By Adam Thomas, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After 30 months in bankruptcy protection, the CEO of Sun Country Airlines is optimistic about the future.

“We had a record financial year last year in 2010 and we’re very excited to move forward,” said Sun Country President and CEO Stan Gadek.

WCCO Interviews CEO Stan Gadek

The Twin Cities-based airline ran into financial difficulty in the fall of 2008. Rising fuel costs and a Ponzi scheme involving the airline’s former owner pushed the airline in to bankruptcy.

“It validates the company has restructured successfully,” Gadek said.

Gadek says the airline has increased charter and military charter offerings as well as focused on customer service to return to profitability. Still, the airline industry is always challenging.

“The biggest concern continues to be the price of fuel,” Gadek said.

Through its hub at the Humphrey Terminal at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Sun Country has regular or seasonal service to cities across the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and London, England.

Comments (10)
  1. Bundoke says:

    Sun should try a direct flight to Cebu Philippines if they wanna make some bigger bucks … eliminate the Delta SRO lines at Manila … 36-40 standbys daily and less than 30 available seats out of 800-1200 per day [depending on the day] … our 2010 trip to MNL RT was $1025 now it’s $1200-3400

  2. reagan says:

    Bundoke, Take a flight into Miami and get on a Korean airlines flight to MNL, it rocks and puts DELTA to shame, with their horrible flight attendents that seem bothered when you want something.

  3. Linda Hilger says:

    We fly our entire family on Fly Sun Country back and forth to Mazatlan (yes it is safe here). However, Sun Country will not all our 4# family dog under my seat. So I usually end up on Delta and have to meet them there. Calling Tom Peters was on my “to do “list last year,but he was arrested the next day. So I still don’t understand why they have that restriction.
    Glad to hear they are getting back on their feet.

    1. Fido says:

      You should try mailing your dog to the resort ahead of time. I heard that works well.

    2. Allergic says:

      While I understand that pets sometimes have to travel too, as a person with allergies I don’t think they should be allowed in all aircraft/flights. I had a miserable flight sneezing/wheezing when someone had a cat in a carrier under their seat. Airlines were quick to get peanuts out of flights, pets cause reactions too! If I’m paying for the flight I want to not have to worry about allergies from pets on planes.

      1. T says:

        Please, there is more pet dander on the person next to you than coming out of a sealed carrier on an airplane. Take a car if you want to avoid the people.

      2. Linda HIlger says:

        Our dog is a Yorkshire terrier. She has hair ,not fur, hence no allergies are possible. I hear you. I am also allergic to cats. If I found myself in your shoes, I would have to have my seat changed or I would be in anaphylactic shock, within 20 minutes.

  4. Tommy Vegas says:

    I fly back and forth monthly from Vegas to Mpls. on Sun Country, as I live in Vegas but my job is in the Twin Cities. The flight attendants are fantastic, planes nice and clean. They actully appreciate you, where most of the Delta flight attendants are rude and seem bothered if you ask them for anything. Even in 1sr class!

  5. bob says:

    I’ve flown Sun Country several times from Minneapolis to San Francisco. The flight attendants and ticket agents are always pleasant but not overly pleasant and that is nice. It looks like these people enjoy what they are doing unlike Delta, and especially United. I only wish Sun Country woudl expand their route.

  6. Joseph Pearl says:

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    Joseph Pearl
    Bakersfield Bankruptcy Attorney

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