Car Breaks Through Ice On Forest Lake

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

FOREST LAKE, Minn. (WCCO) — A car broke through the ice on Forest Lake in Forest Lake, Minn. Sunday afternoon.

Two people were in the car when it broke into the ice. An airboat and a dive team were initially called out, but were called off after an hour when the car’s occupants were found safe off the ice. Neither person was injured.

A tow truck worked into Sunday evening to get the Honda Civic removed from the ice.

Authorities believe the car broke through the ice because of last week’s warm weather creating thin spots on the ice.

“With all that melting that we had, we have a whole bunch of thinner ice sitting on top of other ice,” said Sgt. Mark Richert with the Forest Lake Police Department. “So right now, driving on the lake is not the safest of all things. You should always be cautious out there, but we don’t have any large, open water areas.”

As a reminder, ice houses are required to be off lakes in southern Minnesota by the end of the month.

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  • BigMan

    What a bunch of idiots. Why would anyone drive their car on a lake after a week of 40 and 50 degree temps?

    • Woops

      Do they “suspect alcohol was involved”?

  • Craig

    BigMan, look at the license plate and you’ll have the answere.

  • g

    yea because all minnesota people would never do that…

  • Skeezer

    Swimming the the fishies !!!

  • Sgt

    One word: Idiots

  • Mr T

    With gas prices this high, maybe he should siphon the gas out before it falls in

  • Mike Hunt

    I’m from F.L. & my fishhouse weighs more than that car.
    I pulled it off the ice a week ago. I’m glad no one was hurt.

  • John

    We had 6 people ice diving on the third lake of Forest Lake yesterday morning and there was 22″ of ice there. We had 6 vehicles in one area until about noon, and with all the ice where we were at, we had zero concerns. I would do it again tomorrow given the chance.

    • Get real

      So we should expect to see you in the news then?

      • Brad

        It was a HONDA CIVIC! I have no idea how that car could go through 20″ of ice.

  • John

    i drove right through the same puddle on sat i must have been going fast enough to make it to the other side

  • imaginethat

    The ice is fine even after the week of warm weather, it is on major recreation lakes where you see lots of traffic and salt and sand coming off vehicles making soft spots because ice doesnt melt from the top down it melts from the bottom up. Most of the time its people that are not aware of how to drive on ice and you see them going too fast and going through puddles for the most part that go through it has been a good freeze in the metro with no slushing or flooding up until that week. If people would keep it under 15 mph be aware of springs and currents and pay attention not just recklessly fly around you wouldnt see as much of this.

  • Ed

    Reading thiese comments it’s Easy to tell who was raised in Minnesota and who was not.

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