BE studying. Pathetic

  4. ME says:

    DEREK = “WQhat are you in 3rd grade?” You can’t even proof read YOUR OWN article? The extra letter is Q. Pathetic

    1. alan says:

      Big fat fingers to go along with his big fat head.

  5. mark from says:

    Global Warming, theory at best. This study waste of tax money

    1. albert says:

      You talk like cave man. Big hairy back too?

      First of all, global warming is not a theory – anthropogenic global warming is a theory. Get your over-simplified GOP-Fox Noise propaganda straight. For all you Teahadi – anthropogenic: adj. caused by man.

      Cost of AGW being real – global catastrophe. Cost of heading it off in any case, plus being free of Arab oil – a buck or so a gallon for gas, and a bunch of electric cars.

      Yeah, I’ll take that bet. Moron.

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